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Habitat Report: Spring Conditions Look Good for Ducks

Duck season never closes in many of our minds. This time of year, my thought process naturally shifts to the subjects of breeding pairs and spring ponds. A stroll at the park yesterday, complete with the relentless honking of paired geese, revealed a number of mallard pairs enjoying themselves in...

What You Don't Know About Your Duck Dog

Spring has sprung, as I like to say in my part of the world. After a relentless winter of nice, 35-degree rainy days, things are finally starting to look up. Temperatures are beginning to moderate, flowers are popping up around the house, and the redwing blackbirds have returned to the...

Jase Robertson on Duck Calling

Several years ago, prior to the first season of Duck Dynasty, Balog traveled to Monroe, Louisiana, to spend a few days with the Duck Commanders. While there, he extensively interviewed all of the Duck Commanders in true Balog fashion. Following are excerpts from an interview he had with Jason Robertson,...

The Truth About HeviShot and Speed Ball

Waterfowlers seem divided on HeviShot: they either use it and love it, or won’t pay the money for it. Today, we investigate what makes HeviShot, and its new little brother Speed Ball, so incredibly effective, yet quite costly. We then let you decide on your own.

Duck Hunting's Greatest Generation

I remember the day I met Butch Czenkus: it was during one of my annual summertime garage sales. I noticed his immediate attraction to my display of muskie lures.

Duck Commanders Do the Harlem Shake

So what do the Duck Commander staff and Duck Dynasty cast do when they’re not busy making calls or filming a show? The Harlem Shake, of course. This extremely random, yet weirdly entertaining dance went viral in early February and now thousands of Harlem Shake videos are being made and...

The Truth About Remington HyperSonic Steel

We've gone behind the scenes and looked at Black Cloud , http://www.realtree.com/hunting/realtree-hunting-blogs/the-duck-blog/the...

What the Sequester Means to Ducks

It’s 5 a.m., and I just spent an hour trying to figure out what it means to be sequestered. As many of you know, the Farm Bill is a hot piece of legislation right now, and I’m growing increasingly concerned over its fate, the fate of its included programs like...

Singer Cancels Jimmy Kimmel Appearance Over Duck Dynasty Cast

Did you happen to see the stars of Duck Dynasty on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night? Do you know who you didn’t see? Morrissey . Ever heard of him? Yeah, me neither.

DU Plans Social Media Push to Support the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is one of the most important pieces of legislation in modern times for waterfowl habitat conservation. Upon expiration last year, the Bill was never called to a vote and now, with a new session of Congress beginning in January, the unfinished bill must begin from scratch.

The Truth About Kent Fasteel, TealSteel and Tungsten Matrix

Our behind-the-scenes look at premium waterfowl loads continues. This week, we're talking Kent Fasteel, TealSteal and Tungsten Matrix.

Saving the Alaskan Brant Means No Emergency Road for Tribe

Welcome to Washington, Sally Jewell. You haven’t even been confirmed as the new Secretary of the Interior and already, politics are coming into play that may hold up this process. Jewell comes to the post with experience as the chief executive of Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) and commercial banker.

News Flash: Hunters are the Ones Who are Actually Saving Wetlands

I recently attended an expo where members of the Monroe, Michigan chapter of Ducks Unlimited had a booth set up. A brief conversation about area habitat projects led to talk of another upcoming event.

The Truth About Winchester Blind Side

All this month we will be giving behind-the-scenes-looks at today’s popular waterfowl loads, with insight straight from the engineers and manufacturers themselves. We began with Federal’s hugely popular Black Cloud load.

The Truth About Federal Black Cloud

Do all those pricey, high-end waterfowl loads really work? Are they worth the extra cost? That's what we're attempting to find out in this and upcoming Duck Blog entries. In this installment, we'll be talking about Federal Black Cloud.

A Chat with Rod Haydel

Tenzing Blind Bag Video Review

Lessons on the Loss of Louisiana Coastal Wetlands

W e’re all guilty of complacency at times, but I was recently reminded of the damage that can be caused by such indifference during a Ducks Unlimited media duck hunt held at Cajun Fishi

Vegas SHOT Show Day 1: Duck Hunting Highlights

Today was Day 1 of the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and my peers were right, this thing is a monster. It's the kind of show that tests both your stamina and your footwear. With my limited time in town, I knew I would never see the entire event. I...

SHOT Show 2013: Vegas or Bust