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The Truth About Winchester Blind Side

All this month we will be giving behind-the-scenes-looks at today’s popular waterfowl loads, with insight straight from the engineers and manufacturers themselves. We began with Federal’s hugely popular Black Cloud load.

The Truth About Federal Black Cloud

Do all those pricey, high-end waterfowl loads really work? Are they worth the extra cost? That's what we're attempting to find out in this and upcoming Duck Blog entries. In this installment, we'll be talking about Federal Black Cloud.

A Chat with Rod Haydel

Tenzing Blind Bag Video Review

Lessons on the Loss of Louisiana Coastal Wetlands

W e’re all guilty of complacency at times, but I was recently reminded of the damage that can be caused by such indifference during a Ducks Unlimited media duck hunt held at Cajun Fishi

Vegas SHOT Show Day 1: Duck Hunting Highlights

Today was Day 1 of the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and my peers were right, this thing is a monster. It's the kind of show that tests both your stamina and your footwear. With my limited time in town, I knew I would never see the entire event. I...

SHOT Show 2013: Vegas or Bust

Late Season Loner: Duck Hunting in the Ice

Our late season “split” came and went here in Lower Michigan. As I mentioned in a previous blog, we get a little four-day fiasco here around the New Year. Scouting went well, with epic numbers of ducks using the open waters around the lower Great Lakes. Epic numbers of hunters...

M.D. Johnson: Letters from the Late Season

Apparently the Mayans were wrong, and the world didn’t end on 12-21-12 as they had predicted. Now, I hear, their calendar didn’t mesh with the Roman calendar we folks are using, and instead of 12-21-12, the new date for the destruction of Planet Earth is somewhere in the year 2014...

Christmas Ends, Duck Hunting Begins

Well, Christmas is over. The kids are sad; their parents relieved. Now all that’s left to do is take back everything that doesn’t fit. Nothing gives me a sour taste in my mouth more than the thought of going BACK to those stores. I’ll pass…

Waterfowl Cooking Secret: Brine Your Birds

How to brine ducks. It's a fool-proof cooking secret used by professional chefs

Johnson: Why I Love Specklebellies

What Really Happened to the Sportsmen's Act.

It doesn’t look good for the long anticipated Sportsmen’s Act of 2012. As I read through the various outdoor websites reporting on the Senate vote that will, ultimately, kill this thing, I became confused as to exactly what was going on. Like many of you, I find it difficult to...

Ducks Refuse to Migrate Out of South Dakota.

"The most recent survey of waterfowl on the Missouri River had around 750,000 mallards and just over 300,000 Canada geese using those waters in the central part of the state," says Rocco Murano, chief waterfowl biologist with the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks.

The Day After Duck Season

A Duck Hunter's Christmas List

Balog outlines a Christmas wish list specifically for duck hunters

Ducks or Deer?

Deer hunting can be great, no doubt, but I'll stick to the ducks.

Smelly dogs and duck hunting USA: one ends while another begins

It's amazing how fast 60 days dissapear when you start counting them on a calendar.

Johnson: In Defense of Pass-Shooting

I’m not going to bore you with definitions. I’m not going to offend by speaking at you. I’m not going to tell you my way is right while your methods are – well – wrong. No, sir, I’m not going to do those things.

Product Review: Rig 'Em Right Shell Shocker Blind Bag

With duck season in full swing in many parts of the country, it's time for another product showcase. This one is on the Rig 'Em Right Shell Shocker Blind Bag . Now, if you're unfamiliar with Rig 'Em Right, these are some hard core dudes. This is the company that...