Third Grader on Trip to Science Museum Gets Shot in Leg by Arrow

On Tuesday, an 8-year-old California girl visiting the Lawrence Hall of Science during a school field trip was struck in the leg by an arrow. According to the San Franciso Chronicle , third-grader, Nadine Hairston, was sitting on a life-size model of a fin whale outside the building when she...

Youth Turkey Hunting

Know a kid who wants to go turkey hunting this year? The thought of mixing an impatient youngster and a sharp-eyed tom turkey make you a little apprehensive? Don’t worry. Not only is it doable, but it might just turn into the best hunt you have ever had.

Video: Flextone Thunder Chicken Decoy Tactics

Belly-crawling with a gobbler fake and real tail fan in front of you — in view of the turkey you want — can sometimes work. Watch as the Flextone Thunder Chicken pulls a longbeard in.

Survey: What's the Best Arrow For Bowhunting?

What's the best arrow for bowhunting?

New Hunter's Specialties Turkey Mouth Calls

Hands-free turkey mouth calls are great for finishing spring gobblers into range. I've probably killed more birds with a diaphragm in my mouth than any other option. While box and pot-and-peg calls are important to have in my turkey vest each season (and for some easier to use), mouth calls...

Beards or Bust: Pre-Season Scouting with Bill Jordan

What do chocolate milk and turkey hunting have in common? You'll have to watch and see.

Fanning Turkeys: Cool, Smart, Stupid or Scary?

Fanning turkeys is as controversial as it gets in our gobbler hunting world. Just take a look at the Realtree Facebook page to see comments about our recent post " How to Fan a Gobbler ." It’s cool. It’s smart. It’s stupid. It’s scary. Depending.

Crossbows to Solve Yankee Deer Tick Problem?

They have a problem up in Massachusetts: too many ticks are biting too many Yankees, which is causing too many cases of Lyme disease. As a result, the state commissioned a 21-member special panel to study the problem. The panel released its report at the end of February.

Tune Your Own Bow: How To Install a Peep Sight

Learing how to intall a peep sight isn't difficult. It can be done in just a few steps.

Turkey Hunting Nation Goes Live!

Turkey Hunting Nation is the first place you need to go when planning your spring gobbler hunt.

Turkey Scouting: Gobbler Dropping Facts and Myths

Find a gobbler by scouting his droppings — maybe.

Enough of the Turkey Hunting Trash Talk

Sometimes the way we talk about turkeys is as important as how we hunt them. Give the gobbler a dirt nap. Jelly that head. Drop a hammer on that turkey’s noggin’.