Vicki Cianciarulo

Vicki Cianciarulo, of Lanark, Illinois, is the other half of “America’s Favorite Hunting Couple®” Along with her husband Ralph Cianciarulo they have paved the way for other females and married couples in the outdoor industry. Holding the distinction of being the first married couple to hunt on film together, Vicki has not only held her own in a male dominated industry, she has excelled at a sport many struggle with. Countless girls own a debt to Vicki for introducing them to hunting long before other females were on television.

Beginning in 1993, she and Ralph began roaming the globe in search of challenging hunts and game. Vicki has taken animals on three continents, with some of her trophies being truly spectacular. Vicki earned the recognition as being the first female hunter to take a whitetail buck over 200” on camera. A free-range giant from Colorado, and she did it with her bow while Ralph filmed the hunt. In addition to this buck, many of her trophies are some all hunters only dream about.

Between almost constant traveling for hunting trips, interviews, and seminar appearances. Vicki holds the family together and balances her home life with their son, RJ, and she thanks God every day for all she has been given.

Anyone who has had the pleasure to meet and know both Ralph and Vicki will tell you, hunting is better because of them. In addition to hunting all across the globe, Ralph and Vicki own and manage Archer’s Choice Media®, a full-scale media company producing television shows, digital shows and now a Podcast!