Rachelle Hedrick

At seven years old, Rachelle lost her father to pancreatic cancer. Her memories are still fresh as she vividly remembers him as an avid sportsman who had an indescribable love for not only hunting and fishing, but just enjoying the outdoors. Growing up, Rachelle always considered herself as an outdoor-loving, little tom-boy, but since losing her father, never had much opportunity to hunt or fish. That all changed when she met her husband, Josh, in 2007. Josh is also an avid outdoorsman, owning an outfitting operation that consists of trout fishing, whitetail, black bear and turkey hunting. She always tells everyone that when she met Josh, he put a bow in her one hand and a fly rod in the other, and they’ve been hunting and fishing together ever since.

Rachelle owns her own Graphic Design business, but also spends a lot of her time helping Josh with Smoke Hole Outfitters. It is located at their family owned business, called Smoke Hole Resort, nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Cabins, West Virginia. (www.smokehole.com). Smoke Hole Outfitters offers trout fishing in their Catch ‘n Keep Trout Pond and their private Catch ‘n Release Trophy Trout Stream, as well as fly fishing lessons for beginners. They also spawn and raise their own trout. The trout fishing keeps them both busy all spring through fall. When they’re not elbow up in trout or managing the resort, they are hanging stands, checking trail cameras, seeding food plots, or planning their next adventure.

Rachelle feels incredibly blessed to have a husband, best friend and hunting buddy all wrapped into one, who has taught her most of what she knows about the great outdoors. They have had many opportunities to hunt the world, but the most memorable trip for her was their “Huntingmoon” to New Zealand in March of 2010. They had planned on spending lots of time fly fishing, but instead ended up bringing home a white fallow deer, along with 2 Gold Plus Medal archery Red Stags. At the time, Rachelle’s 416” Red Stag ranked #14 in the world with Safari Club International. She also held the record for the #1 largest archery Red Stag harvested by a woman. They’ve both taken Dall sheep from the Yukon, Barbary sheep from New Mexico, Mt. Lions from Colorado, amazing whitetail and a white wolf from Alberta…and the memories continue on and on. Aside from being avid archers, Josh and Rachelle picked up the art of long range shooting, and even host long range shooting classes several times a year at their resort.

Rachelle knows that living a life with a passion for everything that involves the outdoors has come from her father. She always says, “It’s just in my blood! And I know my dad would be proud of me for following in his footsteps. It’s how I keep him alive!” She’s also thankful that her Heavenly Father blessed her with such a wonderful husband who has guided her in everything she needs to know about hunting and fishing.

Her passion keeps her driven and focused on the things she enjoys most about being a sportsman, and being dedicated to not only making it a huge part of her life, but also sharing it with others and educating our youth.

“Love to live – Live to hunt!!”