Big Country Goose Hunt


1 | Big Texas Geese

This hunt took place in the open country of Midwest Texas. You might think of Texas as a whitetail and Rio Grande turkey state, but waterfowl winter here by the thousands. Goose hunting is a rich tradition. 

2 | Big muddy field

Maybe you’ll find some birds in a nice, dry field with a brushy ditch nearby. But not likely. Good waterfowl hunting spots are usually, in short, a pain in the ass to hunt. This soupy, muddy field is exhibit A. 

3 | Big decoys

Big country requires big decoy spreads. The logistics of setting out so many decoys is astounding and takes a sizable crew to tote the faux birds through the skinny water and get them set up.  

4 | Big painted faces

Paint up -- Phil Robertson says so. Flashing faces probably save the lives of more ducks and geese than any other hunter error. Well, maybe except missing.  

5 | Big shells

A Canada goose is a big, tough bird with strong bones and dense muscles. It takes a hefty steel payload to knock one down. In the grand scheme of things, shells are cheap. Bring plenty of them.  

6 | Big calls

This is Justin Hill of Ranger Creek Goose guide service. And he knows how to blow a short-reed.  

7 | Big geese

Big and vocal as they are, Canada geese can slip in silently, seemingly from nowhere. A good goose hunter is always on the lookout. 

8 | Big dog

Good dog. He’s as much a part of this hunt as anyone else. And he’d for sure rather be here than on the couch.

9 | Big cold

Think the weather is always warm in Texas? Think again. Come January, it gets downright frigid. Just the way a goose hunter likes it.

10 | Big miss

Floating hulls don’t lie. A goose might be big, but he moves pretty fast. Even top gunners miss them on occasion.

11 | Big hunt

Those birds are heavy, but packing them out of the field isn’t all bad. It’s the culmination of the hunt: the scouting, the decoys, the calling. It’s goose hunting, man. That’s why we go.