Deer Hunting

Breaking news on giant bucks and the best deer hunting blog posts, articles, photo galleries and videos in the industry. Whether you’re a 20-year veteran of the whitetail woods or need to learn how to field dress your first buck, you’re welcomed here.

  • 10 Tips for Getting Permission to Deer Hunt

    Each season it becomes harder to gain access to private land deer hunting . If you are not a landowner or blessed with family members and friends who are; you are at a serious disadvantage on finding prime real estate. With the intense competition between hunters; it is ever increasingly...

  • 10 Reasons Why You Aren't Finding More Shed Antlers

    Shed Envy. It’s a common condition felt this time of year by avid whitetail hunters across the country and it has the potential to reduce productivity at work, spoil appetites and ruin an otherwise good day. The cause? A lack of shed-hunting success, followed by frequent viewings of the monster...

  • Video of Deer Being Trapped Upsets Community

    For almost 20 years, the city of Lakeway, Texas, has trapped deer in an effort to help control the population. But, a video, which has recently gone viral, has upset some residents who are now asking the city to stop the practice. In the video above, you can hear Lakeway...

  • 10 Things Your Hunting Buddies Hate

    Hunting buddies. We have them. We love them. But we don’t always love everything about them. What’s that famous biblical saying? Don’t hate the person — hate the sin? I think that’s how it works with bad hunting buddies. In fact, I know it is when a couple of my...


  • Rut Report

    What are the bucks doing in your area? Realtree's Rut Report brings you real-time information on what's happening throughout the country.

  • Booner News

    Do thoughts of giant bucks keep you up at night? Ever wondered about the stories behind the hunts for deer like the Hanson, Gibson and Lovstuen bucks? The Boone and Crockett Club has been keeping records for decades.

  • What Kind of Deer Hunter Are You

    We all go deer hunting for slightly different reasons. Those reasons define the type of deer hunter that we are. So what type are you? A trophy hunter? A meat hunter? Maybe even a good ol' stump sitter?

  • Rack Reports

    Big, freaky bucks and the hunters who shoot them. Search our Rack Report map for great stories from the stand.

  • Antler Nation

    We are a nation of deer hunters. But where does your state rank? Find out here. Rankings, trophy entries, hunter data and license information. Welcome to Realtree’s Antler Nation.

  • You Shot a Deer. Here's How to Find It.

    Did you double-lung him or hit the liver? Should you track him now or wait an hour?

  • The Path to Amazing Vension

    Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Here’s the complete guide to field-dressing, skinning, quartering and cooking that deer you just killed.