Chad Belding

Chad Belding is synonymous with a passion for the hunt. Born in 1974, Belding’s father was his mentor and inspiration, introducing him to the outdoors at a very young age. In 1995, Belding began hunting predators, followed by waterfowl hunting in 1997. Two years later he became involved in competitive duck and goose calling.

 After graduating from college in 1999, Belding went on to co-own and operate businesses in Nevada, Colorado and Washington. His drive and energy is what compelled Belding to start Banded Productions in 2008. Since that time, Banded Productions become part of the Banded Nation, which encompasses several of Belding’s other ventures: Banded Gear, Last Call Ringtones, Banded Hunts, Banded Retrievers, Banded University, Banded, and Banded Fusion.

Among Belding’s greatest achievements is hosting The Fowl Life and Dead Dog Walkin’,  on The Outdoor Channel, The Sportsman Channel and WILD TV.. The Fowl Life is entering into its fourth season where the philosophy of the show is to hunt hard, stay safe, respect the animals and share hunting lifestyles. The goal of the show is to include heart-pounding action with in-depth instruction. For his efforts on The Fowl Life, Belding was nominated for Best Show Host for the Sportsman Channel’s 2010 Sportsman Choice Awards.

Dead Dog Walkin’ made its debut in 2011. This is a predator-based show that encompasses the lifestyles and approaches of different predator hunters across the country. Now in it’s second season, Dead Dog Walkin’ has caught the eye of the nation, and is one of the most respected predator hunting shows on television.

In his 36 years, Belding has worked with the best in the hunting industry. This dedication has led Belding to help create Banded with the help from key partners in the industry.  Banded is a full line of clothing, waders, boots, gloves, and accessories debuting in July of 2012

Belding’s determination, work ethic, and sheer love for the sport has led to numerous endorsements by big names, including Hevi-Shot, HI VIZ, Mojo Outdoors, Lucky Brand Jerky, Liberty Safe, Otis, Ford, Pelican, Yamaha, War Eagle Dakota Decoy, Garmin, SPOT GPS Messenger

Belding has always worked hard; he is currently in the process of creating 3 new television shows that span across the country.  These new shows will hail from Mississippi, Florida, and right in his own backyard of Nevada.  Stay tuned for more to come; as Chad never waits for an opportunity, he makes opportunities happen!

Balancing professional and personal life is never easy, but Belding has always had support from his family including his wife, Melanie and daughter, Alyssa.  Belding’s two brothers, Clint and Clay, who also work and hunt with him, and all are supported by Belding’s mom, Faith.

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