Food Plot Seed: How to Plant Sunflowers
How to Plant a Micro Kill Plot for Deer
Planting Perennials in Food Plots
Planting Annuals in Food Plots
Mixing Annual and Perennial Blends in Food Plots
10 Tips for Better Dove Hunting
15 Best States for DIY Deer Hunting in 2018
Planting a Food Plot from Start to Finish
  • Peri Peri Rubbed Backstrap with Chocolate BBQ Sauce

    If you aren’t familiar with peri peri (also spelled piri piri, depending on locale), or bird’s eye peppers, you are missing out. The tiny members of the capsicum family have grown in both wild and cultivated forms in Southeastern Africa for generations. In fact, piri piri is Swahili for “pepper...

  • Unique Realtree Camo Products

    We wear and use Realtree camo apparel and gear to conceal us from the sharp eyes of the prey we hunt. But, camo isn’t just about concealment, it’s also about lifestyle. Hunters are proud of the fact they hunt, and they enjoy wearing and using clothing and everyday items that...

  • Food Plot Seed: How to Plant Sunflowers

    Food plots serve as a big part of what I do each season. They can be used to feed deer. They can be used to kill deer. It all depends on location, orientation and design. But one thing remains constant regardless of the purpose of the plot: You need the...

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    How to Plant a Micro Kill Plot for Deer

    Deer are intelligent. But not in the way we often think they are. They aren’t cognitively able to reason through something. They don’t see a broadhead or arrow lying on the ground and think, “Oh, a hunter’s been here.” Instead, they’re purely reactive flight animals. They see, hear or smell...

  • Deer Hunting in Michigan

    Season Dates (2018): Youth and the early antlerless season is September 22 to 23. The disabled season will run September 22 to 23 and October 18 to 21. Bow season opens October 1 and runs through November 14 before closing for the gun season, which runs November 15 to 30...

  • Deer Hunting in Oregon

    Season Dates (2018): Dates largely vary by unit and region across Oregon, but generally, archery season range from late August to late September, muzzleloader season begins in October and ends in November and rifle season starts in October and ends in November. Please check the state DNR's website to confirm...

  • Whiffling: Ducks and Geese Put On a Twisting Show

    We love watching the landing approach of any duck or goose , our heartbeats accelerating and focus narrowing as a distant bird suddenly morphs from a casual passerby to a cupped-and-committed volunteer. But when you add whiffling to the mix, the excitement level ratchets up another notch or two. When...

  • Green Chile Nacho Venison Burger Casserole Recipe

    One of my favorite parts of hunting mule deer in New Mexico is driving by the roadside stands selling fire-roasted Hatch green chiles. The small general store, RV supply, post office and restaurant, all-in-one building, near our hunting spot makes the best green-chile cheeseburger on the planet. Maybe it’s the...

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