Winter Toms


1 | Knee Deep

Though spring is just around the corner in some parts of the country, there’s a lot of winter to go in the high mountains of the American West. 

2 | Snowy Strutter

It’s not uncommon to see a cold snap on opening day in the Midwest, either.

3 | Gobbler Gang

Cold weather won’t shut gobbling and strutting activity down completely, but it may cause winter flocks to re-gather for a few days.

4 | Merriams Gobbler

Many a Merriam’s hunt takes place in the snow.

5 | Snow Day Screaming

If the weather is bothering this gobbler, he’s not showing it. 

6 | Melting Buffet

The first green chutes available after a spring thaw are highly attractive to turkeys.

7 | Early Spring

Snow or not—this looks like spring.

8 | Beardsicle

Ever wonder how the end of a turkey’s beard gets frayed and brittle? Now you know.

9 | Cold Feet

Cold feet. Not much more to say here.

10 | Perfect Hit

Notice anything unusual about this gobbler?