Why Turkey Hunters Love Gobbler Spurs
Spring Thunder: Giant Osceola Turkey
The Truth About Deer and Urbanization
What We Know About the Recent News of a CWD Cure
A History of Realtree
How to Turkey Hunt on Small Properties
Avoid These Top 10 Turkey Hunting Mistakes
  • Delta Waterfowl March 2019 Migration Report

    Snows and blues are on the move in the Central, Mississippi and Atlantic flyways. Here's the scoop on the latest hotspots, courtesy of our friends at Delta Waterfowl . Click here for more Realtree waterfowl hunting content. And check us out on Facebook .

  • Michigan Couple Feeds Hundreds of Deer in Their Backyard

    Most wildlife experts will tell you feeding deer is a bad idea. It can cause over-crowded conditions and contribute to the spread of disease. But in Michigan's U.P. region, winter feeding stations are essential for the deer's survival. Keweenaw residents Synthia and Richard Marsh have turned their yard into a...

  • Hunter’s Lot Irish Stew Recipe

    With St Patrick’s Day just around the corner, thoughts naturally turn to everything Irish, including stew. We’ve made it before with venison, but a good stew doesn’t have to be limited to one meat. Most hunters I know tend to have a pretty wide assortment of meats stored in the...

  • Woman Fights Off Attacking Fox With Scissors

    An Alabama woman fought off a fox during what she said was the scariest moment of her life. Alicia Jennings is the ninth fox-attack victim in Baldwin County since May of last year. NBC 15 reports that the fox, likely rabid, lunged at Jenning in a driveway in Fairhope. "He...

  • Why Turkey Hunters Love Gobbler Spurs

    Often, as that gobbler struts toward us, wheels and turns, we first glimpse leg spurs on the bird. Wild turkey spurs are expected and common on male wild turkeys, though some atypical specimens are occasionally spurless. We often age a gobbler by spur length: 1-inch long or so at two...

  • Spring Thunder: Giant Osceola Turkey

    Realtree's Tyler Jordan takes his biggest Osceola turkey. Then we join Phillip Culpepper as he and the kids have a few close encounters during the opening weekend of the Alabama youth season. More Realtree turkey hunting . Follow Realtree on Facebook .

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    New Locator Turkey Calls from Strut Commander

    Hunters use crow calls to draw shock gobbles from silent spring gobblers, revealing their locations. Owl hooters, when used on a hunt, do as well. Check out the new line of offerings from Strut Commander.

  • Extreme Roost Setups for Turkey Hunting

    Setting up tight to roosting turkeys can be the most productive strategy in your spring turkey hunting playbook.

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