Turkey Hunting: Cool Photos of Gobblers Fooled by Decoys
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  • Fried Wild Turkey Hot Brown Recipe

    In the 1920’s, Louisville, Kentucky’s, Brown Hotel was a happening place. Nightly crowds of 1000 or more people weren’t uncommon for their famous evening dances. After fox trotting into the wee hours of the morning, the guests were understandably hungry. Chef Fred Schmidt soon grew tired of traditional bacon and...

  • What Is It?

    What could it be? Everyone wants to know. A man was boating with his son when they spotted an odd creature on the beach. Jeff Warren found the washed-up carcass of an unidentified creature on St. Simons Island beach in the southeast portion of the state. At first, Warren said...

  • Turkey Hunting in Connecticut

    Yep, a "B" . . . here's why. Less hunting pressure, generous bag limits and public land opportunities make Connecticut a sleeper destination on the Turkey Hunting Nation map. The Nutmeg State offers the opportunity to hunt birds on both private and state land, with specific permits for each. Public...

  • Video: How to Use a Slate Turkey Call

    Are you new to turkey hunting? In this video and blog post we show you how to use a slate call. What's a slate call? A striking surface attached to a hollow pot — often with drilled holes underneath to create sound resonance with the inner chamber — and a...

  • Turkey Hunting in Kentucky

    I first turkey hunted Kentucky in the late 1990s, riding the wave of the restoration effort for the big birds, and enjoying all the Bluegrass State had to offer. I filled both tags then, on hard-gobbling birds. My buds did, too. And so, I returned the next year, and did...

  • The College Student's Guide to Turkey Hunting

    Legs shake. Hands tremble. Your mind races wild. And it’s not even because of the chick in psychology class. No, it’s that longbeard gobbling every breath, no more than 60 yards away and just out of sight. He’s ripping your nervous system to shreds – particularly because you know that...

  • Delta Waterfowl First-Duck Pins Helping to Recruit Hunters

    Delta Waterfowl helped bring new hunters into the fold this past season by awarding hundreds of youngsters with First-Duck Pins and certificates of recognition for taking their first waterfowl. Realtree is the Official Camo Conservation Partner of Delta Waterfowl, and the Presenting Sponsor of Delta’s First Hunt and First-Duck Pin...

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    Turkey Hunting: Cool Photos of Gobblers Fooled by Decoys

    Turkey decoys are all the rage. The designs are endless including mounted real birds, hardbody, softbody, photo-realistic, silk-screened and inflatables. Fakes are a key tool in a turkey hunter’s bag of tricks. They can deceive the wariest of wild turkeys. Some gobbler and hen fakes are so realistic that attacks...

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