Crappie En Papillote With Crab Meat Stuffing Recipe
How to Build a Turkey Spur Skinning Knife
Do Your Deer Need Minerals?
Deep-Fried Crispy Venison Tacos Recipe
Venison and Pork Texas Hot Link-Style Sausage Recipe
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  • Crappie En Papillote With Crab Meat Stuffing Recipe

    Don’t let en papillote turn you off from this recipe. It simply translates to “in a bag." We are using folded parchment paper in place of a bag. Cooking fish with this method prevents it from drying out and allows the additions of whatever toppings you might like. Besides being...

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    25 Cool Trail Camera Photos You've Never Seen

    I’ll admit to being a trail camera junkie. I run about 35 of them every year. Naturally, with several cameras running at all times, I receive some interesting images. Here are 25 of the wildest from the past few seasons.

  • Whitetail TV: Hanging Treestands for Specific Bucks

    In this installment of Whitetail TV, Owen Reigler adjusts his treestand locations in preparation for the 2019-20 deer season, when he'll be targeting two specific bucks nicknamed "Digits" and "Picket Fence." While in the field, he receives word of yet another buck found dead. Hunt Tactic Used : Reigler covers...

  • Monster Bucks: Bad Shot on 180-Inch Oklahoma Deer?

    In this installment of Monster Bucks, Daniel McVay sits high in a tree in Nowheresville, Oklahoma, and he's after a 180-inch giant. The monarch chases does into the open several times, but McVay has to watch the buck a long time before he gets a shot at him. Then, when...

  • Delta Waterfowl Tracking Ringnecks

    Many of the ring-necked ducks in a groundbreaking Delta Waterfowl study have reached their breeding grounds and have likely begun nesting, the organization reported June 12. A map on Delta’s website shows where 15 marked ringnecks have settled. The earliest, a bird dubbed TWP, was nesting April 18. Another hen,...

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    How to Build a Turkey Spur Skinning Knife

    Every turkey hunter loves a long, sharp spur. And we love to show those spurs off on necklaces, key chains, hatbands and meter-long assemblies of hooks. But what about turning the leg of your trophy tom into a useful hunting tool? This knife, crafted with a turkey leg handle, is...

  • Please, Don't Feed Bears

    If you've lived or traveled through bear country, you've no doubt seen the signs warning against feeding the bears. People may have good intentions when they leave food for a wild bear, but doing so causes the bear to lose its fear of humans, and can make it extremely dangerous...

  • Do Your Deer Need Minerals?

    Does deer mineral actually work? Of course it will attract deer, but do mineral supplements have any nutritional benefits for wild whitetails? If they do, what should hunters know about using them? We asked Alan Cain, the whitetail deer program leader for Texas Parks and Wildlife, as well as Dr...

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