Why a Wingbone Call?


No matter where you live and hunt in turkey country, you invest some time, often a lot, and some money too.

It has paid off recently. You’ve gotten a wild turkey by the feet. There’s no greater feeling for many of us afflicted spring gobbler chasers, but now what? We want that feeling to last. Camp suppers, game-club dinners and pulling a recipe book off the shelf at home to prepare a dish all extend the hunt.

But if you’re like me, you want even more. More is putting that full fan on the wall. Fiddling with the spurs. Hanging the beards. Okay, that said, what else is available?

Enter the wingbone.

Wingbone calls are easy to make, even if the motivation to do it is sometimes difficult to explain to your non-hunting dinner guests.

Making one for a turkey camp buddy will surely be appreciated though as such a thing symbolizes the hunt. You can even scrawl a few memorable details on the call such as location and time of year, subspecies, and harvest stats such as spur and beard length.

Want some more information on how to make a wingbone call? Check out this National Wild Turkey Federation site:


(NWTF Photo)