Turkey Calling Tips and Our Realtree Contest with Prizes


Enter your turkey tip in Round 5 of our Realtree Turkey Tips Contest for a chance to win a signed copy of the book "The Fall & Winter Turkey Hunter's Handbook" by yours truly. The next winner will be posted May 11.

Our grand prize winner will be picked on May 25 and win two Blacks Creek Turkey Tuxedo vests.

Congratulations to Wisconsin turkey hunter Gary Strobach for submitting the winning tip in Round 4 of our Realtree Turkey Tips Contest. Here are his turkey calling tips (for both gobblers and hens with them) to pull that longbeard you want into range:

When on the move and trying to locate a tom after he responds to your locating call, repeat to make sure you have his attention then do not call for 15 minutes. If he is vocal and on the move to you, give a purr or a light call. If he is hung up, give him a couple calls and get his attention again then remain quiet for 15 minutes. It will peak his curiosity, and if no other hens are in the area, he will work his way to your location, looking for the hen. If you get in a competition with a hot hen, hit her calls hard and copy what she is doing...you might get her mad and she will come in to run off the competition. I have had much success with both these techniques.

Gary's prize, the P.A.W.S Mini Three "Hands Free" Predator Calls from Woods Wise Products, should help keep coyote populations in check where he hunts.