Rack Reports

Looking for the inside scoop on a rumored record whitetail? Just how big was that buck your favorite pro-staffer killed last week? Did you shoot a big buck yourself, and want to share the story? Then you've come to the right place: Welcome to the Rack Report.


Rack Report: Tyler Jordan’s Biggest Buck Ever

Buck: 170-inch gross typical Hunter: Tyler Jordan Location: Salem, Iowa Time of Year: Early October Weapon: Hoyt Carbon Element Bow, NAP Spitfire Broadhead

Rack Report: Weather Front Whopper

Buck: 165 inches Hunter: Kevin Beene Location: Southeast Iowa Time of Year: September 17, 2012 Weapon: Bow

Rack Report: Thad Cartwright’s "Bulletproof" Velvet Buck

Hunter: Thad Cartwright Location: Muhlenberg County, Kentucky Time of Year: Early September Weapon: Martin Pantera Bow, Rage 2-blade Broadhead

Rack Report: Potential Wyoming Velvet Record Buck

Buck: 170-incher Hunter: Shane Sanderson Location: Riverton, Wyoming Time of Year: Sept. 1, 2012 Weapon: Darton DS3800 Bow

Hunter' Bags Giant Jayhawk Buck

Buck: 191 inches Hunter: Hunter Boone, 11 years old Time of year: Sept. 8, 2012 Location: Linn County, Kansas Weapon: Remington Sendero Bolt Action 25.06

Rack Report: Sebastian's Second-Chance Buck

Buck: Green-scored 177 2/8 Hunter: Sebastian Acevedo 7 years-old Time of year: September 10, 2012 Location: Kingman County, Kansas Weapon: Savage .243

Rack Report: Joe Lacefield’s Longbow Double-Drop-Tine Buck

Buck: Estimated 160-inch non-typical Hunter: Joe Lacefield Location: Versailles, Ky. Time of Year: Sept. 2 Weapon: Longbow with Carbon Express Maxima Hunter arrows, 100-grain brass inserts and 100-grain three-blade Muzzy broadheads

Rack Report: Josh Hunt's Kentucky Whitetail

Buck: 180-inch non-typical Hunter: Josh Hunter Location: Boone County, Ky. Time of Year: November 11, 2011 Weapon: Bow

Rack Report: Mike Farris Tags Kentucky 'Dreamer'

Buck: 190" 10-point Hunter: Mike Farris Location: Christian County, Ky Time of Year: November, 2011 Weapon: Rifle

Rack Report: Shannon Boling's Kentucky Drop-Tine Giant

Buck: 15 points, three drop tines Hunter: Shannon Boling Location: Owen County, Ky Time of Year: September, 2011 Weapon: Bow