Waterfowl Hunting Articles


Realtree Interviews USFWS Director Dan Ashe

Dan Ashe was confirmed as the 16th director of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service in June of 2011. This year he attended his first-ever SHOT Show, where he took a few minutes to meet with us to talk conservation, hunting and fishing policy, old shotguns and favorite duck recipes.

10 Great Tips for Duck Hunting

Maybe you’re just a weekend warrior waterfowler. Maybe you sleep in your facepaint and refuse to shave for duration of the 60-day season. Either way, when you go hunting, you want to kill more ducks. We’re here to help with that.

Duck Dinner in 30 Minutes

With these five easy duck recipes , you can have a delicious wild-game dinner on a busy weeknight.

Duck Hunting’s Dirty Dozen

Twelve nitty gritty late-season duck and goose hunting tips for hardcore hunters to apply this winter

Ready for Waterfowl Season: Part 2

Here is more great stuff from the Realtree Flyway Reporters to help you prepare for duck season—calling, shotguns, scouting, blinds, decoys and eight reasons why duck hunters are more hardcore than deer hunters.

Ready for Waterfowl Season: Part 1

From favorite decoy spreads to essential gear to hard lessons revealed, Realtree's Flyway Reporters talk duck hunting in this two-part waterfowl package

For the Love of Trash Ducks

Some hunters say “If it ain’t got a green head, it ain’t a duck.” Do you agree with that?

Textbook Saskatchewan

I’ve never looked at a flight monitor in an airport and actually read the words “farthest one from here” under the gate listing, but sometimes those words are appropriate. In the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, a shuttle ride of some sort is typically in order to wherever you may be going,...

PROFILE: The Duck Commander

Phil's home is where he hangs his duck calls. john hafner image {C} Ask Phil Robertson about his days as a three-sport star in high school, and his recollections are a bit vague. Also spotty are his college memories from Louisiana Tech--surprising when you consider he started at quarterback ahead...

Duck Commander Meets Camo Commander

Realtree and Duck Commander Join Forces Realtree recently welcomed Duck Commander as new Pro Staff members and licensees of the Realtree and Advantage patterns. Known throughout the country for their high-action Duckmen videos, cutting-edge calls and duck-hunting knowledge, Duck Commander is a welcome addition to Team Realtree. -- By Stephanie...