2020 Antler Nation Grades, Part 4
Wild Turkey and Smoked Sausage Bog
Will Deer Season 2020 Be Crazy?
When Awful Decoy Setups Work
Crunchy Korean-Style Fried Quail
Filleted, Scaled, or Skinned: What’s the Best Way to Eat a Bluegill?
Southeast Turkey Hatch Results
Surf-and-Turf Creamy Crawfish Over Grilled Venison Backstrap
Duck Hunting Decisions Revisited
  • 2020 Antler Nation Grades, Part 4

    Our fourth Antler Nation roundup centers on these 11 states in the Southeast region, where you can find a mix of some of the country’s very best deer hunting — and also, some of the toughest. We’ve updated each state’s page with current hunting regs, license costs, and other vital...

  • Someone Put a Trump Sticker on a Bear

    With the U.S. presidential election only months away, not even the wildlife is safe from aggressive presidential campaign supporters. There’s actually a black bear roaming the Great Smoky Mountains with a Trump sticker stuck to its tracking collar, and a bear-advocacy group in Asheville is not happy about it. The...

  • Wild Turkey and Smoked Sausage Bog

    If you spend much time around the Lowcountry of South Carolina, eventually you are going to run into something called a chicken bog. No, you won’t need a boat or a four-wheel-drive vehicle to get through it. All you’ll need is a fork and a little hot sauce. Chicken bog...

  • Will Deer Season 2020 Be Crazy?

    It’s been a strange and difficult year, but hang in there because deer season is right around the corner. As I, like you, look forward to some much-needed treestand therapy, I can’t help but wonder: This pandemic has affected everything in our lives for the last six months. How might...

  • When Awful Decoy Setups Work

    Decoy nuts fuss and sweat about the placement of every block , but ducks often laugh at our plans, flaring from textbook spreads. Now and then, however, they finish like champs to decoy configurations we’re embarrassed to claim. I’ve been a decoy nerd for more than three decades, but willing...

  • Crunchy Korean-Style Fried Quail

    Korean-style fried chicken is spicy, crispy, and super flavorful. The spice comes from gochujang chile paste, available at large markets or online, and the crunch comes from the cornstarch coating. This same cooking method works well for quail. Skin on is best for extra flavor and crispiness, but skinned quail...

  • Watch Baby Raccoon Free Its Mother From Trap

    A couple of years ago, raccoons wreaked havoc on my screened-in back porch. They tore up cushions, toppled over furniture, and ripped the screen door. So, I set a live trap and waited. Morning after morning, I walked out to discover an empty trap with missing bait. I could never...

  • Woman and Child Climb Into Alligator Pit to Retrieve Wallet

    It’s a bad idea to climb into an alligator pit to retrieve a lost wallet. It’s an even worse idea to let a young child tag along, but that’s exactly what happened recently at a wildlife park in Minnesota — and it was all caught on camera. According to Inside...

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