Predator Pursuit guys at it again

Predator Pursuit guys at it again

Great predator action

The Predator Pursuit boys do their thing, again

Predator Persuit boys go coyote hunting

The boys from Predator Pursuit call in a coyote

David Blanton shares a few shooting tips

Learn the easy way to protect your muzzle from clogging while in the field.

Blanton hunts Saskatchewan

David Blanton heads back to Canada for big-buck action

Bill Jordan hunts Saskatchewan

Find out why hunters call Canada the greatest place to hunt monster bucks

Bill hunts Halff Brothers Ranch

Bill heads back to one of his favorite whitetail spots — the Half Brothers Ranch

Ned Yost chases a 170" in Alberta

Major League Baseball coach Ned Yost hunts whitetails in Canada.

A Plains Game Paradise

I have been a whitetail deer hunter for the better part of my life. Throughout this journey I have seen many wonderful places. The United States and Canada certainly have an assortment of big game and offer some of the most scenic and breathtaking vistas in the Northern Hemisphere, but...

Let the coyote hunting begin

Mark Zepp and crew continue to call in coyote after coyote.

David Blanton in Canada

David Blanton goes retro in Canada.