Waterfowl Hunting

Do cupped wings and black Labs get you excited? We have migration reports from every flyway all season long, and duck- and goose-hunting tips posted year-around. If you’re a waterfowler, stop in for a visit.

  • How to Goose Hunt

    Consider this your ultimate goose hunting guide. This mega-feature includes loads of tips, tactics and advice on goose hunting, plus links to in-depth videos and articles that can help beginning waterfowlers and field-blind veterans pursue geese more effectively.

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  • Hunting Funnels for Puddle Ducks

    As canoes glided past and boats chugged along the channel, I felt somewhat foolish. Yeah, I’d beaten everyone to the landing, but I hadn’t exactly claimed a classic spot. Instead, I had tucked in along a tree-lined shore about halfway up a narrow bay, with a small open channel at...

  • Switch Up Setups to Shoot More Ducks and Geese

    You look forward to that peaceful moment. The decoys are set, and the boat is anchored, or the field blinds brushed in beautifully. All you have to do is relax and let the hunt play out. But sometimes, ducks and geese have other ideas. Many days, perfect hides or ideal...

  • 5 Tips for Great Walk-In Waterfowl Hunts

    Sometimes, the duck boat must stay on the trailer. Secluded sloughs or hidden timber holes beckon, and the only way to reach these unpressured hotspots is on foot. I’ve enjoyed great walk-in hunts in the cattail marshes of Wisconsin, the parklands of Manitoba and across the pothole-rich eastern portion of...


  • Duck Hunting Nation

    There's waterfowl hunting in almost every state. Here's the scoop on where you want to hunt.

  • Flyway Reports

    Real waterfowl hunters giving up-to-date reports from the marsh in every flyway, all season long.