The Great Debate: Firearms Hunting Seasons During the Rut
8 Deer Hunting Tactics for Rifle Season
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  • Police Shoot Mountain Lion That Killed Pets, Charged Officers

    Residents in a Fontana, California, neighborhood can finally breathe a sigh of relief thanks to quick-acting officers who shot and killed a mountain lion responsible for killing pets in the area. Homeowner Yvonne Martin spotted a mountain lion sleeping behind a bush in her backyard and called the Fontana police...

  • Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Backstrap Recipe

    I have tried backstrap prepared just about every imaginable way, including raw. I loved just about all of them. But this recipe ranks way up on my favorites list. It combines the flavor of a Philly Cheesesteak with grilled backstrap. How could you get much better? To stuff and roll...

  • Southeast Rut Report: Young Bucks Are Dogging Does

    We’re right on the cusp of it breaking loose. But the heat is putting a temporary dampener in the party. It’s going to be warm until early next week. Then, a front is forecasted to move through, bringing cold temperatures with it. That’s when things should start to get good...

  • The Great Debate: Firearms Hunting Seasons During the Rut

    I’m a hard-core, wholly-dedicated bowhunter. Outside varmints and predators (which I pursue with rabid obsession), most of my hunting involves bows and arrows. I grew up rifle hunting big game. I reload thousands of rounds of varmint and handgun ammo annually. I’m certainly not opposed to gun hunting, it’s just...

  • Midwest Rut Report: Mature Bucks Are Starting to Move

    As we near the fourth week of October, pre-rut behavior is beginning to ramp up across the Midwest. Rubs and scrapes have continued to increase as well as daylight activity. Reports out of Minnesota indicate a notable uptick in scrape activity, some of which has begun to take place during...

  • Name That Realtree Pro Staffer: A First Kill On Camera

    Can you guess who this Realtree pro staffer is before time runs out? Submit your answer in the comments below. Are you a deer hunter thirsty for knowledge? Check out our stories, videos and hard-hitting how-to's on deer hunting . Follow us on Facebook .

  • 8 Deer Hunting Tactics for Rifle Season

    Gun season has been open for a week to 10 days. Guys have shot a bunch of bucks in your hunting area. The surviving deer hole up in cover and don't move much during daylight hours. Heck, many days it's tough to see the hair of doe, much less a...

  • Realtree Rewind: Two Big Midwestern Bucks

    Hunter’s: Michael Waddell w/cameraman Steve Finch; Don and Kandi Kisky Location: Southwestern Iowa Hunting Method: Bowhunting Phase: Seeking phase of the rut Date: November 3-6, 2003 Weather Conditions: When we arrived, the temperatures were really cold. Just what we wanted! Cold and frosty — we were pumped. "When our time...

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