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  • Watch Coyote Charge Hunter

    Lyle Sinkey says he usually shoots coyotes as soon as he sees them, but for "some dang reason" he decided to call this one in. Below the YouTube video Sinkey recently posted of his coyote encounter, he wrote, "As he got closer (20 feet), I expected him to bolt. But...

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    The 20 Best Photos You'll Ever See of the Wild Turkey Breeding Season

    Action is nonstop in the turkey woods from late winter through early summer. Gobbler and hen flocks converge to settle their respective pecking orders, defend territories, court, breed, nest and just be turkeys. Learn every phase of the wild turkey’s spring breeding season on your hunting grounds. Use good ol’...

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    How to Hunt Pressured Turkeys

    Few game animals are tougher than a wild turkey that’s been pressured . They can give even the most seasoned longbeard killers fits. It’s just how things are. But one thing is for sure: Pressured turkeys are still killable turkeys. You just have to adapt your tactical approach to fit...

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    Top 5 May Turkey Hunting States

    Southern turkey hunters get an early start on the rest of the country, often beginning their spring season in March. Up north, chances are some snow still covers the ground. Gobbler chasing often doesn't begin until late April or early May. In other parts of the country, it starts early...

  • No 2019 Buck Tag in Famous Boone and Crockett County?

    No 2019 buck tag. That could be life for the Buffalo County, Wisconsin, deer hunter this season. If the Buffalo County Deer Advisory Council gets its way, that is. They voted 4-1 (in favor) of the proposal last week. According to Paul A. Smith and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ,...

  • Pet Raccoon Bites Off Tip of Toddler's Finger

    A family in Green Township, Ohio, said their pet raccoon had never been aggressive toward their 2-year-old daughter, so they were shocked when the raccoon bit off part of her finger. According to WLWTF , the pet raccoon was euthanized and is being tested for diseases, such as rabies. A...

  • Redbud Blossom Syrup Recipe

    Spring means different things to different people. For us, it's turkey season, crappie catching, mushroom picking and redbud blossoms ( Cercis canadensis ). We’ve made jelly here at Timber2Table from the blossoms, and you can use them to decorate a salad or dessert, but one of our favorite recipes is...

  • Spring Thunder: 3 States, 3 Gobblers, 3 Days

    Turkey hunting in the South is starting to heat up: three days, three states and three birds. Check out these awesome hunts in our video. More Realtree turkey hunting . Follow Realtree on Facebook .

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