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Wild Turkey Leg Enchiladas Recipe
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  • Wild Turkey Katsudon Bowl Recipe

    Katsudon is a popular Japanese dish with katsu (panko-crumbed, deep-fried meat) soaked with sweet and savory broth, cooked with eggs and placed on top of a bed of plain rice. It’s the perfect way to use up leftover fried wild turkey breast, but it's so tasty you might want fry...

  • How the Duck Pros Deal with Hunting Pressure

    Every waterfowler knows that guy — the dude with access to a prime private spot, where he always works unpressured birds and never worries about other hunters. But most of us aren’t that guy. In fact, many trips to the marsh — whether it’s public water, a management area, an...

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    Crop Check: What Do Wild Turkeys Eat?

    Wild turkeys have big appetites. From large-bodied adults to broods of rapidly growing poults, they require considerable amounts of food. Their diets are varied, not only by region but by the season. Think of them as foodies of the bird world, with about a hundred different dietary items on the...

  • Wild Turkey Leg Enchiladas Recipe

    If every turkey hunter knew how good wild turkey legs and thighs can be, they would never be left in the woods again. It takes me about three minutes, or less, to skin and remove the legs and thighs from a turkey. That isn’t a lot of time to nearly...

  • Elevated Kennels Don't Stop Coyotes from Attacking Beagles

    Preston Boarts of Blairsville, Georgia, thought his three hunting dogs would be safe from a coyote attack. After all, he kept them in caged kennels three feet off the ground. So, he didn't think much about it when he heard commotion and barking early Tuesday morning. But when he went...

  • Midwest Whitetail: Do Deer Have a Sixth Sense?

    The sixth sense. It's long been discussed whether or not a whitetail has one. Sometimes it's hard to determine why a deer turns and walks away, especially with no apparent reason. Bill Winke and Owen Reigler discuss the topic in this week's episode of "Midwest Whitetail." Then, check out what...

  • Waddell Arrows Huge Buck from 10 Feet Off the Ground

    Michael Waddell has made many trips to The Treasure State. And what a treasure he bagged on this hunt. Hunting along the Milk River, this 161-inch dandy walked within range and he took care of the rest. Realtree has featured a long list of Montana deer hunts. But this hunt...

  • Whitetail TV: Finding 30 Sheds in Two Days

    Owen Reigler is a deer hunting enthusiast. He's hunted, and taken, a lot of big deer throughout his lifetime. Each year, he spends time shed hunting to learn which bucks made it through the season (and winter). This shed season was extremely productive for him. He scooped up 30 sheds...

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