Vicki Cianciarulo

Vicki Cianciarulo, of Lanark, Illinois, is an experienced bowhunter, an enthusiastic nature photographer, the better half of "North America's Favorite Hunting Couple," and co-host of the award-winning" Archer's Choice"  and" The Choice"  television shows alongside her spouse, Ralph Cianciarulo. Vicki has earned the title of taking the largest wild white-tailed deer by a female on camera, with her Colorado buck scoring over 200 inches. Vicki also has to her credit numerous black bears, caribou, moose, dall sheep, whitetails, mule deer, antelope, a turkey Grand Slam, many different African species, and much more. Vicki's history includes outfitting and guiding for both bear and deer, serving on conservation boards and editing and producing television shows. Between the hustle and bustle of hunting trips, interviews, seminar appearances and everyday office work, Vicki still does a great job of balancing her home life with their son, RJ, and she thanks God everyday for all she has been given. Talking to anyone in the industry, they will tell you that Vicki and Ralph have never changed and have always remained as they were from the beginning.