Turkey Hunting in Ohio

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  • 165,000

    Wild Turkey Population

  • Easterns

    Turkey Subspecies

  • 404,997

    Number of Licenses Sold Annually

  • $43

    Annual hunting license and turkey permit.

    Cost of Resident License and Permit

  • $149

    Annual non-resident hunting license and turkey permit.

    Cost of Non-Resident License and Permit

Ohio has wild turkeys, an estimated 165,000 in fact (recent National Wild Turkey Federation data).

Wildlife researchers report the state has experienced consecutive years of below-average to fair turkey reproduction; however, a fall drive through the eastern half of the Buckeye State might, on any given day, indicate otherwise.

Populations appear to be not only doing well, but thriving.

Truth is, Ohio exhibits stable or expanding turkey populations in some areas, and offers good public access, particularly in that eastern half of the state. Elsewhere, it can vary.

License costs are reasonable, and the southeastern corner of Ohio is a downright gorgeous place to spend a morning in the woods. 

As mentioned, Ohio has some excellent public hunting, with more than 651,000 acres available.

Huge tracts of ground, like the Wayne National Forest (200,000+ acres) in southern Ohio allow hunters to truly get off the beaten path and get away from the crowds.

Smaller tracts, such as the Grand River Wildlife Area (7,400 acres) in Ashtabula County are also worth a try.

– Steve Hickoff

Turkey Hunting in Ohio (c) Tes Randle Jolly photo

Ohio Turkey Hunting Regulations

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