7 Tips to Increase Kinetic Energy in Low Poundage Bows
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  • 2017 Pheasant Hunting Forecast

    Pheasants Forever, including its quail conservation division, Quail Forever, is the nation's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to upland habitat conservation. Pheasants Forever and Quail Pheasants Forever has released its 2017 Pheasant Hunting Forecast (see sidebar below), the most comprehensive upland hunting planner in the nation. While record snowfalls and a...

  • 5 Fall Turkey Hunts for Your Busy Schedule

    Time is at a premium for many turkey hunters. Still, you miss hearing birds waking up on the roost, then drawing closer and closer to your setup after fly-down time. You need to hunt. Try these five tactics for your busy schedule and tag a bird this fall. 1. Hunt...

  • 3 Reasons to Shoot a Legal Fall Turkey Hen

    Fall turkey hunting is available in 42 states and a number of Canadian provinces. Often, either-sex birds are legal to shoot. Always check your regulations to be sure. That said, there are common points of discussion when it comes to killing legal fall hens, juvenile or adult. Reasons why you...

  • 7 Kinds of Wild Turkeys You Can Hunt This Fall

    If fall turkey hunting is open in your state (it is in 42 of them and some Canadian provinces as well), your chance at interacting with different kinds of autumn gobblers and hens is likely. In the end, as either-sex fall hunts go, you choose which one will wear a...

  • Check Out This Drone Footage of an 8-Point Buck with Does

    Drones are becoming more and more popular and so is their use for filming wildlife by both biologists and hobbyist. Drones can certainly capture some awesome wildlife footage, like that above of the herd of white-tailed deer, but some question if drones cause too much stress to the animals. In...

  • Inside Look: Realtree MAX-5 Camo

    Sure, MAX-5 is our waterfowl hunting pattern. But did you know it's great for deer hunting in certain areas, too? See how well it blends in cornfields, with grasses, and in other areas in the video above. Are you a deer hunter thirsty for knowledge? Check out our stories, videos...

  • 7 Tips to Increase Kinetic Energy in Low Poundage Bows

    Modern advancements in archery equipment have opened the sport to an entirely new demographic. Long gone are the days of struggling to pull back a high-poundage recurve or older compound in order to get enough power to cleanly take large game with archery equipment. Today’s bows are easier to draw,...

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    5 Most Over Looked States for Big Whitetails

    There are a handful of states that produce the biggest bucks year in and year out — places like Iowa, Kansas and Kentucky. These states have a reputation and deer hunters everywhere know it. They’re places where whitetail dreams come true at any moment, but drawing a tag or finding...

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