Turkey Hunting in Rhode Island

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  • D
  • 3,000

    Wild Turkey Population

  • Easterns

    Turkey Subspecies

  • 1,130 (turkey permits)

    Number of Licenses Sold Annually

  • $25.50

    Hunting license and turkey permit.

    Cost of Resident License and Permit

  • $36

    Nonresident Tourist License (three-day hunting) and turkey permit. Annual nonresident hunting license: $45.

    Cost of Non-Resident License and Permit

Hunt Rhode Island if you want your six-state New England Slam.

Definitely try it if you have friends or relatives there with private land.

Otherwise the smallest state in the union (1,045 square miles) only offers limited turkey hunting opportunities.

While the three-day nonresident hunting license/turkey permit is definitely affordable, and there are a fair number of birds here for the state's size, we see Rhode Island turkey hunting as something of a novelty. 

Most hunting is on private land. Exeter's Arcadia WMA is a good public-land bet. 

Shotgun, shot-size, and archery-gear limits apply:

Limited to: shotguns, gauges 10, 12, 16, and 20 only, with shot sizes 4, 5, 6 and 7 magnum turkey loads only; and archery equipment. Long bow, re-curve bow and compound bow must be set at not less than forty (40) pounds for archers using fixed blade broadheads, and a minimum of fifty (50) pounds for archers using mechanical broadheads. Only broadhead tipped arrows with at least two (2) metal cutting edges are allowed. All broadheads must be seven eights (7/8) of an inch or greater at the widest point including mechanical broadheads measured in the “open” position.

Crossbows, it should be noted, aren't legal here for turkey hunting.

Also regulations state: "The Division reserves the right to alter the number of permits [turkey] and the number of hunting days at any time." 

Turkey Hunting Fact: Ocean State hunters must carry a turkey-calling device ("non-electric," says the law). Calling is the only legal method for hunting spring turkeys. "Stalking or attempting to sneak up on a turkey to get a shot," regulations read, is prohibited.

– Steve Hickoff

Turkey Hunting in Rhode Island. Image by Bruce MacQueen / Shutterstock

Rhode Island Turkey Hunting Regulations

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