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  • Turkey Hunting in Georgia

    Home to Realtree's headquarters, Georgia is one fine turkey hunting state to visit in spring. Fact is, management of its turkey hunting populations is strictly a spring-oriented deal, and has been for a long time. No fall turkey hunting seasons are offered in the state. Here's why . Georgia has...

  • Backstrap Cherry Pepper Poppers Recipe

    Everyone loves a good venison popper from the grill, me included. In fact, even after countless poppers over the years, it is still one of my favorites. But even a good thing gets stale after a bit. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon a good recipe, just switch it...

  • Watch Squirrel Pull Out Girl's Tooth

    I've gotta give this dad some credit for coming up with a creative way to pull his daughter's baby tooth. And, kudos to the little girl for being a good sport and putting up with her dad's silly antics. As you can see in the video, which was filmed in...

  • Why I Hate Duck Hunting Video Games (and Other Rants)

    OK, admittedly, I don’t play video games. And when I do, I stink at them. My nephew convinced me to try “Call of Duty” a few years ago, and the results were predictable. Minutes into the game, I couldn’t figure out how to get my American character to climb a...

  • Turkey Hunting in North Carolina

    As of this writing, North Carolina has a little over twice the estimated wild turkey numbers (260,000) as its southern cousin South Carolina (120,000). The state has a rich turkey hunting tradition. Good news is wild turkey numbers are steady after some challenging years. Recent information shows flock sightings have...

  • 6 Ways for Turkey Hunting Multiple States on the Road

    There are turkey hunters, and there are turkey hunting addicts. My wife Jill Easton and I fall into the latter category. We learned long ago the hunting opportunities provided by a single state just don’t quench the fire. So we travel. Boy, do we travel. In 2016, we hunted turkeys...

  • 5 Tough Shots You'll Take While Turkey Hunting

    Tough shots come your way while turkey hunting. You're sometimes seated at the base of a broad-trunked tree, anticipating where the gobbler will slip into view. Trouble is, wary spring turkeys have other plans. Whether you're on your butt, sitting in the woods, or in a blind, watching a field,...

  • 15 Places Big Bucks Bed That Deer Hunters Should Hunt

    Deer hunting is about three things: Food . Water . And cover . It’s that simple. Yet it’s so difficult to get up close to and kill deer — especially mature deer. It’s even tougher to do it on a consistent basis. Why is that? Oftentimes, it’s because hunters pay...

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