Overlooked Waterfowling Honey Holes
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  • Waterfowl Hunting Tip: Traffic Hunting

    Often, you can't set up on a hot field or jam-packed slough. Don't fret. You can run traffic to pull in passing birds . The guys at Fowled Reality do it all the time. Here, they explain how. Click here for more Realtree waterfowl hunting content. And check us out...

  • Waterfowl Hunting Mistakes I Made This Season

    Reflecting on the 2018-’19 waterfowl season , I’ve identified and relived several errors that cost me birds or at least hindered my hunts. Everyone makes mistakes, of course, but we should at least try to eliminate dumb gaffes . In that spirit, here’s a light-hearted look at my biggest autumn...

  • Overlooked Waterfowling Honey Holes

    Thanksgiving can be a homecoming of sorts. Families reunite, sometimes traveling long distances to return to their childhood homes. That’s what I did this past fall, driving six hours to see my folks. And I had an opportunity to hunt the local millpond where I shot my first duck and...

  • Poor Hunting Dominating the Pacific Flyway

    Date: Jan. 17 Location: Pacific Flyway, with emphasis on western Washington Major Weather Trends Let me put it this way. My wife, Julie, her brother and I raked three limits of steamer clams Jan. 12 on Willapa Bay. In T-shirts. And we were comfortable. Blue skies, little wind and 55...

  • Atlantic Flyway Hunters Hoping for Colder, Drier Weather

    Date: Jan. 17 Location: the entire Atlantic Flyway The 2018-’19 season will be one to remember for Atlantic Flyway hunters. For many hunters, those memories won’t necessarily be good. Warm weather and record rains led to delayed migrations , birds spread across the landscape and generally tough hunting. That’s not...

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    Shot Placement for Turkey Hunting

    This revised post is based on "Guns, Loads & Sights," written by Aaron Pass, and originally published in the Team Realtree Turkey Hunting Fieldbook (2001). Our post has two intentions: how-to instruction for where to aim your shotgun at a turkey, and to advise patterning your firearm and load for...

  • Turkey Hunting in Alabama

    One memorable visit to an Alabama turkey camp for me involved tough wild turkeys, good food, great people, and a lodge with famous football coaches framed on the wall, including the late, great Bear Bryant. He'd visited there many years ago. Pretty cool if you ask me. But hey, this...

  • Traeger Grilled Potatoes with Venison Bacon Recipe

    Nothing goes better with meat than potatoes. And, if those potatoes are cooked on the Traeger Grill or a campfire, it makes them even better. Add in some venison bacon and you might not even need a main course to go with them. We layer sliced Yukon Gold potatoes, thinly...

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