Waterfowl Hunting Videos


Realtree 365: Tough Arkansas Duck Hunting and Louisiana Cribs

This week's Realtree 365 waterfowl roundup showcases two facets of the duck hunting world: the long, sometimes tough grind of public-land hunting and the ins and outs of Honey Brake Lodge, Louisiana's premier waterfowl and recreation destination. Honey Brake Experience — Honey Brake Cribs: 20,000 Acres, 26 Beds, 19 Baths...

Realtree 365: Kicking off New Year with Arkansas and Louisiana Ducks

The year 2020 began much like 2019 ended: with the Realtree pros scouring migration hotspots for fresh ducks and then enjoying some hard-earned hunts. This week's Realtree 365 waterfowling roundup features a great hunt from the Arkansas timber and some heart-touching youth action froom Louisiana. Black Cloud on Realtree 365:...

Realtree 365: Incredible Late-December Duck Hunts

The holiday season typically brings great duck hunting action, and the Realtree pros cashed in. This week's Realtree 365 roundup is packed with special outings and barrel-melting hunts. Black Cloud on Realtree 365 — Home for the Holidays: A Christmas Hunt with Family Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars Produced...

Realtree 365, Black Cloud: Tough Dakota Fields, Hot Sloughs

This past week on the inaugural episode of Black Cloud , Realtree 365’s hot new waterfowling show, Dennis Loosier and Billy Campbell headed north to the Dakotas to kick off their season early. They found plenty of ducks but overabundant water, which made field hunting tough. However, a hot slough...

Video: Frogg Toggs Waders at SHOT Show

Need a new pair of waders? Maybe yours has a hole in 10 different places and is leaking like nobody’s business? Check out this new set from Frogg Toggs. Click here for more waterfowl hunting articles and videos. Follow us on Facebook .

The X: Duck Hunting In Alberta

The Fowled Reality crew hunts in Alberta. It's one of those hunts waterfowlers stay awake at night thinking about. Ducks fly. Guns blast. Ducks fall. Don't miss this webisode.

The X: Public Land Duck Hunting in Minnesota

The Fowled Reality crew is back and they start off a new season of The X with a public land outing in Minnesota. There's flooded rice and whistling wings. Duck season is back in a big way.

The X: Swarms of Late-Season Minnesota Mallards

In the 2014 season finale of The X, the Fowled Reality crew joins the Hard Core Decoys crew on the final weekend of the Minnesota duck season. It's brutally cold, but huge numbers of mallards are roosting on the Mississippi River and hitting a fresh-cut cornfield to feed. Check out...

The X: Public Land Duck Hunting in Kansas

The Fowled Reality crew is dealing with an early dose of brutal winter weather during a freelance hunt on Kansas public land. After locating some ducks on a secluded marsh, the crew waits until the warmth of midday to break ice and set their decoys. With a mixed bag of...

The X: Five-Man, 40-Duck Limit in 25 Minutes

The Fowled Reality crew is on The X again this week. After spending a couple evenings scouting an Alberta barley field, the crew sets up in layout blinds well before daylight. The ducks pour in and the shooting is fast, with each hunter bagging his 8-duck limit in less than...

The X: Epic Point-Blank Mallard Hunt in Alberta

The Fowled Reality crew brings you the second 2014 episode of The X, Realtree's all-new waterfowling webisode. The crew is in Alberta, and after putting in serious scouting time , they've found the perfect setup on a small pothole. The mallards are pouring in, and the shots are close. See...

The X: Hunting Early Season Canada Geese

The crew of Fowled Reality brings you the premiere episode of The X, Realtree's all-new waterfowl hunting web show. This week, the crew is after early season honkers in New York. The geese are pouring into a cut cornfield, where the guys are set up in layout blinds with a...

Phil Robertson on Vegetarians

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Duck Commanders fame hears from plenty of vegetarians. His response to them might surprise you. Hear what Phil has to say in Part 3 of Realtree.com Editor Will Brantley's conversation with him.

Phil Robertson Talks Duck Hunting and Head Biting

In Part 2 of our exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with Phil Robertson, the Duck Commander shares insight on biting heads and other duck hunting topics.

Phil Robertson on Nutria Rats, His First Gun, and the Switch to Mossberg

Phil Robertson, the Duck Commander himself, chats with Realtree.com's Will Brantley about nutria rats, first shotguns, the Browning A-5, and the Duck Commanders' recent switch to Mossberg.

Duck Commander Behind The Scenes: Uncle Si on How Jase Got His Name

Duck Dynasty favorite and Duck Commander Uncle Si shares the tale of how Jase Robertson got his name.

Duck Commander Behind the Scenes: Jep on Everything

Duck Commander Jep Robertson shares tips and tactics for duck hunting and a few thoughts on just about everything else. . . including beavers.

Duck Commander Behind the Scenes: Martin on Calling

Duck Commander Justin Martin shares some duck calling tips and advice.

Duck Commander Behind the Scenes: Godwin on Decoys

We're behind the scenes with the Duck Commanders. Today, decoy technician John Godwin shares his advice and thoughts on duck decoy spreads.

Duck Commanders Behind the Scenes: Uncle Si's Tea Cup

Have you ever wondered if Uncle Si really does carry that tea cup around all the time? The answer is yes. He does. This clip was taken during a Realtree commercial shoot at Duck Commander HQ. Be watching for more exclusive, behind-the-scenes Duck Commander videos all fall on Realtree.com.