Pan-Grilled Backstrap Topped with Beer Cheese Sauce Recipe
How to Recognize an Easy Target Buck
Tips for Cast-Iron Cooking and Care
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  • Police Surround House With Intruder, Discover Deer

    I'm sure the police who surrounded a house in eastern Texas because they thought they had a burglary in progress were relieved when they discovered the intruder was actually a deer. According to AP , a woman heard glass breaking in her home and called Lufkin police. She hid in...

  • Deputy Saves Sleeping Couple From Rattlesnake

    In the bizarre camera footage above, the rattlesnake slithering next to the sleeping couple's head is probably the least strange part about the entire scenario. I want to know what led this couple to choose the middle of a gravel lot as their sleeping location with nothing more than a...

  • Pan-Grilled Backstrap Topped with Beer Cheese Sauce Recipe

    Backstrap doesn’t need any help when it comes to culinary delectableness, but when you eat wild game as often as we do, it’s nice to mix it up every now and then with a sauce to top a perfectly grilled backstrap medallion. For this meal, that sauce turned out to...

  • T-Bone Arrows Monster Mule Deer At Close Range

    Bone Collector's Travis "T-Bone" Turner knows how to shoot a Hoyt bow . His long-range capabilities are legendary, and sometimes a long shot is needed on a mule deer hunt. But not on this one. This hunt originally aired on Monster Bucks XXIII, and in it, T-Bone gets up close...

  • How to Recognize an Easy Target Buck

    Every buck's personality is a little unique. Some like to fight. Some are curious. Some are just hungry. These differences make some bucks easier to hunt than others. If I can find a buck with one of these eight personalities, I know my chances of getting him are pretty good...

  • Delta Waterfowl: Who Laid the Egg?

    Have you stumbled on duck eggs and wondered which species was nesting there? In this video, Delta Waterfowl 's president and chief biologist tells you how to distinguish the nests of some common puddle ducks . Click here for more Realtree waterfowl hunting content. And check us out on Facebook .

  • Tips for Cast-Iron Cooking and Care

    Cast-iron cookware has been around since about 220 A.D. By the 16th century, Europeans were making and using cast-iron pots on a regular basis. In 1707, Abraham Darby patented the sand-casting method of making pans that's still used today. Even with today’s plethora of non-stick materials and late-night super-pan infomercials,...

  • Krysten McDaniel Hunts Crazy Non-Typical Buck

    Krysten McDaniel and her husband, Josh, are big-buck slayers, but this beast of a buck is one of the duo's coolest. This whitetail likely sports some of the craziest antler characteristics in Monster Bucks history. The hunt originally aired on Monster Bucks XXIV. Hunt Tactic Used : Krysten and Josh...

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