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  • 5 Ducks You'll Miss This Season

    We practice all summer, focusing hard on those clay targets, following proper form and swinging through the bird after we slap the trigger. Our score sheets look great, and confidence swells. Then we go out opening day and blow at least one or two opportunities. Hey, it happens. But why?...

  • 12 Reasons Some Hunters Kill Big Deer But Others Don't

    Some guys and gals seem to always kill big deer. Other hunters rarely do if ever. So what’s their secret? Well, it isn’t just one thing. But those who frequently kill big deer have certain things in common. These 12 things are some of those.

  • How to Gig and Skin a Bullfrog

    There aren't many ways to have more fun this time of year than to gear up and head out for a family frog-gigging trip. Frog gigging for the whole family? You bet. It's great fun for everyone, it doesn't take a lot of gear, and the results can be cooked...

  • 13 Mistakes Rookie Deer Hunters Make

    Deer hunting is a never-ending journey. If you do it and do it right, you should never stop learning. We can know a lot about the white-tailed deer due to the extensive research biologists are conducting. We can perfect approaches and tactics by observing whitetail behavior and implementing said tactics...

  • 11 Deer Hunting Mistakes Even Experienced Hunters Make

    Sometimes deer hunting seems like a simple thing. But most of the time our better judgment reminds us that there’s truly nothing simple about it. Whitetails are complex critters that take decades to understand. And while biologists and researchers have dispelled many myths and made huge strides, we’ve only begun...

  • Deer Hunting in New Jersey

    Season Dates (2017): Archery seasons often begin in early September and close as late as the end of January. General firearm season is generally early to mid-December. The youth season hunt usually fall in November. Dates vary by region, so check the hunting guide and check the state DNR's website...

  • Deer Hunting in Colorado

    Season Dates (2017): Colorado’s eastern plains archery season runs from October 1-27, November 8-30 and December 15-31. Rifle season vary by season and unit. Muzzleloader hunts (draw-only) fall in September and October. These are the dates set when published, please check the state DNR's website to confirm. Check regulations. The...

  • Maryland Turkey Hunters Set a Record This Spring

    Maryland rarely comes up in conversations about turkey hunting, but hunters there set a record for the state this past spring season. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) has announced that hunters reported taking a record 4,175 wild turkeys during the 2017 regular spring and junior hunt turkey seasons...

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