Venison and Pork Texas Hot Link-Style Sausage Recipe
How to Build a Tabletop Turkey Fan Display
Pan-Grilled Backstrap Topped with Beer Cheese Sauce Recipe
How to Recognize an Easy Target Buck
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  • Dr. Duck on Taking New Hunters

    Dennis “ Dr. Duck ” Loosier knows the challenges of learning to hunt ducks without a mentor. That’s why he’s so passionate about introducing newcomers to the sport . “I fell in love with duck hunting the first time I went,” he said. “My father and grandfathers did not hunt...

  • Venison and Pork Texas Hot Link-Style Sausage Recipe

    Ask any of my Texas friends what it takes to have a good BBQ, and the first answer will be brisket. But the second answer will almost always be hot links. Texans love their hot links. Recipes for hot links vary depending on what region of the state you are...

  • Monster Bucks: Kansas Stud Charges Grunt Call

    Check out this hunt from Kansas, where HeadHunters TV's Randy Birdsong calls a giant buck into bow range and takes a shot. The hit is a little low, but good enough to do the job. This action-packed rut hunt originally aired on Monster Bucks XXIII, Volume 1. Hunt Tactic Used...

  • Whitetail TV: How to Identify Bucks from Year to Year

    Many whitetail hunters love the thrill of pursuing an individual buck for multiple seasons. The stories and "history" created by chasing one deer is not only fun, but it helps you learn to be a better hunter. Whitetail TV's Owen Reigler discusses that in this week's episode of Whitetail TV...

  • 7 Tips for Better Bluebill Hunting

    If June seems like an odd time to discuss bluebill hunting , remember this: Those black-and-white rockets will be on the move in 100-some days. As such, it’s time to hone your game. Try these tips to boost your success on ’bills this season. Be a Hoarder Decoying scaup —...

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    How to Build a Tabletop Turkey Fan Display

    From simply pinning the fan to the wall of your hunting camp to elaborate plaques designed to show off the fan in all its glory, there are countless ways to hang a turkey fan. But what if you want to display your fan on your desk, or on a table...

  • Police Surround House With Intruder, Discover Deer

    I'm sure the police who surrounded a house in eastern Texas because they thought they had a burglary in progress were relieved when they discovered the intruder was actually a deer. According to AP , a woman heard glass breaking in her home and called Lufkin police. She hid in...

  • Deputy Saves Sleeping Couple From Rattlesnake

    In the bizarre camera footage above, the rattlesnake slithering next to the sleeping couple's head is probably the least strange part about the entire scenario. I want to know what led this couple to choose the middle of a gravel lot as their sleeping location with nothing more than a...

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