Turkey Hunter Shot in the Face, then Kills Gobbler

By author of Turkey Blog with Steve Hickoff

How badly do you want a turkey?

Minnesota hunter Jerry Cusick, a commander with the Washington County sheriff’s office, is tougher than most.

(TwinCities.com photo)According to TwinCities.com, while scouting spring turkeys on neighboring Wisconsin private land back in 2013, he took all the usual measures to be safe, as we all do. On hearing hen yelping, he instantly thought it sounded more like a box call – another hunter; one who shouldn’t be there.

It didn't sound quite right.

He thought it best to leave, sensing a potentially dangerous situation. As he turned and began to walk down the trail, a shot rang out. Pellets drilled his face.

The shooter – who incidentally had permission to hunt an adjacent parcel – later claimed he mistook the commander for a turkey.

Cusick was taken to the hospital. But he didn’t stay there. After all, it was turkey season and he had a tag to fill.

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