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Sadie Robertson Hits the Runway at New York City Fashion Week

Ainsley Beeman is a guest blogger on The RealBlog. Ainsley is not only the 2009 Miss LSU, but she’s also a hunter. Ainsley is active in the outdoor industry and has hunted since childhood. She enjoys sharing with you her experiences as a woman in the outdoor industry and on...

Six Tips for Early Geese

It’s no secret that Canada goose populations are exploding across much of the country. Golf courses and city parks; they’re covered up with the black-necked beasts. Sept. 1 kicked off early goose season in most states that offer the opportunity. Liberal bag limits, e.g.

How to Get More from Your Mud Motor

I'm blatant about my love of mud motors. Though a little loud and heavy, a surface drive engine allows waterfowl hunters access to places others simply can not go. My time spent hunting public marsh areas confirms: inaccessible areas are often the only chance to score on unpressured ducks.

Spinning Wing Decoys Banned at Select Michigan Waterfowl Areas

How we arrive at our harvest numbers is a social issue. And, socially speaking, at Harsen’s Island, hunters don’t want spinners.

Congressman Willie Robertson?

Congressman Willie Robertson? Some say it has a nice ring to it. According to reports, Republican strategists want to recruit Robertson to run for a Louisiana congressional seat left open by Republican Rep. Rodney Alexander. Alexander announced his retirement from congress last week citing frustration with Washington gridlock. The House...

A Dog, a Skunk and the Status of the Mud Buddy Mod.

"Maybe he doesn’t work from a desk; maybe he actually sits in front of a mud motor all day waiting for someone to call with problems..."

Are Some Publications "Too Good" for Phil Robertson's Best-Selling Book?

You gotta admit ... it must be fun for big city writers to fashion book reviews about Duck Commander Phil Robertson’s new book titled “Happy, Happy, Happy.” That is, if they review it at all. If they do review it, they can get their little jabs in at a backwoods,...

New Goose Hunting Gear for 2013

Guest blogger M.D. Johnson gives us a rundown of select new goose gear for 2013

“Duck Dynasty” Season 4 to Premiere Wednesday, Aug. 14

The wait is over. America’s most recognizable and undeniably hairiest family is back. All-new episodes of cable’s No. 1 series “Duck Dynasty” begin Wednesday, Aug. 14 at 10 p.m. EST with a special one-hour season premiere.

Science Supports Sandhill Hunts in Tennessee, But Hunters Don't?

Tennessee is considering a hunting season for sandhill cranes, and research indicates that hunters themselves may be opposed.

2013 Duck Count Numbers Released - Balog's Take

The general trend of upward counts continues, but how strong are duck numbers, really?

Split Farm Bill Disappointing for Waterfowl

Early Teal Limits Set to Increase in 2013?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has approved recommendations from the Mississippi, Central and Atlantic Flyway Councils to increase September teal season bag limits from four to six.

New Game Donation Laws Passed in Louisiana

On June 16, Louisiana’s Gov. Bobby Jindal signed two bills stemming from the outrage last February when a Shreveport rescue mission tossed 1,600 pounds of donated venison into a dumpster.

Rebuilding a Mud Motor with a Hotrod Mechanic

Earlier this year, http://www.realtree.com/hunting/realtree-hu

The Farm Bill Moves Along, and Duck Stamp Sales Step Into Modern Times

Washington comes to its senses with the passage of the Farm Bill and the new Federal Duck Stamp e-sales program.

Get Your Dog Ready for Duck Season

His daily training includes reminders that he's not allowed to "slip." It's like having a dog in AA.

The Joy of Youth Hunts

True outdoor passion is evident in the eyes of a child.

It's the Little Things that Ruin Duck Hunts

Despite all our technology and cool new gear, ducks still find ways to beat us

Balog on Mud Motors

This summer, I’m going to do some modifications to my motor to tweak it a little. The words “more better” seem appropriate.