How to Wax Your Bow String
Secrets to Killing a Record-Class Whitetail Deer
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The Myth of the Nocturnal Buck
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  • First Responders Cut Dead Bear's Head Off to Free Man From Its Grasp

    You've heard stories from bear-attack survivors before, but I bet you've never heard one like this. While walking his dogs, a New Mexico man was attacked by an aggressive black bear, which clamped its jaw around his leg. And, it stayed that way even after the man killed the bear...

  • Kandi Kisky Gets Second Chance Shot at Giant 180-Inch Buck

    Whitetail Freaks Kandi Kisky is a big-buck killer. She's killed more giant whiteails than most hunters see in a lifetime. Follow along in this filmed hunt as she misses, and then connects on, a huge white-tailed deer. Don't Miss: Secrets to Killing a Record-Class Whitetail Deer Are you a deer...

  • Watch Phil Roberston Flip Running Deer with Rifle Shot

    We all know Phil Robertson as the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander family . But as it turns out, he's a pretty darn good deer hunter, too. Watch as he flips this running whitetail with a long rifle shot. Don't Miss: Are Running Shots Ethical? Are you...

  • Youth Hunter Gets His First Buck

    There's nothing better than getting your first buck. Follow along as this guy gets his first one in a soybean field on a youth hunt. Don't Miss: Youth Deer Hunter Kills Big Buck Are you a deer hunter wanting to learn how to accomplish your goals? Check out our stories,...

  • How to Wax Your Bow String

    Proper maintenance care is a huge part of keeping your bow in top condition. Take care of it and it will take care of you. Properly waxing your string is part of that. Here's how to do it. Straight from the mouth of Michael Pitts. Don't Miss: How to Store...

  • Did You Know Spotted Skunks Do This?

    Did you know that spotted skunks stand on their hands and dance around when they feel threatened? One spotted skunk was caught on camera displaying this behavior last week. According to the Smithsonian website , the spotted skunk has anal scent glands that can emit a foul-smelling spray just like...

  • Hard Cider-Braised Squirrel and Mushrooms Recipe

    Here in Kentucky, squirrel season is just around the corner. Potroast and I will be out on our traditional opening-morning hunt. Should our hunt be successful, this recipe for Hard Cider-Braised Squirrel and Mushrooms will be one of the first we cook. Acorn-fed squirrels are woodsy and rich, with just...

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    Secrets to Killing a Record-Class Whitetail Deer

    First and foremost, it’s important to clarify that it’s no easier or harder to kill a 195-inch 5-year-old buck than a 120-inch 5-year-old. Antler size doesn’t directly affect behavior in whitetails. (It can indirectly, because they attract attention. But more on that later.) As for killing these mega-giants, it takes...

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