Get the latest hunting tips and tactics for all of your wild-game hunts and outdoor pursuits from one of these Realtree videos.

  • The Reason for the Hunt: 74-Year-Old Man Gets His First Deer

    Follow along in episode No. 4 of The Reason for the Hunt as 74-year-old Guy Cole goes deer hunting adjacent to the property he was born and raised on in Kentucky. Watch as he attempts to take his first deer. Don't Miss: 20 Deer Hunting Lies Your Granddaddy Told You...

  • Chasing November: 175-Inch Trail Camera Trophy, Public Land Musket Quest

    Are you a fan of Chasing November ? Here’s the latest episode of the second season. Check out this week’s action. Are you a deer hunter thirsty for knowledge? Check out our stories, videos and hard-hitting how-to's on deer hunting . Follow us on Facebook .


Out West With Kristy Titus: Extended Stay Packs

Kristy Titus is on an extended mountain goat outing in the backcountry. While there, she learns about the best options and features to look for in a hunting pack for extended stays in the wild.

T-Bone's Tips: How To Fix a Bottomed-Out Sight

What happens when you need to move your sight pin lower, but you're out of adjustment on the sight brackett? Travis "T-Bone" Turner says the issue isn't usually with the sight but with your bow's setup. The first step is to ensure your rest and nock point are in the...

A Buck Named Biggie

Whitetail Properties' Wes McConnell heads for a favored Illinois box blind during the late muzzleloader season. Just before dark, he gets a chance at a gnarly old buck nicknamed Biggie. Check out the video to see how it unfolds.

T-Bone's Tips: How to Beat Target Panic

"T-Bone's Tips" is a new video series created to help you become a better shot and more knowledgeable bowhunter. In this first installment, T-Bone addresses target panic , a problem that plagues most archers at one time or another. You'll learn what target panic is and new ways to...

Timber 2 Table: How to Quarter a Deer

In the last installment of Timber 2 Table, we taught you how to quickly and easily skin a deer out in the field. In this episode, we take that same deer and teach you how to quarter a deer using only knives. No bone saw or hatchet required. Check out...

Timber 2 Table: How to Skin a Deer

In this episode of Timber 2 Table, Will Brantley demonstrates how to skin a deer. This method, where the animal is hung head-first, works especially well for fast skinning in the field. An incision is made around the base of the neck, above each shoulder, and then down the front...

Antler Geeks: Ready To Rut

The rut is starting to pick up for the Antler Geeks.

Pete Alfano Hunts A Buck Named Mufasa

Join Pete Alfano as he chases a once in a lifetime mega-giant named Mufasa in South-Central Kansas.

Timber 2 Table: How to Blood Trail Deer

Learning how to blood trail deer an essential skill for all hunters, but especially bowhunters. Some people just seem better at tracking than others, but we can all improve our skills with experience, and by following a few simple steps after every shot. In this episode of Timber 2 Table,...

Antler Geeks: Close Calls on Public Land Bucks

Antler Geek Tyler Ridenour has several close encounters with mature bucks on public land. Can he finish the job?

Mark Williams Hunts a Kentucky Bruiser

On a rainy evening of Kentucky's gun season, Whitetail Properties' Mark Williams sits in a shooting house overlooking a large green field. Just before dark, the 10-pointer he's been after makes its way into the field. But the first shot doesn't go as planned. Take a look at this video...

Wes McConnell Bowhunts an Illinois Bruiser

It's warm when Wes McConnell sets up on the edge of a picked Illinois corn field. Though his plan is to observe the field for a future hunt, the game changes fast when a heavy 9-pointer starts easing toward his stand. It just goes to show that in early November,...