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  • Turkey Hunting in Colorado

    I've never hunted Colorado, but have flown there to chase turkeys in nearby Nebraska. There's surely a story between the lines there. In truth, Colorado turkey hunting is an opportunity to enjoy a Western experience chasing longbeards. For the most part, sources say getting a tag is easy if Merriam’s...

  • Rewind: Views of the 2017-'18 Duck and Goose Hunting Season

    The 2017-’18 waterfowl season brought a bit of everything: an unseasonably warm early season, some arctic freezes after the holidays and plenty of surprises throughout. But the question everyone asks is, “How was it?” Of course, when trying to determine the overall quality of any season, the answers are subjective...

  • These 5 Animals Can Ruin Your Spring Turkey Hunt

    We've all had unexpected things happen while turkey hunting. Sometimes other wildlife messes with your plans. Here are five animals that can ruin your spring turkey hunt. 1. Bobcat Attacks An uptick of bobcat attacks – on both wild turkeys and turkey hunters – has been on the social media...

  • Turkey Hunting in Utah

    As of this writing and according to the National Wild Turkey Federation, Utah has an estimated 10,350 Rio Grande turkeys, some 7,590 Merriam's and hybrids of the two subspecies totaling 5,060. Good news is the wild turkey population estimate is up 3,000 from last year. As 2015 kill numbers go,...

  • Charles Daly Shotguns in Realtree Camo from the NWTF Convention

    We caught up with Realtree licensee Charles Daly to see what shotguns they had on the NWTF Convention show floor. Here's what we found.

  • Turkey Hunting in Nevada

    What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Nevada? I guarantee it's not wild turkeys or turkey hunting. It's likely Las Vegas, followed by maybe the SHOT Show if you're in the outdoor industry. Then again, Super Slam candidates, turkey hunters who try to kill a...

  • Elk Filmed with Ground Blind Tangled in Antlers

    While an elk's antlers come in handy for battling it out during the rut, they can also create quite a problem. This bull elk was filmed with a ground blind tangled up in his antlers. Chances are, the elk decided to take out his frustration on a ground blind, and,...

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    How to Hunt Open Country Turkeys

    Turkey hunting is a pretty fun thing to do. But it’s also a very aggravating deal when you can’t close in on them — especially when you can see them from a mile away and can’t do anything about it. Hunting open-country turkeys can be really easy. And it can...

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