Women Rockin' Realtree


1 | Ann Smith

Many guys would be surprised to learn that the editors of some of their much-loved hunting publications are women. Ann Smith, editor for the NRA’s online publications, snuck up to within a few yards of this nice pronghorn before making the perfect shot.

2 | Jen Kresser

Jen Kresser, president of Delta Sports Products, practices before the next morning’s turkey hunt. This is one lady who’s not afraid to wear pink to hunt camp.

3 | Lynn Pankey

Realtree’s Lynn Pankey, executive assistant to the VP of marketing and advertising, is obsessed with getting her gobbler, and she won’t stop until she’s done just that. 

4 | Brita Lewis

Brita Lewis, account manager at Gray Loon Marketing, is one of the creative minds behind Realtree.com. She’s a pretty good shot as well.

5 | Terri Troyer

Terri Troyer, Realtree account manager, is as hardcore of a turkey hunter as you’ll ever meet.

6 | Sheila Burnham

Sheila Burnham, outdoors enthusiast and advocate for the disabled, admires her quarry during a women’s media quail hunt at Mallard Manor Plantation in Mississippi.

7 | Karen Lee

Karen Lee, editor of the NWTF’s Turkey Country magazine, developed a love for hunting after beginning a career in the outdoor industry.

8 | The Circle of Death

Gray Loon Marketing’s Brita Lewis and Realtree’s Stephanie Mallory, Terri Troyer and Lynn Pankey relax after a long day of turkey hunting. After many downed turkeys, this group dubbed themselves the “Circle of Death.” 

9 | New Mexico Turkey Hunt

Outdoor freelance writer Kim Hiss, ranch manager Christina Savitsky, graphic artist Sarah Irick and outdoor freelance writer Chasity Kirkland team up to take on a few New Mexico gobblers.

10 | Tammy Sapp

Tammy Sapp, communications manager for the Remington Outdoor Foundation, praises her canine companion for a job well done.

11 | The Turkey Log

Jen Kresser and Brita Lewis pose with their gobblers on the famous “Turkey Log” at Rivers Bend Trophy Outfitters in Illinois. This log offers the perfect perch for the over-the-shoulder turkey pose. 

12 | Deer Camp

Karen Lee, Stephanie Mallory, Brook Bell and Tes Jolly, all members of the outdoor media, enjoy a little girl-only time during a women’s deer hunt in Edgefield, South Carolina.

13 | Stephanie Mallory

Realtree PR Coordinator Stephanie Mallory lines up on a pronghorn with the help of Angie Denny, co-owner of Table Mountain Outfitters near Cheyenne, Wyoming.

14 | Taking Aim

Realtree’s Terri Troyer was not a happy camper after her bird got spooked off during an Illinois hunt; but redemption was sweet as she got her tom on the last day.