15-Yard Files: The Closest Bow-Kill Turkey Ever Filmed?

The spring 2014 season of The 15-Yard Files kicks off with arguably one of the best turkey hunts ever captured on film. Host Cally Morris, owner of Hazel Creek Taxidermy, is bowhunting during the early Nebraska archery season. The spring weather is cold and windy, and the turkeys are still flocked up pretty tight. But Cally and his buddy Justin Simmons spot a flock with numerous strutters moving through a creek bottom, and they make a big circle around to intercept them. From there, they set up Cally's favorite decoy spread, get into position and begin calling.

Cally specializes in bowhunting for turkeys, but unlike most, he hates using a pop-up ground blind. Instead, he prefers to stay mobile and let good decoys, a good setup and an understanding of turkey behavior do the work for him. As you'll see in this video, three longbeards are completely oblivious to him sitting just 6 yards from the spread. He's able to draw his bow and take the shot undetected. And best of all, he's going to teach you how to do the same thing.

Killing turkeys up close. Learn how all spring on The 15-Yard Files.