Jack Daniel's And DU

LYNCHBURG, TN -- Bud, a chocolate Labrador Retriever from Huffman, Texas, has been selected as the 2011 Jack Daniel's Single Barrel-Ducks Unlimited "Dog of the Year." As part of the winning package, Bud will be featured in the Single Barrel gift tin package available this fall and his owner, Roger Randall, a DU member, will receive an original painting of his dog by famed wildlife artist Jim Killen.

The Jack Daniel's Single Barrel brand asked consumers to submit a story about their Chocolate Lab and what made it so special. The story submitted by the owners of "Bud" struck a special chord with the judges who were unanimous in the selection as 2011 Dog of the Year.

From the owner's winning entry:
"I have a chocolate lab that is the best in his field, I take disabled children, adults and wounded soldiers Duck hunting and Bud (my dog) works so well for bringing the birds back and putting them in their laps in the wheelchairs. It's so cool that the disabled love to watch Bud work. He is so smart because we work together every day. We also do a water sports program for the disabled in the summer months. We do water skiing, sailing and kayaking; Bud is so smart he has a job in the winter duck hunting and a summer job water skiing all for the disabled. Please check him out on Facebook (Texas Adaptive Outdoorsman) or www.taasports.org. This dog is a true outdoorsman dog."

"Jack Daniel's Single Barrel is proud to work with our partners at Ducks Unlimited and to help in supporting their mission,"said Mark Grindstaff, U.S. marketing director for Jack Daniel's Family of Brands. "The story of Bud highlights that special bond between all of us and our dogs."

2011 will mark the sixth year of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel partnership with Ducks Unlimited. Each year, Jack Daniel's donates a portion of the sale of each commemorative gift set and bottle to Ducks Unlimited. To date, more than $600,000 has been donated to help Ducks Unlimited efforts in conserving, restoring and managing wetlands that are associated habitats for North America's waterfowl.

"Retrievers hold a special place in the world of a sportsman conservationist. The Jack Daniel's Dog of the Year contest honors our retrievers," said Philip Milburn, DU's national director of development. "The Jack Daniel's Single Barrel and Ducks Unlimited partnership has helped conserve thousands of acres where retrievers love to run and that wildlife depends upon."

About Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey is the world's only charcoal-mellowed single barrel Tennessee whiskey. After the spirit is charcoal mellowed, each barrel of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel is matured in selected areas of the warehouses where the whiskey's color and taste deepen and mature an extra measure during the changing Tennessee seasons. Our Master Tasters then sample the whiskey from those areas and sets aside the barrels whose contents they feel have matured to create a particularly flavorful and aromatic whiskey. The bold, full-bodied taste of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey -- toasted oak flavor and intense vanilla and caramel essences -- is the work of craftsmen with a singular devotion to old-time whiskey- making.