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  • Pork and Venison Tamale Recipe

    My wife loves tamales. They might be her favorite food, or at least in her top five. I’ll have to agree with her, good tamales are hard to beat. But making a really good tamale takes time and some work. For that reason, when we make them, we do a...

  • How to Scout Big Water for Ducks

    Initially, scouting large waters for ducks seems pretty straightforward. A) Find big water. B) Grab binoculars. C) Look at said water through binoculars. Or, if you’re more hands-on, you can hop in a boat and motor around, provided the seas aren’t too rough. Those approaches work fine much of the...

  • How to Hunt Coyotes in the Snow

    You know how hungry you get when you’re out hunting or working in the freezing cold during a long winter day? How the cold seems to sap your energy and strength, making you think about eating a snack or checking your watch to see if it's time yet for lunch?...

  • Giving Guns as Gifts: National Shooting Sports Foundation Advice

    Firearms full of hunting character and experience. Gently nicked wooden stocks and barrels bearing evidence of time afield. Guns passed along from grandparent to parent to young hunters filling the ranks. New shotguns and rifles too are given as gifts, along with wisdom to use these hunting tools safely. Sons...

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    7 Reasons to Take a Kid Predator Hunting

    Predator hunting is popular these days. While more hunters than ever are pursuing them right now, not many think about taking young hunters along. That’s too bad. There are plenty of reasons to take a kid along the next time you chase coyotes, bobcats, or any other predators that might...

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    Winter Coyote Hunt

    Check the wind, find a hiding spot, start squealing and shoot straight — coyote calling in the snow is the classic American varmint hunt

  • Wild Moose Rings Doorbell With Its Butt

    If you live in a neighborhood with teenagers, there's a decent chance you've been the victim of ding-dong ditching -- an age-old favorite prank among youth which involves ringing a doorbell, usually late at night, and then running before someone opens the door. One Alaskan couple assumed they were the...

  • 5 Places to Find Giant Late-Season Bucks

    It’s the late season. It’s cold. Friggin’ cold. But you’ve still got a tag in your pocket. And I do, too. I’ve had a pretty darn good season. I killed a very nice Kentucky buck early on during archery season. Since then, I’ve been a part of some great hunts...

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