15-Yard Files: Priceless Reaction From First-Time Turkey Hunter


When people think of really big eastern gobblers, northern Missouri is among the first places to come to mind. The giant, triple-beard gobbler in this video will show you why. But more than a big turkey, you'll get to see a genuine reaction from a first-time hunter that reminds us all why we love the sport of turkey hunting so much.

Of course, you'll learn some great strategies from Cally, too. Taking a new hunter to the woods presents its own unique set of challenges. Little things experienced hunters take for granted -- like when to move your gun on a bird that's in range -- can often mean the difference between success and a frustrating outcome.

The 15-Yard Files is all about teaching you to be a better hunter by using outstanding hunt footage to demonstrate the fine points. It just so happens these lessons are a lot of fun to watch.

Check out the previous three episodes of the spring, 2014 season of The 15-Yard Files:

Episode 1: Cally is on a bowhunt in Nebraska, and the crew captures what may be the closest bow-killed gobbler without a blind ever recorded on film.

Episode 2: Annetta is chasing Osceolas in Florida on a warm, midday hunt. Two gobblers destroy a decoy within a few yards of her gun barrel.

Episode 3: Cally and Annetta head to Texas, where the gobblers are plentiful, but not wanting to cooperate. Cally fills you in on his favorite decoy secrets for pressured, wary gobblers. He arrows a tom at 15 steps.