Rack Reports

Looking for the inside scoop on a rumored record whitetail? Just how big was that buck your favorite pro-staffer killed last week? Did you shoot a big buck yourself, and want to share the story? Then you've come to the right place: Welcome to the Rack Report.


Kandi Kisky's "October Lull" Buck

“The cool thing was we went in there to kill that particular buck and that’s exactly what happened. Trust me, that doesn’t happen very often.”

Tiffany Lakosky's 161-incher

Two hours after climbing into the stand for her first Iowa hunt of the season, Tiffany settles her sight pin on a giant 9-pointer

Story of a September 195

With a 25-inch spread, 12-inch tines and 30-inch main beams, this early season Ohio 10-pointer may be the most impressive Rack Report entry yet!

Tale of an Indiana Non-typical

Rack Report reader Scott Tidd recently e-mailed us with his own story about shooting the Clinton County, Indiana record non-typical during the 2009 shotgun season. We’re certainly glad he did!

Early Season 19-Pointer

On a Saturday, he checked the trail cam and to his delight, there were 27 pictures of a big non-typical buck, all but four of which were snapped during daylight hours...

Foggy Morning Monster

The fog was incredibly thick that morning. I couldn’t see more than 50 or 60 yards in front of me, but I could hear plenty of deer activity in the woods. Bucks were running does, and several times, I heard grunting.

The Bedded Buck

“About three steps up, something told me to look down. A big, white rack was sticking up out of the weeds 20 yards away, and the buck was facing my way!”

Border Bucks Drop Tine

A massive set of antlers appeared in my periphery. There was no doubt about this buck—he was 35 or 40 yards away and walking right past me, straight to the 10-pointer.

A Pair of Canadian Studs

"I hunt strictly with a bow and only on the same two small farms here in Ontario, so I’m sort of limited..."

Super Stick-Bow Buck

The story of a 200-inch Oklahoma longbow kill!