How to Find the Freshest Acorns
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  • The 6 Worst States for Duck Hunting, Revised

    You might recall the 2017 blog in which we listed our picks for the worst duck hunting states . Reaction was phenomenal. Days after the blog appeared, an email from West Virginia popped up, and I expected to receive a thorough scolding for listing that state among the most awful...

  • Video: Predator Hunter Calls in Two Fall Longbeards Using a Rabbit Distress Call

    Wild turkeys by nature are curious. And spooky. And likely the most paranoid bird on the planet. They occasionally do some unexpected things in the woods. Call a couple of wary adult gobblers into range with a dying rabbit distress call? Unlikely, right? Wrong. Predator calling sometimes consists of making...

  • 3 Reasons to Shoot a Legal Fall Turkey Hen

    Fall turkey hunting is available in 42 states and a number of Canadian provinces. Often, either-sex birds are legal to shoot. Always check your regulations to be sure. That said, there are common points of discussion when it comes to killing legal fall hens, juvenile or adult. Check It Out...

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    6 Reasons Why Kids Love Squirrel Hunting with Dogs

    The excited whine coming from the dog box as we gathered our gear reached a crescendo as Tobby Oaks neared the tailgate. A flash of gray fur burst through the door the instant he unclipped the latch. Rocky and Miss Squall, so named for her high-pitched squeal when she sees...

  • How to Find the Freshest Acorns

    Here we discuss how to find the freshest acorns and why it's important to do so. Long story short, that's where the deer will be. But is finding them really that easy? Maybe. Maybe not. Find out now. Don't Miss: 5 Times Mature Bucks Are More Apt to Move in...

  • Deer Hunter Takes Giant Southern Buck with a Bow

    Deer hunting has its highs and lows. This is one hunt where Realtree's own Roger Culpepper experienced the former. Check out this hunt where he arrowed a big Georgia buck and self-filmed the encounter. Don't Miss: 5 Times Mature Bucks Are More Apt to Move in Daylight Are you a...

  • Monster Bucks Throwback: 43 Deer Hunts in One Minute

    Shooting a big buck is a dream for most deer hunters. And if you're in pursuit of that dream this fall, check out this video to tide you over until you fill that tag. Don't Miss: 5 Times Mature Bucks Are More Apt to Move in Daylight Are you a...

  • How to Increase the Odds of Killing That Big Buck on Trail Camera

    I constantly have hunters tell me of a giant buck they have on the property they hunt, yet they can't kill it, or even see in daylight. But get a lot of trail camera pictures and see plenty of sign (rubs, big tracks, etc.). A lot of guys conclude that...

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