Food Plot Seed: How to Plant Wheat
5 Deadly Diseases That Deer Get
How to Broadhead Tune a Bow
How to Introduce Someone to Deer Hunting
How to Get Permission to Hunt Private Land
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5 Handgunning Essentials for Western Hunting
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Bowhunting Deer During the Pre-Rut in the North
  • Savory Crawfish Cheesecake Recipe

    Wipe the thought of sweet dessert cheesecake from your mind. Gone? Good. Now let’s talk about savory cheesecakes. The kind you would find featured as an appetizer, a light main course, or, my favorite, on a charcuterie board. This one features plump crawfish tails, crab boil seasoning, chives and roasted...

  • Food Plot Seed: How to Plant Wheat

    Wheat is good. This cool-season cereal grain is highly digestible, has 18 to 20 percent protein and holds a lot of nutritional value. Furthermore, it can commonly produce up to 6,500 pounds of forage per acre during the hunting season. But wheat has a bad side. It doesn’t provide as...

  • 7 Different Deer Taxidermy Options and Their Costs

    Taxidermy has a rich history in North America. It’s been part of our deer hunting heritage for hundreds of years. Many people have had deer hanging on their walls for generations. See, deer mounts aren't just trophies as some people falsely believe. They’re preserved memories. They’re something to spark thoughts...

  • Deer Hunting in Colorado

    Season Dates (2018): Colorado’s eastern plains archery season runs from October 1-26, November 7-30 and December 15-31. Rifle seasons vary by unit. Muzzleloader hunts (draw-only) fall in September and October. These are the dates set when published, please check the state DNR's website to confirm specific season dates. Check regulations...

  • Deer Hunting in New Jersey

    Season Dates (2018): Archery seasons often begin in early September and close as late as the end of January. General firearm season is generally early to mid-December. The youth season hunt usually falls in November. Dates vary by region, so check the hunting guide and check the state DNR's website...

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    5 Deadly Diseases That Deer Get

    Whitetails are tough critters. They’re faced with numerous threats. Predators and disease being two of the most prominent. Some diseases are new. Some are almost as old as time itself. So let’s dive in and look at five of the most common diseases that continue to plague white-tailed deer today.

  • How to Broadhead Tune a Bow

    There are few things more important before opening day of archery season than broadhead tuning. It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting turkeys on the back 40 or chasing some type of exotic sheep in a far off land. All the preparation in the world is useless if you can’t hit...

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    DIY Archery Emergency Kit

    It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting 10 minutes from home or 10 miles from the trailhead. If you spend enough time in the field as a bowhunter you’ll encounter an equipment issue. Having these basic archery tools and accessories at the ready can spell the difference between success and a...

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