5 Diving Ducks You Love to Hate
8 Things Land Managers Should Be Doing Right Now
Clean Your Turkey Gun in 5 Easy Steps
Frog Leg and Sausage Étouffée
The All-Time Best Duck Hunting Snacks
All About Froggin’
Roasted Duck with Gochujang Rub
Here’s What Could Kill Turkey Hunting
Duck Hunters: Sit Tight or Move?
  • 5 Diving Ducks You Love to Hate

    Diehard big-water hunters know that diver hunting can be just as rewarding — and frustrating — as chasing greenheads and honkers . Consider these birds, which will probably visit a lake or river near you this fall. 1. Offshore Bluebills Every diver guy has seen this: Distant bluebills suddenly gain...

  • 8 Things Land Managers Should Be Doing Right Now

    The skeeters are biting and humidity is climbing. Summer is almost here, and if we don’t get to work now, it’ll be over before we know it. Here are eight things hunting-land managers should be doing right now to get a jump on deer season. 1. Maintaining Treestands Treestand falls...

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    Clean Your Turkey Gun in 5 Easy Steps

    Turkey season is over in many states and will be soon in others. Memories of strutting longbeards are still fresh in your mind, and hopefully there’s some fresh turkey breast in the freezer. But before putting your gear away, take a few minutes to clean your shotgun and ensure it’s...

  • Frog Leg and Sausage Étouffée

    Another frog-gigging season is upon us. Summer evenings when I was a kid meant donning our headlights and gathering with a group of buddies to hit the local ponds for bullfrogs. I still love to hunt frogs at night, now with my family. Our go-to recipe for those first summer...

  • A Father, a Son, and a First Coues Deer

    There’s nothing quite like a first deer. For 13-year-old Zachary Brown, and his father, Nathan, that memory was cemented on a hot day last fall with a solid Coues whitetail buck. Arizona residents Nathan and Zachary enjoy being outside together, and they’ve always been fans of Realtree Outdoors. They proudly...

  • The All-Time Best Duck Hunting Snacks

    Duck hunters face plenty of logistical and equipment considerations, but few things rival the importance of snacks in the blind, pit or timber . It’s not easy staying focused when your stomach growls and you’ve been up since 3 a.m. Fortunately, quality grub can keep you in the game. We...

  • Firecracker Frog Legs Recipe

    Most of the time, if I see Firecracker shrimp on the appetizer menu at a restaurant, I am going to order them. Creamy, a little spicy, a little sweet — they make a great starter or even main dish. Most shrimp recipes work well with frog legs, Firecracker shrimp included...

  • All About Froggin’

    (Editor's Note: As summer kicks off, we're celebrating frog hunting all week on Realtree.com. This classic from the archives was originally published in spring of 2009. The couples referenced here are all still married to this day.) A plate of fried frog legs is the best-tasting dish known to man...

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