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  • Cougar Kills Mountain Biker

    One man lost his life and his friend was injured during a rare fatal cougar attack last week in North Bend, Washington. KIRO-TV reports the two victims were mountain biking in the area when the incident took place around 11:20 a.m. Saturday. One man was able to escape and call...

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    7 Tips for Building Your Ultimate Home Shooting Range

    The old saying “practice makes perfect” is never truer than when it comes to shooting. But who has time to load up and run to the closest shooting range a few times per week? And once there, you get to deal with the constant crowds, the tactical Range Rambos, the...

  • Realtree's Spring Thunder: Triple Bearded Turkey and More

    Chris Loeh takes a triple-bearded gobbler in Illinois. Olivia McManus puts down her first turkey in Iowa and doubles with her husband Jason. More Realtree turkey hunting . Follow us on Facebook .

  • The Day a Trespasser Tried to Kill Me

    Big deer. Sadly, some people will do anything to kill them — including breaking the law. As you probably noticed, the title of this post was pretty inflammatory. But a few short weeks ago I was out checking some of my treestands and I found where someone had tampered with...

  • Great White Shark Circles Deer

    We don't often think of deer as shark prey, but one deer can count itself lucky after swimming only feet from a great white shark and escaping to live another day. The deer escaped a grizzly fate thanks to help from shark researcher Sean Van Sommeran, who was conducting a...

  • Smoked Braised and Fried Wild Turkey Wings Recipe

    If you’re leaving your wild turkey wings in the woods or the trash can, you are wasting some really good eats. They may take a bit more work than the breast, legs and thighs, but the payoff is well worth a few extra minutes. Wild turkey wings see a lot...

  • Why You Love and Hate the End of Turkey Hunting Season

    Admit it, you both love and hate the end of turkey season. A few words follow on why. Early on, you love the early risings, driving through a sleeping town to an all-night gas station for early coffee and doughnuts, where you run into a few other camo-clad hunters and...

  • Use Turkey Decoys for Deer Hunting Where Legal

    Assuming it's legal where you deer hunt, turkey decoys might just work to pull in some venison for your freezer. Yes, in some states you can't do so legally. It's always best to double-check. But if archery or gun seasons for both fall turkeys and whitetails are open at the...

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