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  • Turkey Hunting in Nevada

    What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Nevada? I guarantee it's not wild turkeys or turkey hunting. It's likely Las Vegas, followed by maybe the SHOT Show if you're in the outdoor industry. Then again, Super Slam candidates, turkey hunters who try to kill a...

  • Elk Filmed with Ground Blind Tangled in Antlers

    While an elk's antlers come in handy for battling it out during the rut, they can also create quite a problem. This bull elk was filmed with a ground blind tangled up in his antlers. Chances are, the elk decided to take out his frustration on a ground blind, and,...

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    How to Hunt Open Country Turkeys

    Turkey hunting is a pretty fun thing to do. But it’s also a very aggravating deal when you can’t close in on them—especially when you can see them from a mile away and can’t do anything about it. Hunting open country turkeys can be really easy. And it can be...

  • Realtree Video: Turkey Hunting in the Wind

    Treetops shake. Branches fall. Strong gusts whip past your head. Turkey hunting in the wind takes your ears away. Same goes for the big birds you're chasing. Still, there are some tactics for adjusting to this challenge. Check out these Realtree video tips for turkey hunting in the wind. Go...

  • Turkey Hunting in Georgia

    Home to Realtree's headquarters, Georgia is one fine turkey hunting state to visit in spring. Fact is, management of its turkey hunting populations is strictly a spring-oriented deal, and has been for a long time. No fall turkey hunting seasons are offered in the state. Here's why . Georgia has...

  • New Strut Commander Turkey Calls from the NWTF Convention

    We're on the NWTF Convention show floor, seeing longtime friends, making new ones and catching up on new turkey hunting gear for the 2018 spring gobbler season. Strut Commander has four new turkey calls. Please click through our blog post to see these new mouth diaphragms and locator calls. Go...

  • Backstrap Cherry Pepper Poppers Recipe

    Everyone loves a good venison popper from the grill, me included. In fact, even after countless poppers over the years, it is still one of my favorites. But even a good thing gets stale after a bit. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon a good recipe, just switch it...

  • Watch Squirrel Pull Out Girl's Tooth

    I've gotta give this dad some credit for coming up with a creative way to pull his daughter's baby tooth. And, kudos to the little girl for being a good sport and putting up with her dad's silly antics. As you can see in the video, which was filmed in...

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