Rack Reports

Looking for the inside scoop on a rumored record whitetail? Just how big was that buck your favorite pro-staffer killed last week? Did you shoot a big buck yourself, and want to share the story? Then you've come to the right place: Welcome to the Rack Report.


Early Season 19-Pointer

On a Saturday, he checked the trail cam and to his delight, there were 27 pictures of a big non-typical buck, all but four of which were snapped during daylight hours...

Foggy Morning Monster

The fog was incredibly thick that morning. I couldn’t see more than 50 or 60 yards in front of me, but I could hear plenty of deer activity in the woods. Bucks were running does, and several times, I heard grunting.

The Bedded Buck

“About three steps up, something told me to look down. A big, white rack was sticking up out of the weeds 20 yards away, and the buck was facing my way!”

Border Bucks Drop Tine

A massive set of antlers appeared in my periphery. There was no doubt about this buck—he was 35 or 40 yards away and walking right past me, straight to the 10-pointer.

A Pair of Canadian Studs

"I hunt strictly with a bow and only on the same two small farms here in Ontario, so I’m sort of limited..."

Super Stick-Bow Buck

The story of a 200-inch Oklahoma longbow kill!