Waddell goes deep with his bow

Waddell goes deep for whitetails along the Milk River. He shows that practicing long shots can pay off

Bill Jordan heads to Montana

Bill Jordan heads to one of his favorite hunting spots in Montana.

Road Trippin' in Colorado for big ol' mule deer

Waddell and Rhet Akins head to Colorado to chase mule deer and whitetails.

Blanton and Shockey go after Vancouver bears

David Blanton and Jim Shockey do some bear hunting near Vancouver Island.

A Plains Game Paradise

I have been a whitetail deer hunter for the better part of my life. Throughout this journey I have seen many wonderful places. The United States and Canada certainly have an assortment of big game and offer some of the most scenic and breathtaking vistas in the Northern Hemisphere, but...

Learn how to paper tune your bow

Learn how to be a better bowhunter with these tuning tips.

Bill and Michael discuss how to control your emotion

Learn how emotion can make or break you when it's game time. Bill and Micheal discuss how to control it.

Chuck Adams on rangefinders

Thinking about buying a rangefinder? See what Chuck has to say on them.

David Blanton talks bows and angles

Learn the perfect shot to take with your bow while he's quartering away.

David Blanton crawls for a muley

Sneaking up on a mature mule deer is no easy task

Mark Kayser's Monster Buck moment

Mark Kayser draws back on the buck of a lifetime.

Realtree Rewind: A Picture Perfect Buck

Location: Northwest Indiana Hunter: Bill Konway Realtree Photographer/Writer When: Late October Weather/Season Phase: Mid-40 temps with overcast skies. Deer in the area have moved into the pre-rut phase of the season. Species: Whitetail Weapon/Gear: Hoyt Xtec, Tru-Glo site, Grim Reaper Broadheads, Arctic Shield outerwear in Realtree Hardwoods. Terrain: Small farm...