New Public-Land Duck Hunting Show to Air on Realtree365


Longtime hunting partners Billy Campbell and Dennis Loosier to share their adventures in Black Cloud this season

Black Cloud will feature public-land duck hunting in the spirit of togetherness. Photo © Bill Konway

This duck season, Billy Campbell and Dennis Loosier, known as “Dr. Duck,” will co-host Black Cloud, a new, fast-paced waterfowl hunting show available on Realtree 365 and other on-demand outlets. The show promises to mirror the passion and enthusiasm of these hardcore waterfowlers, which began with a chance meeting 25-some years ago.

Loosier, 50, grew up in eastern Texas, and hunted deer, hogs and squirrels as a child. Campbell, 49, was raised in Arkansas and eastern Texas. He hunted deer and squirrels as a youngster, too, but lost his father at a young age and drifted away from the outdoors. Later in life, Loosier took an interest in waterfowl hunting, and a mutual friend introduced him to Campbell.

“We met, and ever since then, we’ve been hunting together,” Loosier said. “We got out there, and things just clicked, and we continued to hunt every year after that. It helped that Billy could go a lot of days. He was just like an old dog. He’d never tell you no. I liked to go every day, and it’s kind of hard to find a guy who can go as much as you’d like to do, and he was just that guy.”

Campbell said the details of that initial hunt are hazy, but he remembers the instant bond he forged with Loosier.

"It helped that Billy could go a lot of days. He was just like an old dog. He’d never tell you no."

“We argue all the time about the exact date,” he said. “A common friend told me he had a buddy who wanted to get into duck hunting, and I was the only guy crazy enough to go with him. We’ve hunted together ever since.”

They’ve shared many days afield since that initial outing. Loosier owns a local air-conditioning company, and Campbell is self-employed, handling consumer social engagement after more than 25 years in digital marketing and management of a local publishing company. They're able to travel extensively in pursuit of ducks and geese every fall and winter. And despite their long experience, Loosier and Campbell still enjoy every hunt as if it were their first.

Even after countless hunts through 20-some years, Dennis "Dr. Duck" Loosier retains a strong passion for waterfowling. Photo © Bill Konway“It’s something I look forward to every year,” Loosier said. “In my opinion, waterfowl separates itself from any other hunting because of the camaraderie between hunters. You can get out together and share the experience. Of course, there’s the actual hunting itself — the opportunity to call a group of ducks in and watch them settle into your decoys. I enjoy those times a lot.”

For Campbell, waterfowl hunting holds an appeal unlike other outdoors pursuits. “We can hang out, you don’t have to worry about being quiet and it’s more competitive, especially when you talk about public hunting,” he said.

And like many modern duck nuts, Loosier and Campbell mostly hunt public land, which adds a challenging but rewarding dimension to the experience.

“It’s not like we get up at 3 or 4 in the morning, walk down a trail and climb into a blind,” Campbell said. “Lots of times, we’re on the road multiple days, sleeping in trucks, at boat ramps, in a campsite or occasionally a hotel. It’s not so much about the harvest, especially on public land. It’s about the people you meet and the time you share out there, and every hunt is a completely new and different experience.”

Loosier agreed, saying private-land hunting is great but that public waterfowling holds a unique appeal.

“It’s a different style of hunting than most people are used to seeing on TV,” he said. “More guys can relate to that because that’s what more guys have to do day in and day out. When you get a group of ducks to work into you, it’s just a satisfying experience you can’t explain. I think that’s what drives a lot of guys to go out every day.”

They hope to share that experience with Black Cloud viewers. Moreover, Loosier and Campbell said, they intend to share the screen and the marsh with new friends and associates, especially younger hunters. Almost every episode will include guests.

“It’s a platform that will let us go with other hunters, and that’s what I’m most excited about is to share the journey with other guys who don’t have those opportunities,” Loosier said. “We’re going to do what we normally do: Let other people hunt with us, and let these young guys do their thing.”

Campbell said shows will likely focus on their fellow hunters and the overall experience.

Billy Campbell believes Black Cloud's emphasis on sharing the hunt with others is important for the future of the sport. Photo © Bill Konway“Our desire is to show the entire spectrum of the journey, not just the hunt,” he said. “We want to share our experience with others. The majority of people we run into are public-land waterfowlers who don’t have access to private land. And it’s a younger man’s sport: new college grads, newly married folks and people who might not have someone who shared knowledge with them. Our efforts are going to concentrate on sharing the stories of many of these younger men — and older men — we meet and hunt with across the United States.”

Loosier and Campbell believe that philosophy is increasingly important considering the current and likely future demographics of waterfowl hunting.

“We want to have a positive impact,” Campbell said. “We all know what the numbers look like for hunting in general, especially for waterfowl hunting. We want to keep getting young guys involved in it.”

Black Cloud will highlight every step of the waterfowling journey, including much of the unglamorous prep work and down time between hunts. Loosier said they will likely hunt Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, North Dakota, South Dakota and possibly Kansas this season.

“It takes a lot of time and scouting to hunt public ground, and it’s a lot of work,” he said. “No one ever talks about how much time goes into the scouting. Our work begins the week before the season starts, burning gas, and going from state to state trying to find birds. We're going to expose that in this video, too.”

Above all, Loosier and Campbell said, they hope Black Cloud strikes a chord with everyday duck hunters and lets them relate to folks who share their love of the sport.

“That’s the whole concept,” Loosier said. “We want to let these guys know about me and Billy and where we came from. We want to stay true to our roots.”

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