Mountain Lion Stalks Family on California Bike Trail
Southwest Venison and Hominy Soup
5 Subtle Ways You’re Missing Ducks
Cuban Elk Smash Burger
Do Gut Piles Spook Deer?
North American Super Slam: 29 Big Game Animals You Need
Sickly Mountain Lions Spotted in Santa Cruz, California
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  • Rattling Sequence Pulls in a Texas Monster with Coke Can Bases

    Georgia-Kate McFerrin, daughter of Mike and Bonnie McFerrin, is a lifelong deer hunter. She was raised in the outdoors, and it’s a part of everyday life for this family. All of them contribute to " The Legends of the Fall " hunting show. “I’m 21 years old and have spent...

  • Mountain Lion Stalks Family on California Bike Trail

    A deputy shot and killed a mountain lion that was stalking a family on a bike trail in El Dorado County, California, on Jan. 11. According to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office, the family, consisting of a couple, their two young children, and two dogs, called 911 to report...

  • Rabid Bobcat Attacks Connecticut Couple and Their Dog

    A woman is recovering from injuries after a rabid bobcat attacked her, her husband, and their dog inside the garage of their Connecticut home last week. Malcolm Jones told Fox 61 , “If I had not been here, I have a really bad feeling something really bad would have happened.”...

  • Southwest Venison and Hominy Soup

    Depending on your location, you may not be familiar with hominy. In the southeastern U.S., it often gets cooked whole and served as a side dish. In the Southwest, it gets dried and ground into the masa flour used for tortillas and tamales. To make hominy, dried field corn gets...

  • 5 Subtle Ways You’re Missing Ducks

    Veteran duck hunters know the drill after whiffing on a bird: Stand as if stunned, mouth agape, and shake your head, as if it’s never happened before. It’s a good way to save face. However, with honest introspection, we typically know that our form or swing was off. Now and...

  • Cuban Elk Smash Burger

    A Cuban sandwich isn’t actually Cuban. The roast pork, ham, and cheese combination was most likely concocted in Miami to cater to Cuban workers living there, but there is no doubt that it is tasty. What could make it even better? Taking those same ingredients and adding them to an...

  • Do Gut Piles Spook Deer?

    Don’t field-dress that deer near your stand, or you’ll ruin it for the rest of the season! That’s conventional wisdom with the time-honored stamp of approval from the old guys in deer camp. But does that mean it’s true? Do gut piles really spook deer? It’s something we can never...

  • A 181 Kentucky 12-Pointer

    Record book whitetails of any sort are rare, but top-end typicals eclipsing the 180 mark definitely turn heads. Last season, Realtree pro staffer Carl Drake had an opportunity to hunt such a buck. He first laid eyes on the deer in 2018, when it was a great-looking 3 1/2-year-old. Drake...

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