How to Get Permission to Hunt Private Land
Food Plot Seed: How to Plant Soybeans
5 Handgunning Essentials for Western Hunting
Food Plot Seed: How to Plant Ladino Clover
Bowhunting Deer During the Pre-Rut in the North
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  • Savory Crawfish Cheesecake Recipe

    Wipe the thought of sweet dessert cheesecake from your mind. Gone? Good. Now let’s talk about savory cheesecakes. The kind you would find featured as an appetizer, a light main course, or, my favorite, on a charcuterie board. This one features plump crawfish tails, crab boil seasoning, chives and roasted...

  • Summer Waterfowl Scouting: How the Pros Do It

    Summer’s finally here, and we’ve waited all year for it. Wait, no we haven’t. We’re duck hunters . We live for September through January, and then again during light-goose seasons in early spring. Summer can be purgatory. Sure, we can practice calling. Yeah, we shoot. And true, there’s always something...

  • How to Get Permission to Hunt Private Land

    One common complaint by those who hunt less or even quit is the lack of hunting access. Truth is, you might have to work for it these days. Stay humble, put in the effort and you might find new hunting ground where you can hunt small game (and other wild...

  • Video: How to Set Up a Low-Poundage Bow

    Fall turkey seasons often run right along with archery-only deer dates around the country. A low-poundage bow is a great option for the big birds as well as whitetails – so long as you first check legal archery-tackle regulations for both and maximize your bowhunting gear. Both youth and older...

  • Maryland Spring Turkey Kill Down from Last Year

    The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) recently reported hunters took 3,861 wild turkeys during the 2018 regular spring and junior hunt turkey seasons. This year’s total was 8 percent lower than the record 2017 harvest, but well above the 10-year average of 3,406. Why “Turkey populations continue to grow...

  • Picking Your Puppy: Traits to Look for in Your Next Hunting Dog

    You wouldn’t walk into a sporting goods store and purchase the first shotgun you saw without doing some background research first, so why then would you skip that step when selecting a puppy that you’ll be hunting with for the next 10 to 12 years? Many hunters make that mistake...

  • Food Plot Seed: How to Plant Soybeans

    The soybean plant is the king of deer feed. Period. It’s higher in protein (approximately 25-30 percent), offers a good number of carbohydrates and is more palatable than most food sources available to deer. Furthermore, deer don’t have to work hard to eat it. It sits at an easy-to-reach height...

  • 10 of the Best Deer Hunting Apps for 2018

    Are you a deer hunting fanatic? Also a tech junkie? If so, or if you simply aspire to be, check out these 10 apps. They're 10 of the best deer hunting apps on the market today.

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