No Trespassing
The Death of Deer Hunting?
10 Facts About Caribou and the Great Migration
How to Introduce Your Older Hunting Dog to a Puppy
Choosing the Right Public Land for Deer Hunting
10 Tips for Getting Permission to Deer Hunt
5 Tips for Stalking Mule Deer
Deer Hunting Debate: Treestands vs. Ground Blinds
  • Grilled Backstrap and Fresh Garden Ratatouille

    When the summer garden starts to produce an abundance of delicious vegetables, it can be hard to find ways to use them all. When a buddy posted a photo of a fresh ratatouille the other day, it made me think about ways to incorporate it with venison. The result is...

  • No Trespassing

    Hunts are supposed to be exciting and a bit nerve-wracking, but that excitement is supposed to come from the hunter’s encounter with a game animal – not a trespasser. I’ll never forget the day I was turkey hunting on private land in Florida with the landowner when he suddenly told...

  • Review: Spartan GoCam

    The Spartan GoCam is an excellent trail camera choice. If you're in the market for a cellular camera, consider this as a great option. Are you a deer hunter thirsty for knowledge? Check out our stories, videos and hard-hitting how-to's on deer hunting . And follow us on Facebook ...

  • The Death of Deer Hunting?

    Words and phrases like "only option," "decimate," "picket lines," "eradicate," and yes, even "aerial shooting" are being bantered about in deer hunting and deer management circles with increasing fervor. While certainly strong language, could we be too late? Too late for what you ask? Chronic Wasting Disease, that's what. Up...

  • Gallery
    10 Facts About Caribou and the Great Migration

    Caribou intrigue many people and draw hunters from all across the world. These critters are captivating and alluring, for sure. And they’re interesting as well. Here are 10 tidbits of information about them that you might find interesting.

  • Online Waterfowl Band Reporting System Offers Convenience

    If you have to refer back to this blog, chances are you’ve been lucky. That is, you’ve likely shot a banded duck or goose and want to know how to report it. The answer is pretty simple: www.reportband.gov , the U.S. Geological Survey’s Patuxent Bird Banding Laboratory’s website for reporting...

  • How to Introduce Your Older Hunting Dog to a Puppy

    You're likely pretty excited about bringing your new puppy home. Your older hunting dog might not share the same feelings. Ways to introduce your adult dog to the new pup in your life follow here. Short, Positive Interactions Your adult dog has learned plenty in your time together. It's the...

  • Federal Premium Now Offers Its Trophy Bonded Tip as a Component Bullet

    ANOKA, Minnesota - Federal Premium Ammunition is pleased to announce it is now offering its popular Trophy Bonded Tip as a component bullet for handloading. The full line of competitively priced component bullets is available in six popular caliber and weight options. Shipments of the bullets are being delivered to...

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