Video: Predator Hunter Calls in Two Fall Longbeards Using a Rabbit Distress Call

By author of Turkey Blog with Steve Hickoff

Watch Wild Turkeys React to Predator Calling

Wild turkeys by nature are curious. And spooky. And likely the most paranoid bird on the planet. They occasionally do some unexpected things in the woods. Call a couple of wary adult gobblers into range with a dying rabbit distress call? Unlikely, right? Wrong.

Predator calling sometimes consists of making sounds of a dying prey species. Fair warning. This YouTube post by "dunkintn" does just that. The loud wailing is pretty much something out of a horror movie soundtrack. Go ahead and wear headphones as I did to listen in, but do so at your own personal tolerance. Maybe there was something to the squealing hen call after all.

Did he call in a coyote? Nope, no predator of any sort approaches the calls looking for a quick meal. What strides right up and lingers there as he calls? Two fine-looking longbeards.

All we can gather is the fall season for turkeys must not have been open in his state.

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Editor's note: This turkey blog post was first published Sept. 8, 2015.