15-Yard Files: Gobblers Destroy Jake Decoy, Steal its Head



Annetta Moriss is hunting Osceola gobblers in the second episode of the spring, 2014 season of The 15-Yard Files. The morning hunt doesn't pan out, so the crew sets up for some blind-calling at midday in a known gobbler hangout. It doesn't take long for two eager longbeards to respond.

The action is intense as the gobblers strut into the decoy spread and take offense to the full-strut jake decoy. The decoy is on the ground and in pieces within seconds. One of the gobblers grabs the decoy's head and carries it away. Have you ever seen that on a turkey hunting video?

Probably not. That's what makes The 15-Yard Files special.

Check out Episode 1 here, which shows one of the closest bow-kill turkeys ever captured on film -- without a pop-up blind.