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  • Backstrap Cherry Pepper Poppers Recipe

    Everyone loves a good venison popper from the grill, me included. In fact, even after countless poppers over the years, it is still one of my favorites. But even a good thing gets stale after a bit. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon a good recipe, just switch it...

  • Watch Squirrel Pull Out Girl's Tooth

    I've gotta give this dad some credit for coming up with a creative way to pull his daughter's baby tooth. And, kudos to the little girl for being a good sport and putting up with her dad's silly antics. As you can see in the video, which was filmed in...

  • Why I Hate Duck Hunting Video Games (and Other Rants)

    OK, admittedly, I don’t play video games. And when I do, I stink at them. My nephew convinced me to try “Call of Duty” a few years ago, and the results were predictable. Minutes into the game, I couldn’t figure out how to get my American character to climb a...

  • Turkey Hunting in North Carolina

    As of this writing, North Carolina has a little over twice the estimated wild turkey numbers (260,000) as its southern cousin South Carolina (120,000). The state has a rich turkey hunting tradition. Good news is wild turkey numbers are steady after some challenging years. Recent information shows flock sightings have...

  • 6 Ways for Turkey Hunting Multiple States on the Road

    There are turkey hunters, and there are turkey hunting addicts. My wife Jill Easton and I fall into the latter category. We learned long ago the hunting opportunities provided by a single state just don’t quench the fire. So we travel. Boy, do we travel. In 2016, we hunted turkeys...

  • 5 Tough Shots You'll Take While Turkey Hunting

    Tough shots come your way while turkey hunting. You're sometimes seated at the base of a broad-trunked tree, anticipating where the gobbler will slip into view. Trouble is, wary spring turkeys have other plans. Whether you're on your butt, sitting in the woods, or in a blind, watching a field,...

  • 15 Places Big Bucks Bed That Deer Hunters Should Hunt

    Deer hunting is about three things: Food . Water . And cover . It’s that simple. Yet it’s so difficult to get up close to and kill deer — especially mature deer. It’s even tougher to do it on a consistent basis. Why is that? Oftentimes, it’s because hunters pay...

  • Creamy Crawfish and Bluegill Bisque Recipe

    Since Fat Tuesday was yesterday, a few of you might have a pile of leftover crawfish from your Mardi Gras party. Even if you don’t, crawfish season is in full swing down South right now, so most seafood markets will have some mudbugs either fresh or frozen. That makes it...

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