Bowhunting: Gabe Adair Hunts a Deer Named Shorty
7 Tips for Using Food Sources to Fill Your Deer Tag
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  • Why We Love Our Hunting Dogs

    Midnight trips outside. Barking at daybreak. Puppy accidents and chewed-up prized possessions. And then, yes, slowly, they grow up – and even then, you grin and bear it sometimes. I love it. You dog folks know the deal. You either are, or you aren’t, a dog person. Would you rather...

  • Pheasants Forever's Mid-Season Rooster Report

    You've busted thick brush, skirted edge cover, hunted multiple states, logged both road and foot miles, watched the orange sun rise and set, and yes killed some birds, with great meals to follow – but the pheasant season sure isn't over just yet. In some ways, the best of it...

  • 10 Tips for Calling in More Coyotes

    Coyote hunting has become a popular pastime within the last 20 years. Much of that is due to the recent coyote-population boom. But even with all these coyotes, it’s still never easy to call them in. Clay Belding of Banded and Dead Dog Walkin' and Byron South of Convergent Hunting...

  • Couple Sues Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to Get Back Their Pet Raccoon

    Imagine having a pet you've cared for and loved for seven years suddenly taken away. One Seattle couple is devastated after the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife seized their pet raccoon, Mae. The couple is now suing the department. "She's part of our family," Mae's owner, Kellie Greer, told...

  • Bowhunting: Gabe Adair Hunts a Deer Named Shorty

    It was late November when Gabe Adair climbed into a favorite stand in southern Iowa. But it wasn't long before a buck named Shorty ambled his way across the field, right to Adair's tree. You won't want to miss this awesome over-the-shoulder footage. Don't Miss: 7 Best Late-Season Food Sources...

  • 7 Tips for Using Food Sources to Fill Your Deer Tag

    The late season can be a great time to kill a deer. It’s generally pretty cold. Deer are worn down from the rut. And they’re looking to fill their bellies in an effort to regain the body weight they’ve lost during the month of November. As I (and many others)...

  • Review: Under Armour Wool Hunting Clothing

    Under Armour is a very popular brand of hunting apparel today. And its a strong partner with Realtree with great products available to consumers. What do you think about this new clothing? Are you a deer hunter thirsty for knowledge? Check out our stories, videos and hard-hitting how-to's on deer...

  • Midwest Rut Report: Small Pockets of Late Rut Bucks Keep Popping Up

    In this report, we get an update from an area of the Midwest where there is still some rutting activity taking place. Intensity levels are significantly decreased, but there is still a flicker of the rut to be found. The major update comes in the way of the recent cold...

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