Tools of the Game Processing Trade
Video: Have You Ever Seen a Sage Grouse Strut?
Hunting Pronghorn Antelope on the Prairie
Name That Realtree Pro Staffer: A First Duck Hunt
Why You Should Plant Fall Food Plots for Deer
3 Kinds of Buffalo You Should Hunt
Whitetail Sensory: What Do Deer Really See?
  • Daryle Singletary Teams Up with Rhonda Vincent for New No. 1 Album

    Welcome to Realblog Week! The Realblog features crazy, interesting and unique outdoor-related stories and events that often make you question everything you know about wildlife and the outdoors. I typically post the Realblog twice a week, but this week, I'm bringing you the Realblog every day! Today I have a...

  • Venison Lasagna Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

    Looking for a wild-game appetizer or a main course you don't see every day? Like lasagna? Yea, me too. We stuffed these jumbo portabella mushroom caps with lasagna ingredients and baked them till the whole-milk mozzarella was golden brown and bubbly. We even tossed in a few baby spinach leaves...

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    Tools of the Game Processing Trade

    People like to eat deer. It's a very popular wild game animal with a lot of nutritious value. Plus, it tastes great, too. But to bring it from the timber to the table , you’ll need a few tools, things I call "tools of the game processing trade." Here are...

  • Giant Boone and Crockett Non-Typical Deer Hit by Car

    It happens just about every year sometime in late summer. Someone hits a giant deer with their vehicle and the whole deer hunting social media world blows up. This year, it just happened to take place in Kentucky. The Ft. Campbell Fish and Wildlife Facebook page made an announcement earlier...

  • Deer Hunting in Texas

    Season Dates (2017): The Texas archery season is from September 20 to November 3 statewide. In the established 212 North Texas counties, the general season run from November 4 to January 7, and in the 30 established South Texas counties, the season run from November 4 to January 21. The...

  • Deer Hunting in Tennessee

    Season Dates (2017): Tennessee added two new deer units last year, thus deer hunting is now regulated with five separate hunting units. Regulations and bag limits vary by unit, but the general season dates are as follows. Archery season is September 23 to October 27, 2017 and October 30 –...

  • Deer Hunting in South Dakota

    Season Dates (2017): Season dates vary greatly by region, so check regulations for your area(s). However, bow season opens September 23 and runs through January 15 for most hunters. Rifle season dates vary greatly by unit. Muzzleloader runs from December 1-31. Other season dates for antlerless deer are weapon- and...

  • Video: Have You Ever Seen a Sage Grouse Strut?

    Bird hunters and gun-dog people like us target such better-known species as pheasants, ruffed grouse, woodcock and various quail, including the iconic "Gentleman Bob," the emblematic wingshooting bird of southern plantations. Wild bobwhite are making a comeback in some areas though, and the desert Southwest has those other cool quail,...

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