The Most Important Tips for Blood-Trailing Deer
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  • Watch Massive Elk Herd Cross Road in Washington

    Check out this huge elk herd crossing a road in Ellensburg, Washington, earlier this month. According to Huntered.com/Washington , there are two subspecies of elk in Washington, the Roosevelt elk and the Rocky Mountain elk. The Roosevelt elk is located in western Washington, while the Rocky Mountain elk is in...

  • The Most Important Tips for Blood-Trailing Deer

    Blood-trailing deer can be a difficult task. So much can go right. And so much can go wrong. It all depends on the circumstances. But it mostly depends on the person following the track. Here are 20 things you need to know to find what's at the end of trail...

  • Unreal Mass on Giant Southern Buck

    Mass is one of the biggest allures of those who love hunting big bucks. And one thing is for sure, this buck has it. Check out this hunt where Matt Duff harvested a giant Mississippi buck. Don't Miss: 20 Deer Hunting Lies Your Granddaddy Told You Are you a deer...

  • Whitetail TV: Beat the Heat

    Kyle Barefield is in Kansas for the early muzzleloader season waiting on the first cold front to push through. He is joined by his friend, Nick Andrews, on a new piece of ground they've spent the last four months developing strategies to hunt. Don't Miss: 20 Deer Hunting Lies Your...

  • Muzzleloader Hunter Takes 180-Inch Buck

    Nebraska deer hunter Tyler Collier had to stop by a convenience store midday on December 5. There, he happened to stumble upon a single penny laying heads-up. “I’ve always heard that it’s good luck to find a penny laying heads-up,” Collier said. “I hoped it was a sign that the...

  • Southeast Rut Report: Small Pockets of Rut Activity in Louisiana and Mississippi and Good Action in Alabama

    The forecast is pretty good for the next seven to 10 days. In the Deep South, we’re looking at highs in the 40s and 50s and lows ranging from the 20s and 50s. We’re expecting high temperatures ranging from the 20s to the 50s and lows from the Teens and...

  • Southwest Rut Report: Arizona Is the Last State with Primary Rut Activity

    Arizona bowhunters still have a couple weeks to chase Coues whitetails and desert mule deer in the southern portion of the state. Darren Choate, publisher of the Western Whitetails website, says that in general, the primary rut is winding down. While hunting last week, he witnessed only smaller bucks without...

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    2019 ATA Show: New PSE Bow in Realtree Camo

    PSE has long been an iconic brand in the bowhunting world. And this year, Realtree and PSE made history together. The Evoke 35 is the very first flagship PSE bow to be offered in Realtree camo. It’s a new era. Check out the new Evoke 35 in all its glory.

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