Wild Pawpaw Pancakes
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How Millennials are Changing Duck Hunting
How to Make Your Own Homemade Butter
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  • Trappers Catch 400-Pound Hog on San Antonio Golf Course

    Check out the size of this pig. The 411-pound boar was captured and removed from Gateway Hills Golf Course in San Antonio, Texas, last week. Wyatt Walton, who works at Lone Star Trapping, a company that specializes in removing hogs, told mySA.com he was called to the golf course Thursday...

  • Wild Pawpaw Pancakes

    It’s pawpaw season across the Midwest. Despite being North America's largest native fruit, pawpaws don’t get a lot of recognition. They grow across the Southeast and Midwest, and ripen in late summer and early fall. Their broad oval leaves are easily recognized in a mixed hardwood creek bottoms. The fruit...

  • Rabid Skunk Attacks Toddler

    A 2-year-old girl named Fatima is recovering after being attacked by a rabid skunk in her Weymouth, Massachusetts, backyard last week. According to 7 News Boston , Fatima was playing in her yard while her mom and grandmother were preparing dinner on the back deck when the skunk appeared. “We...

  • The 10 Best Deer Hunting Magazines in America

    I started my career in the outdoor industry as a magazine writer. Today, I’m a digital guy. But there’s still something magical about holding that fact-filled book in your hands. Turning the glossy pages and seeing the words and photography that adorn them is an experience you don’t get elsewhere...

  • Duck Hunting During Unseasonably Wet Years

    Capt. Obvious might point out that ducks need water. Likewise, duck hunters depend on water. Some years, however, Mother Nature’s faucet never turns off, inundating the landscape with too much precipitation . And that can create headaches. Overabundant water spreads birds out, letting them use secluded, unpressured spots to feed,...

  • How Millennials are Changing Duck Hunting

    Ten of us lay in a cut milo field in the middle of America. Forty-five minutes earlier, our group had plunged hundreds of staked-out socks and silhouettes into the ground while a mixed playlist of rap and Southern steel guitar country rock anthems reverberated across the prairie, keeping us working...

  • How to Make Your Own Homemade Butter

    Ever hear your grandparents or parents lament the fact that butter just doesn’t taste like it used to? Or maybe you’ve tried European-style butters and realized that the standard American supermarket version doesn’t hold a candle to them. Wonder why? The answer lies in the fat. Because fat is flavor...

  • Tested: Lacrosse Alpha Agility Rubber Boot Review

    People are excitable — and perhaps even a little snobby — about their kicks, and hunters aren’t immune to that common truth. Most people just care about how they look, but hunters demand performance. They have to look the part, and act it, too. These boots must walk the walk...

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