• Brow Tines and Backstrap

    Whitetails make the hunting world go round. Josh Honeycutt, deer hunting editor and "Brow Tines and Backstrap" blogger, knows a fair bit about killing mature deer. He was raised up hunting the river bottoms of Kentucky. And he still hunts there—among other places—to this day.

    Follow along as he shares his adventures, experiences and knowledge of the white-tailed deer.

  • Guns and Camo

    Guns and Camo. From the basic to the advanced, we will cover the world of firearms (and maybe the occasional slingshot and air rifle) in a manner that puts hunting and in-the-field practicality first. Editorial in the name of powder, steel, and ammo. Heck yeah.

  • The Duck Blog

    Realtree waterfowl editor Brian Lovett has been an obsessive duck and goose hunter for more than 30 years, chasing his passion on the Dakota prairies and the marshes and open water of his home state of Wisconsin. He's been a writer and editor in the outdoors industry since 1991.

  • The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

    Stephanie Mallory is a mom, a hunter and Realtree’s PR Coordinator. She’s here to deliver an insider’s look at the outdoor business and give her opinion on all things outdoors—whether you asked for it or not.

  • Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes

    There’s work to do after the trigger is pulled, but the cleaning and the cooking can be fun as the hunt itself. Timber 2 Table is where Realtree’s experts will teach you to skin a squirrel in 1 minute, cape a buck for the wall, grill a delectable wild turkey popper and so much more.

  • Turkey Blog with Steve Hickoff

    Steve Hickoff is's editorial director and turkey hunting editor. He’s been beaten by more birds than he can remember. Still he kills enough to eat well, and fool with beards, spurs and fans until the next season. Pennsylvania born and raised, Maine is his home base now. A full-time outdoor communicator with a couple university writing degrees, he chases spring gobblers and fall flocks around the country.


Wild Moose Rings Doorbell With Its Butt

If you live in a neighborhood with teenagers, there's a decent chance you've been the victim of ding-dong ditching -- an age-old favorite prank among youth which involves ringing a doorbell, usually late at night, and then running before someone opens the door. One Alaskan couple assumed they were the...

Exposure to Bear Repellent Sends 24 Amazon Workers to Hospital

When I read the story about 54 New Jersey Amazon warehouse workers suffering from exposure to bear repellent, I could almost taste the bear spray in my mouth. I remember how my eyes burned and watered and how I felt like I'd never get relief. I can sympathize with the...

Tender Sous Vide Sliced Venison Sandwiches Recipe

Do you love perfectly pink, thin-sliced roast beef piled high on a sandwich? I do. What’s better than roast beef? Venison. We’ve tried several cooking methods over the years to get that perfect texture on a venison roast. Most over or under cook the center of the roast, or dry...

Going to Duck Camp: Enjoying the Entire Play

“I’m going to duck camp .” Those words can hold meaning with broad interpretation depending on the number of zeros in your bank account and, in Southern parlance, “who your daddy is.” I’ve always been a fan of the modest camp, requiring little more than a cot and indoor plumbing,...

Calling the Shot: When to Say No

Every duck hunter has been there: A bird flies in at the edge of effective shooting range but then turns or starts to land short, leaving you a split second to decide whether to fire or hold off. On the surface, that seems like a straightforward call: If the bird...

Eastern North Carolina Fish Stew Recipe

If you spend any time in Eastern North Carolina, you will probably run across a bowl of this fish stew. While just about every local has his or her own version, they all share an oniony, rich tomato broth and hearty red potatoes. Along the coast, you are likely to...

Waterfowling Savvy: Qualities of a Good Pit Boss

Every group hunt at a pit, blind, boat, slough or timber hole needs a pit boss — a leader who guides the hunt from start to finish and makes tough decisions. That can be difficult. After all, even seasoned veterans don’t have all the answers, and no one wants to...

Top 5 Winter Turkey Hunting States

For some of us, wild turkey hunting isn't just a spring deal. We think about the bird every day. We build calls in the off-season. We plan hunts, watch turkeys and go to sleep thinking about them. Opportunities for pursuing the greatest game bird on the planet exist in fall...

DIY Planning Tips for Your Out-of-State Spring Turkey Hunt

You’re thinking about spring turkey hunting away from home. The time to plan is now. Turkeys to Hunt Does the state have good turkey populations? Think of this first before planning your trip. A state with high bird numbers might mean greater hunter competition, of course, especially on public land...

Watch Police Prevent Coyote From Attacking Jogger

A coyote attacked and severely injured a jogger in the North Texas neighborhood of Frisco on Wednesday, Nov. 27. The jogger had to undergo surgery for neck injuries and is now in stable condition. Had it not been for a policeman on the lookout, the jogger in the video above...

Ben McDonald Hunts 300-Pound Whitetail Buck

Ben McDonald, former Major League Baseball player, is also a dynamite deer hunter. He's lethal with a bow. Check out this hunt where he sets his sights on a 300-pound buck in Kansas. Don't Miss: 20 Deer Hunting Lies Your Granddaddy Told You Are you a deer hunter wanting to...

Grizzly Kills Mother and Baby

A Yukon trapper made a horrifying discovery Monday when returning to his remote cabin after an afternoon of trapping. When Gjermund Roesholt was about 300 feet from his cabin, a grizzly bear charged him. He shot the animal dead and then came across the bodies of his wife and 10-month-old...