Shooting Form: The Perfect Bow Grip

Torque is archery accuracy’s worst enemy. You can line up everything precisely while aiming, but twist the shot off axis at the moment of release and everything turns to garbage. Seventy-five percent of torque is created by the bow hand, the only point of contact with the bow following release.

Shed Hunting: Hard Core or Casual?

Much as I like to deer hunt, I’ve never been a dedicated shed hunter. Sure, I’ll pick them up as I see them when I’m out and about in the spring, but I don’t know that I’ve ever left the house and said, “Going shed hunting .

Shooting Form: The Stance

During the last four installments, I discussed purchasing the basic equipment needed to begin your bowhunting passion. Before you’ll achieve the best results possible, you’ll need to instill basic shooting-form fundamentals.

NRA and Other Organizations Teach Women Shooting and Outdoor Skills

I don’t remember the first time I shot a gun, because I was very young. But I do recall on many occasions my dad bracing his rifle for me as I busted bottles or filled cans with holes.

Avian-X Turkey Decoys and Lifeline 360

Realtree turkey blogger Steve Hickoff gives tips for using Zink's new Avian-X Turkey Decoys , the Jake Quarter Strut and Breeder hen, in tandem with the Lifeline 360 Turkey Decoy Motion System.

Wanted: First Buck Stories and Photos

See that strapping, bare-chested lad in this photo? That’s me, some years ago, with my first buck, a 7-pointer that I shot during a youth hunt in Ballard County, Kentucky. That’s my older cousin, Casey, on the right.

Bowhunting Basics IV: Rangefinders

Previously we discussed the basic gear you’ll need to start shooting and enjoying all archery has to offer. But before you get really serious about bowhunting live game you’ll need a quality laser rangefinder.

Defining Trophy Deer

How do you define the words “ trophy deer ”? Inches of antler? Age of the buck? Or is it something deeper? Perhaps the experience of a successful hunt, taken as a whole, regardless of what the animal looks like?

Realtree Turkey Hunter's Quiz

Think you know turkey hunting? We'll see. In the spirit of the upcoming spring season, welcome to the 2012 Realtree Turkey Hunter’s Trivia Quiz. These questions and answers are meant to be fun, test your knowledge of America’s No. 1 gamebird, and maybe even offer some trivia you can share...

Bowhunting Basics III: Modern Bowhunting Accessories

While modern compound bows , with their silky-smooth draw cycles, high let-off, and efficient energy transfer, and straighter, more durable carbon arrows and broadheads , are huge factors in making archery success easier, modern bowhunting accessories also contribute largely to shooting ease.

GPS Unit For Hunting: Where To Start?

It’s early February. The Super Bowl is on. And what am I doing? I’m searching around the Internet for a new GPS unit for hunting and a mapping solution that will provide some sort of overlay data for public lands. Can this be considered obsessive behavior? I sure hope so.

Rack Report: Travis Champlin's Incredible Kansas Buck

Buck: 206 1/8" Hunter: Travis Champlin Location: Kansas Time of Year: Nov. 13, 2010 Weapon: Bow