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A Detailed Look At Whitetail Buck Rubbing Behavior
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  • Tips for Calling in Mallards: Separator Call

    In the fifth installment of this nine-part calling series , Chad Belding, host of The Fowl Life , teaches us how to perform the separator call, which is also known as the feeding chuckle. Give a listen, and learn how to sound just like feeding ducks on the water. Click...

  • Duck Hunting in California

    California is a good-news/bad-news proposition for waterfowlers. The good news concerns the number of birds, which number more than stars in the sky. The state has a wide variety of species, too, including mallards, pintails, wigeon, shovelers, gadwalls, and green-winged and cinnamon teal, plus clouds of specklebellies and Canadas. The...

  • Duck Hunting in Oregon

    I enjoy hunting The Beaver State almost as much as I do my home state of Washington. Almost. On the plus side, there’s plenty to do in Oregon ; cacklers in the Willamette Valley, puddle ducks on Sauvie Island, divers on the mighty Columbia and specklebellies near Klamath Falls on...

  • Duck Hunting in Colorado

    OK, so Colorado doesn’t come to mind as a top waterfowling destination. But it’s a seriously good place to hunt ducks in the classic Western styles. More on that later, because we need to start somewhere else: geese. Here’s the rare state where hunters shoot more honkers (and white geese)...

  • Captive Deer and Elk Classifications by State

    The captive cervid industry is a hot-button topic. Some people support it. Many others oppose it. That said, it’s currently up to the states whether or not it’s a legal practice. Furthermore, it’s up to them as to how captive deer and elk are classified. Here we’ll go through each...

  • Food Plot Seed: How to Plant Buckwheat

    This warm-season annual is a great food plot seed option for most hunters. It isn’t a legume or grain species. It's a forb and it can grow as tall as 4 to 5 feet in height. Crude protein levels are high, often surpassing 20 percent. Deer, turkey, waterfowl, upland birds...

  • Spatchcocked Fried Quail for Breakfast Recipe

    When you think about quail, breakfast might not be the meal that immediately comes to mind. After this, it will be. This is a perfect late-morning meal for after a long morning spent in the deer stand or turkey woods. We serve it up with eggs, homemade biscuits, gravy, and...

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    A Detailed Look At Whitetail Buck Rubbing Behavior

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