Turkey Hunting

Gobble, gobble, y’all. What makes Realtree.com the best online resource for turkey hunters? Spring and fall. Bow and shotgun. Calls and decoys. We cover all things turkey, right here.

  • Turkey Hunting: How to Tag a Gobbler You Just Missed

    You’ve called a strutting spring gobbler into range, aimed at his fist-sized head and fired. Problem is, the bird flopped then got up like a boxer in the ring with some fight left in him, and is running, or worse: flying off. It’s your move, now or never. Most of...

  • A Good Read on Why We Love Turkey Hunting

    The alarm chimes as the clock strikes five in the morning. Before the big hand reaches five past the hour, I am pulling the last knot tight on my snake boots and walking across the creaking wood floor at my parent’s house to the door. It has become tradition for...

  • Video: How to Set Up a Low-Poundage Bow

    Fall turkey seasons often run right along with archery-only deer dates around the country. A low-poundage bow is a great option for the big birds as well as whitetails – so long as you first check legal archery-tackle regulations for both and maximize your bowhunting gear. Both youth and older...

  • Maryland Spring Turkey Kill Down from Last Year

    The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) recently reported hunters took 3,861 wild turkeys during the 2018 regular spring and junior hunt turkey seasons. This year’s total was 8 percent lower than the record 2017 harvest, but well above the 10-year average of 3,406. Why “Turkey populations continue to grow...


  • Turkey Hunting Nation

    Turkey populations. Public land acreage. License fees. And an overall hunting grade. New state profiles posted every day of the season.

  • Strut Report

    Spring is finally here, and the turkeys are finally gobbling. Tell us what the toms are doing in your area, and keep tabs on gobbling and strutting activity all across the country with the Realtree Strut Report.

  • The Gobbler Guide

    A step-by-step guide to help you work your way through a classic spring turkey hunt. From roost to strut to boom.