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  • Old Fashioned Venison Potted Meat Recipe

    Well, let me think... I was thinkin' I could use me another couple cans'o that potted meat if ya got any extree. Karl Childers– Sling Blade Fancy dinner party guests might label it as Pâté , but Slingblade fans and anyone who has spent time huddled around a coal stove...

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    Realtree Fishing Scores with Top Bassmaster Classic Finishers

    Take the 52 best bass fishermen in the sport. Put them on the same lake for three days to compete for the most prestigious title in the sport. There can only be one winner, and finishing close to that angler is an astonishing feat. Winning the title twice is even...

  • The Best States for Hunting 'Other' Puddle Ducks

    In 2017, we revealed the top harvest states for mallards , canvasbacks , other diving ducks and even mergies and sea ducks . Don’t ask me why we didn’t cover the best states for puddle ducks other than mallards Let’s rectify that. Here, based on data from the U.S. Fish...

  • Turkey Hunting in North Carolina

    As of this writing, North Carolina has a little over twice the estimated wild turkey numbers (260,000) as its southern cousin South Carolina (120,000). The state has a rich turkey hunting tradition. Good news is wild turkey numbers are steady after some challenging years. Recent information shows flock sightings have...

  • Turkey Hunting Video: Bobcat Tackles Turkey Decoy

    Have you ever seen a bobcat attack a turkey decoy? Hen and gobbler fakes draw plenty of things into range, from real birds to interloping predators, including bobcats. Watch as this one stalks the staked hen and attacks it. More Realtree turkey hunting . Follow us on Facebook . Want...

  • Turkey Hunting in New York

    Some would suggest New York spring gobbler hunting isn't what it was a decade or two ago. Back then, roughly a quarter-of-a-million turkeys roamed the state; estimates now put the number at around 160,000-180,000 birds. I can personally attest to this decline, having turkey hunted the state since the early...

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    How to Hunt Big-Timber Turkeys

    Big timber. It isn't like hunting open-country turkeys . It can be a real pain to chase turkeys in. When all you have is acre after acre of standing timber and forest floor to work with, things can get difficult. But there are things turkey hunters can do in order...

  • How to Hunt for Morel Mushrooms

    Spring turkey hunts often have a way of turning into morel hunts for the fortunate hunters who live where the delectable wild mushrooms grow. Though gobblers can be fickle and hard to find at times, morels are usually a sure bet after daytime air temperatures start averaging beyond 65 degrees...

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