Planting Perennials in Food Plots
Planting Annuals in Food Plots
Mixing Annual and Perennial Blends in Food Plots
10 Tips for Better Dove Hunting
15 Best States for DIY Deer Hunting in 2018
Planting a Food Plot from Start to Finish
David Blanton Hunts a Giant Bighorn Sheep
How to Make 15-Dollar Watering Holes for Deer
  • Whiffling: Ducks and Geese Put On a Twisting Show

    We love watching the landing approach of any duck or goose , our heartbeats accelerating and focus narrowing as a distant bird suddenly morphs from a casual passerby to a cupped-and-committed volunteer. But when you add whiffling to the mix, the excitement level ratchets up another notch or two. When...

  • Green Chile Nacho Venison Burger Casserole Recipe

    One of my favorite parts of hunting mule deer in New Mexico is driving by the roadside stands selling fire-roasted Hatch green chiles. The small general store, RV supply, post office and restaurant, all-in-one building, near our hunting spot makes the best green-chile cheeseburger on the planet. Maybe it’s the...

  • 15 Jobs You Can Get in the Outdoor Industry

    Millions of people across the country love the outdoors. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, hiking, etc., the great outdoors is loved by many. And chances are a good portion of those people would love to work in the outdoor industry. I’ve worked as an outdoor writer, editor, photographer, video producer, worked...

  • Planting Perennials in Food Plots

    The crew at Whitetail Properties joins Kip Adams to discuss perennial food plots and their advantages for deer hunters. Perennial food plots are the backbone of many food plot programs, with various types of clover being the most popular choice. Whether you're thinking about planting white-top clover, red-top clover or...

  • Planting Annuals in Food Plots

    The crew at Whitetail Properties discusses the benefits of fast-growing annual food plots like corn, soybeans, cereal grains and brassicas. Most of these plants are relatively easy to establish, and, with some careful planning, can provide year-around nutrition and attraction for your deer herd.

  • Mixing Annual and Perennial Blends in Food Plots

    Dan Perez and Kip Adams talk about the benefits of blending annual and perennial seeds when establishing a food plot. Annual seeds, like wheat, oats and brassicas, grow quickly and act as "nurse crops" for perennials, like clover or alfalfa. The following year, once the perennials have built their root...

  • Deer Hunting in Illinois

    Season Dates (2018): Archery season varies depending on the county but generally starts October 1 and ends January 20, with closed days throughout. Firearm season is November 16 to 18 and November 29 to December 2. Muzzleloading-only season is December 7 to 9. Youth firearm season is typically in early...

  • Deer Hunting in Florida

    Season Dates (2018): Florida deer hunting seasons are a bit complex. The state is divided into four zones and dates vary greatly for all zones and weapons. On top of that, zone seasons and dates do not apply to wildlife management areas or other land managed by the state game...

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