Turkey Hunting in Indiana

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Indiana has some turkeys to hunt, roughly 120,000 according to current National Wild Turkey Federation estimates (up 10,000 from the last update).

As harvest numbers go, 12,320 birds were taken during the 2021 spring season, down from 14,492 during the pandemic year of 2020, when hunter pressure increased in many states around the country.

The state has huntable turkey populations, though recent brood production numbers have been poor to limited, particularly in southern Indiana.

Also, public-land hunting opportuntities are fewer than in other states.

So, in Indiana's defense, game management strategies are adjusted accordingly. As is often the case, hunting issues and wildlife numbers are about habitat.

Public-land hunting opportunities prevail in northwestern, southcentral and southwestern Indiana. Hunting is open statewide, though somewhat scarce in certain locations outside of these regions.

New for 2022

The Natural Resources Commission recently gave final approval to administrative rule changes expanding legal equipment, authorized by DNR Director Dan Bortner in time for this year's spring turkey season.

The changes allow the use of .410 caliber and 28-gauge shotguns, in addition to already-legal 10-, 12-, 16- and 20-gauge shotguns. It also expands the legal shot sizes (4,5,6,7, 7.5) to include smaller Tungsten Super Shot No. 9 and No. 10.

– Steve Hickoff

Turkey Hunting in Indiana (c) Tes Randle Jolly photo

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