Stagecoach Park in CO: Open For Waterfowling Biz!

Colorado Opens Stagecoach State Park for Waterfowl Hunting

WALDEN, CO -- Waterfowl hunting at Stagecoach State Park will start on Tuesday, September 6. Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff at Stagecoach reminds hunters about the areas of the park and reservoir that are open to hunting and provides some general rules and guidelines. Hunters are asked to please be aware of your surroundings, including boaters, trail users and shoreline fisherman.

Hunting is allowed in the western half of the reservoir, primarily in the wake-less zone from the Keystone Day Use Area across to Pike Cove, up to the inlet. The area known as the "New Wetland," located on the north side of the lake and visible from County Road 14, will be CLOSED to hunting this season. The closed area includes the rock dam structure and around the two ponds between the reservoir and County Road 14. Hunting is allowed in all other locations within the designated hunting area. Please check the signs posted at the park or on the Stagecoach State Park website for clarification on designated hunting areas.

Construction crews will be staging and working at the new wetland habitat shortly after Labor Day, creating potential safety issues for workers, hunters and other park users. Work will include re-vegetating areas that were disturbed due to the 2010 reservoir enlargement project and trail reconstruction.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials want to give native vegetation a chance to get established prior to allowing hunting. Also, keeping the new wetlands closed will help minimize the spread of weeds by hunters and dogs. Because the area has been recently developed, Colorado Park and Wildlife officials plan to monitor the area for at least one season in order to determine the best management during waterfowl hunting season. If you are interested in giving input on future management and opportunities for the new wetlands at Stagecoach, please call or email park officials.

As a reminder, dogs must be leashed unless actively retrieving and hunters need to stay a minimum of 100 feet from any established trail, building or parking lot. Hunters MUST wait until 30 minutes before sunrise to shoot. Shooting must end at sunset. Citations have and will be issued for these and other violations during waterfowl season. Please respect other users on the park and hunt responsibly. For questions or more information, please refer to the 2011 Colorado Waterfowl regulation booklet, visit our website at or call the Stagecoach State Park Office at (970) 736-2436.