The Delisting of the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear
Bowhunting Is Still Thriving in America
What’s the Best Fletching for Bowhunting?
New Bow Accessories for 2017
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  • Biologists Shoot Four Black Bears in an Effort to Kill One That Fatally Mauled Young Racer

    Alaska state biologists believe they have killed the black bear responsible for fatally mauling a 16-year-old Anchorage runner who was participating in a mountain race on Sunday, June 18, 2017. The Anchorage Daily News reports biologists shot four bears from a helicopter in the area. They believe the fourth bear...

  • Firecracker Frog Legs Recipe

    Most of the time, if I see Firecracker Shrimp on the appetizer menu at a restaurant, I am going to order them. Creamy, a little spicy, a little sweet, they make a great starter or even main dish. To me, most shrimp recipes work well with frog legs. Why not...

  • The Delisting of the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear

    The Yellowstone grizzly bear has been protected for years. But according to a press release from the Outdoor Wire , the Department of the Interior (DOI) has announced the recovery of the species and that management of them will be turned over to the states once again. Mike Demick, information...

  • Bowhunting Is Still Thriving in America

    With fall days soon to sweep across much of North America, it’s the time when hunters everywhere think of two related topics: archery and white-tailed deer. Generally, archery seasons are a relatively new concept with many being created by state game departments during the 1950s and 60s. Today, an estimated...

  • Deer Hunting in New Hampshire

    S eason Dates (2017): Archery season runs September 15 to December 15, but closes on December 8 in WMU A. Muzzleloader season is October 28 to November 7. Firearms season runs November 8 to December 3, but closes November 26 in WMU A. These are the dates set when published,...

  • Deer Hunting in North Carolina

    Season Dates (2017): Season dates are segmented for different sections of the state. In the Eastern Deer Season, archery dates are Sept. 9-29, 2017, black powder season is Sept. 30 to Oct. 13, 2017 and gun season is Oct. 14, 2017 – Jan. 1, 2018. Archery season in the Central...

  • What’s the Best Fletching for Bowhunting?

    Walk into any archery pro shop and look at the arrows that are available, you’ll notice nearly all of them are fletched with the same type of vane. The 2-inch Blazer Vane has become the industry standard for good reason, its short stature makes it more forgiving in windy conditions...

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    New Bow Accessories for 2017

    Toys. We bowhunters sure love them, especially ones that go on the bows that we take to the woods and range each year. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest new on-bow accessories for 2017. And remember, you saw them here first. Check out more of...

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