Photo Gallery: What Gobblers Do While Hens Lay Eggs
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    DIY Turkey Call: Building a Bamboo Wingbone-Style Yelper

    By the late 1800s, Charles L. Jordan (1841-1909) began publishing how-to articles on turkey hunting, and making calls from wingbone and cane. Sources indicate he may have crafted them for decades before. After Jordan’s murder by a poacher, his writing on wild turkey hunting was compiled by Edward A. McIlhenny...

  • Man Explains How He Strangled Mountain Lion to Death

    Last week we reported about a Colorado man who strangled a mountain lion to death after it attacked him . The man, who is recovering from his injuries, recently revealed his identity and told his story at a press conference. Travis Kauffman said he was running down a trail in...

  • Turkey Hunting in North Carolina

    As of this writing, North Carolina has a little over twice the estimated wild turkey numbers (260,000) as its southern cousin South Carolina (120,000). The state has a rich turkey hunting tradition. Good news is wild turkey numbers are steady after some challenging years. Recent information shows flock sightings have...

  • The 3 Phases of Spring Turkey Season

    A lot of turkeys are tagged during the first week of the spring season. A lot of turkeys aren’t. Never give up until you have no days left to hunt. Early Birds Challenge : Dominant gobblers are likely henned-up. Some satellite two-year-olds and jakes might travel with the group –...

  • Unavoidably Dumb Stuff You Do While Turkey Hunting

    Sometimes while turkey hunting, you just do stupid stuff. Cliff Jump First, we scattered the big Wyoming spring flock after a long, steep climb on a skinny game trail to the top of a mountain. Accidentally. The guide groaned. An avid fall turkey hunter — a tradition where intentionally breaking...

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    Photo Gallery: What Gobblers Do While Hens Lay Eggs

    Spring breeding season for wild turkeys is a stressful time, especially for dominant gobblers. Most of a gobbler’s energy is focused on displaying, gathering hens, breeding and battling rivals. As the season wears on, hens enter the egg-laying period. Gobblers are left to spend a portion of the midday hours...

  • Venison Bacon and Red Onion BBQ Pizza Recipe

    Who doesn’t love a good pizza? While venison pepperoni, banana peppers and the works is always a favorite, every now and then we like to mix it up. This pie uses some of our venison bacon, red onion slices, and a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. We cook it on...

  • Watch Bobcat Chase Squirrel Across Top of Screened-in Patio

    One Florida woman's screened-in porch gave her a front-row-seat view to a predator in action. A video, taken by Michelle Kloese at her home in Punta Gorda Sunday morning, shows a bobcat chasing a squirrel on top of her patio. "Woke up to a bobcat chasing a squirrel on our...

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