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  • Public Angered After Video Shows Cops Repeatedly Running Over Raccoon

    People are voicing outrage after a viral video shows two police cars repeatedly running over a raccoon in a shopping plaza parking lot near Albany, New York. A statement released by the Town of Coeymans Police Department states it received numerous calls reporting a rabid raccoon in the Shop and...

  • 5 Ways You Ruined Your Wild Turkey Meat

    Wild turkey is one of our favorite meals. Forget the genetic freaks from the supermarket that modern poultry producers have bred to reach gigantic sizes in a few short months. They don’t taste like turkey. In fact, they don’t taste like much at all. Wild turkeys spend their days foraging...

  • Video of Deer Being Trapped Upsets Community

    For almost 20 years, the city of Lakeway, Texas, has trapped deer in an effort to help control the population. But, a video, which has recently gone viral, has upset some residents who are now asking the city to stop the practice. In the video above, you can hear Lakeway...

  • 7 Crazy Things You See in Turkey Hunting Camp

    Turkey hunting camp is your home away from home. It's where you meet with your buds, hatch plans to go after gobblers you've located, and where, well, crazy things sometimes happen. Seven of these wild and warped events follow. 1. Wet Socks I mean, where do you put them? I've...

  • Turkey Hunting in Pennsylvania

    The hunting culture thrives in Pennsylvania. Turkeys. Deer. Small game. Even waterfowl. Wear camouflage to a roadside diner during spring turkey season, and chances are someone with a smile on their face will ask if you managed to kill a bird. I know. I was born and raised in PA...

  • Top 10 Turkey Hunting Mistakes

    There are tried-and-true ways to assure you’ll come home empty-handed from the turkey woods. They’re easy. Just follow these steps as laid out by champion turkey caller and Realtree pro staffer Anthony Virga, who has seen them in action and learned some of them first-hand. Mistake 1. Be Impatient. “Everybody...

  • Extreme Roost Setups for Turkey Hunting

    Setting up tight to roosting turkeys can be the most productive strategy in your spring turkey hunting playbook.

  • Realtree's Spring Thunder: How to Pattern Your Turkey Gun

    Patterning your shotgun is one of the most important things you can do prior to the start of turkey hunting. Tyler Jordan and Phillip Culpepper share a few tips and tactics on how to get the most out of your turkey gun this spring. And more . . . Watch...

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