15-Yard Files: Decoy Secrets that Drive Gobblers Insane

Good decoys are an amazing asset when it comes to putting turkeys in your lap. But they're not a magic bullet. In this episode of The 15-Yard Files, Cally and Annetta head down to Texas for some late-season Rio hunting. But they quickly learn that their usual favorite setup -- The Hazel Creek Love Triangle -- isn't flipping the switch for the numerous subordinate gobblers in the area. The birds come in, but skirt the spread. And for Cally, hunting with a bow and no blind, that simply doesn't cut it.

So he reaches into his bag of tricks and breaks out the "romance" approach. To you, it might look like a simple two-hen decoy setup. But watch carefully, and you'll learn that there's more to this decoy spread than meets the eye.

The 15-Yard Files is all about getting you closer to game. And in the spring, that game is turkeys.

Check out the first spring episode, which captured what may be the closest bowhunt for turkeys without a blind ever recorded.

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In the second epiosde, Annetta is hunting Osceolas down in Florida. If you've never seen two gobblers completely destroy a decoy, this is the hunt for you.

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