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Duck Commander Improves on an Original

I'm a huge fan of the old-school Duck Commander calls, but, lately, their focus has been on design of new wave acrylics. Not so with the new Mule. This call, which basically combines an original DC wood barrel with it's super popular Duck Picker tone board, uses Robertson's patented friction-fit...

Mossberg Unveils Entire Duck Commander Series of Guns

This week kicked off the annual SHOT Show is Las Vegas, where the hunting and shooting industry join to unveil the hottest, newest gear. In the world of waterfowl, the Duck Commander name still burns brightest with the continued popularity of Duck Dynasty. Mossberg is the latest company to join...

Tested and Approved Items for Waterfowlers

Each season, I make it a point to give you, the readers, my take on some of the best gear out there. While many product reviews focus on the hot new items, those destined to change waterfowling behavior, or the simply bizarre, the purpose of my post-season review is to...

An Attempt to Extend Duck Season

For many of us in the North, the regular waterfowl season is but a distant memory. While a few diehards continue to harass geese during these winter-time late seasons, for the most part, nature has locked her doors on us. The words "deep freeze" come to mind. This morning, I...

Celebrity Chef Zimmern Grills Up Tennessee Sandhills

The 2013 hunting season was historic in many ways, especially in Tennessee, where for the first time hunters were permitted to pursue sandhill cranes. The controversial season has attracted a lot of attention lately, with TV celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern getting in on the action. Following a successful hunt, Zimmern...

A Duck Season's Epic Ending

Today is the first day of the rest of the year, as regular waterfowl season has closed in my home range of southeast Michigan. Once addicted, waterfowl season is always either here, or the countdown is on. Right now, we’re about 10 months out. Regardless, the rest of my life...

Coastal Wetlands to Benefit From BP Settlement

A $2.5 billion settlement earlier this year is being divided among the Gulf states, and Texas gets on the board first with plans for projects to help waterfowl. A recent morning spent cursing the inhuman 13-degree temperatures found me in my office rather than the duck blind, scrolling through recent...

A Can't Miss Duck Hunt

Nothing catches my attention like the weather. As most of us nationwide are in some phase of the 2013 waterfowl season, eyes are glued to the news when the forecast comes across the screen. Radio stations are inevitably tuned to AM, where listeners can count on “weather on the 8’s”...

How to Hide Your Dog

I'm not sure of the medical terminology, but I have a tendency to let things bother me. While hunting waterfowl, often the birds shy away from the blind location for unknown reasons. I feel the burning desire to eliminate that occurence as much as possible. Nothing is worse than watching...

Hunting Geese Over Water

Think modern Canada goose hunting, and almost without exception, corn stubble, layout blinds and trailers full of decoys come to mind. Coveralls and dry ground. Drive right up, dump ‘em out, set ‘em up, and start the waiting game. No marsh. No moving water. No farm pond. It’s like whitetails...

Water Over the Waders: A Documentary

There’s a different name for it in all parts of the waterfowl world. Around here, we call it “Man Down." I’ve also heard it referred to as “biting it," “taking a header” and even “getting flushed." Where I hunt, it’s feared more than anything, as the marsh is quite mucky,...

Outdoor News Roundup: CSI New Mexico, a Congresswoman's Stolen AR and PETA Hates the Duckmen

From solving dead elk mysteries to talking smack about the Duck Commanders to closing the wolf season early in Wisconsin to leaving an AR unsecured, this has been an interesting week of outdoor news. Mystery of the dead elk cleared up

Do You Use Face Paint While Duck Hunting?

Decoys Save Duck Hunters from Drowning

Six Minnesota duck hunters used decoys as flotation devices after th

A Visit to the Land of Duck Dynasty

Last week I traveled to Monroe, Louisiana, for some waterfowl “work” and photo shoots. Yes, I know Monroe is the home of Duck Dynasty. But more about that in a minute.

Duck Season Begins

For all waterfowlers, opening day is now imminent.

Government Shutdown Honors No Seasons

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service suspended most of its programs and operations on Oct. 1 because of the government shutdown as a result of Congress’s failure to pass a budget.

Realtree Unveils Duck Hunting Nation

How does your state's waterfowl hunting stack up?

Duck Commanders: Hunting Greenbacks

Go ahead. Google “Duck Dynasty” and see if you don’t get more than 57 million options. It seems like everything this family touches these days turns into gold.

Get Your Dog Ready for Duck Season, Starting with the Basics

I pride myself on being a meat hunter. I'm not much into fancy calls, the latest fully-flocked decoys or a field-trial retriever's bag of tricks. I just like to hunt, get ducks in close, and shoot straight enough to bag a few.