MW5: The Final Countdown

Episode 5 of Midwest Whitetail

Midwest Whitetail Webisode 3

Episode 3 of Midwest Whitetail

Midwest Whitetail Webisode 2

Webisode 2 of Midwest Whitetail

John Alfano hunts Kentucky

John Alfano hunts a giant Kentucky whitetail with his muzzleloader

Midwest Whitetail Webisode 1

Midwest Whitetail promo

A muzzleloader monster

Mark Doerner shoots a monster buck in Iowa

Bill and Tyler hunt Missouri

Bill and Tyler head to Missouri to hunt whitetails

David Blanton shares a few shooting tips

Learn the easy way to protect your muzzle from clogging while in the field.

A Plains Game Paradise

I have been a whitetail deer hunter for the better part of my life. Throughout this journey I have seen many wonderful places. The United States and Canada certainly have an assortment of big game and offer some of the most scenic and breathtaking vistas in the Northern Hemisphere, but...

Foxworthy takes three shots in Iowa

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy has luck on his side while muzzleloading in Iowa