5 Places to Find Giant Late-Season Bucks
The NDA on the Importance of CRP for Wildlife
The Best Christmas Gift for Hunters and Fishermen
Berne® Realtree EDGE Camo Holiday Gift Guide
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  • Wild Moose Rings Doorbell With Its Butt

    If you live in a neighborhood with teenagers, there's a decent chance you've been the victim of ding-dong ditching -- an age-old favorite prank among youth which involves ringing a doorbell, usually late at night, and then running before someone opens the door. One Alaskan couple assumed they were the...

  • 5 Places to Find Giant Late-Season Bucks

    It’s the late season. It’s cold. Friggin’ cold. But you’ve still got a tag in your pocket. And I do, too. I’ve had a pretty darn good season. I killed a very nice Kentucky buck early on during archery season. Since then, I’ve been a part of some great hunts...

  • Chasing November: Pregnant With Twins, Shoots First Buck

    Kathryn (Kat) Reed is 27 weeks pregnant with twins and harvests her first buck with husband, Mike, on the camera. Jeff Deets connects with his season-long target buck in Illinois. Drew McClain finds success from the same stand for the second year in a row. Don't Miss: 20 Deer Hunting...

  • The NDA on the Importance of CRP for Wildlife

    You can help ensure that the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) gets the allocation that wildlife deserves. Deer hunters, which make up 80 percent of all hunters, have a particular responsibility to take action for the betterment of all wildlife. Watch the video to learn how you can make a difference...

  • The Best Christmas Gift for Hunters and Fishermen

    Looking for that perfect gift for the angler or hunter on your Christmas list? If so, a fishing or hunting license might be the answer. These licenses make great Christmas gifts. And they're easy to buy. It's a simple process. Winter is a great time to give a license as...

  • How to Bowhunt Predators

    I exhaled strong gasps of air through the plastic mouth call, cupping my hand on the barrel accordingly, sending eerie, squalling, bone-chilling sounds of a rabbit in distress out across the valley floor, penetrating nearly a mile into the foothills beyond. No more than 5 minutes went by when I...

  • Exposure to Bear Repellent Sends 24 Amazon Workers to Hospital

    When I read the story about 54 New Jersey Amazon warehouse workers suffering from exposure to bear repellent, I could almost taste the bear spray in my mouth. I remember how my eyes burned and watered and how I felt like I'd never get relief. I can sympathize with the...

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    Berne® Realtree EDGE Camo Holiday Gift Guide

    What are you going to get the hunter in your life for Christmas this year? We promise you can't go wrong with a Realtree EDGE camo apparel item by Berne®. Berne has been designing workwear since 1915, so the folks there know how to make quality clothing that is durable,...

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