Waterfowl Hunting Videos


Phil Robertson on Nutria Rats, His First Gun, and the Switch to Mossberg

Phil Robertson, the Duck Commander himself, chats with Realtree.com's Will Brantley about nutria rats, first shotguns, the Browning A-5, and the Duck Commanders' recent switch to Mossberg.

Duck Commander Behind The Scenes: Uncle Si on How Jase Got His Name

Duck Dynasty favorite and Duck Commander Uncle Si shares the tale of how Jase Robertson got his name.

Duck Commander Behind the Scenes: Jep on Everything

Duck Commander Jep Robertson shares tips and tactics for duck hunting and a few thoughts on just about everything else. . . including beavers.

Duck Commander Behind the Scenes: Martin on Calling

Duck Commander Justin Martin shares some duck calling tips and advice.

Duck Commander Behind the Scenes: Godwin on Decoys

We're behind the scenes with the Duck Commanders. Today, decoy technician John Godwin shares his advice and thoughts on duck decoy spreads.

Duck Commanders Behind the Scenes: Uncle Si's Tea Cup

Have you ever wondered if Uncle Si really does carry that tea cup around all the time? The answer is yes. He does. This clip was taken during a Realtree commercial shoot at Duck Commander HQ. Be watching for more exclusive, behind-the-scenes Duck Commander videos all fall on Realtree.com.

Duck Hunting Safety Test

Realtree.com waterfowl guru Joe Balog puts some common duck hunting safety devices to the test. What happens when you go under while wearing heavy neoprene waders? Does a throwable boat cushion really provide enough flotation? Are those self-inflating PFDs worth the money?