Fall Turkey Tips From Yamaha

If your state offers a fall hunt for wild turkey, then Team Yamaha has some killer tips for you!
I’m hunting four turkey states this fall, with some others sketched in. What? You’re waiting until spring? Here are some reasons you might consider checking out autumn turkey action this season:

HUNT BIRDS; SCOUT DEER: Need a better excuse to be out there? It will help you scout for deer firearms season, which often arrives later than certain fall turkey gun-hunt dates.

IT’S TURKEY HUNTING: Closing the deal on a fall hen is much like tagging a doe in deer hunting. In some highly populated areas of turkey country, taking an adult broodless hen (or young bird) is practical game management. Remember how difficult it was back in spring to lure a strutter away from maybe a handful to a dozen hens? You can shoot one now.

CALL BETTER: Want to improve your wild turkey talk? Spending more time with vocal autumn flocks will help make you a better spring gobbler hunter. At times in the fall woods you’ll hear a range of calling birds, from young to adult. Spending time with the turkeys will teach you plenty. Spend enough time in the autumn woods and you’ll even hear some gobbling.

FUN WITH DOGS: Turkey dogs are used to find and flush flocks before you attempt to call scattered gregarious birds back to the break site. As a result, dog men, in states where it’s legal, can add another game bird species to their list of opportunities.

USE THAT STUFF: You’ve got a closet full of turkey hunting apparel, a gun or bow, and a bunch of calls. Use the stuff. This includes your Yamaha ATV or Side-by-Side vehicle. Get out and ride.

DOUBLE TROUBLE: Early and even late archery seasons often coincide with chances at both whitetails and wild turkeys from the same treestand. Pretty cool, right?

LIVE HARD; EAT WELL: A wild turkey on your Thanksgiving Day table honors the outdoor experience and extends memories.

--Courtesy Yamaha/By Steve Hickoff