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  • The Great Debate: Firearms Hunting Seasons During the Rut

    I’m a hard-core, wholly-dedicated bowhunter. Outside varmints and predators (which I pursue with rabid obsession), most of my hunting involves bows and arrows. I grew up rifle hunting big game. I reload thousands of rounds of varmint and handgun ammo annually. I’m certainly not opposed to gun hunting, it’s just...

  • 6 Reasons Why Gaddies Aren't So Bad

    Admit it: You’ve probably maligned the gadwall. Maybe you didn’t mean to. Perhaps mentioning the gray duck didn’t include the snickers or eye-rolling usually reserved for conversations about shovelers or ruddy ducks. Instead, it was probably an unintentional slight, such as discussing a prospective mallard hotspot that turned out to...

  • 4 Steps for Hunting New Waterfowl Waters

    At some point this season, your hotspots might falter, and you’ll be left scratching your head. Sure, you could grind out a few hunts until conditions improve, but you’re probably better off exploring new water. Here’s how to make that sometimes daunting process a bit easier. Be Willing The toughest...

  • Duck Hunting in Tennessee

    Tennessee duck hunting ranges from incredible to almost nonexistent, depending on which part of the state you’re in. The Volunteer State’s most famous duck destination is without question Reelfoot Lake. This legendary lake was created in the early 1800s when an earthquake struck the region, causing the Mississippi River to...

  • Duck Hunting in Missouri

    Two major river systems — the Mississippi and Missouri — funnel ducks and geese through the Show-Me State on their biannual migration each year. Missouri has a pretty good system of conservation areas. The state has 15 properties that are intensively managed for waterfowl. A dozen of those have a...

  • Duck Hunting in Kentucky

    You never heard of Daniel Boone lining up the sights of his old Kentucky rifle on a duck. Maybe that’s because Kentucky is better known for deer, turkeys and elk than waterfowl hunting. Still, some pockets in the state hold excellent waterfowl hunting, namely along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers...

  • Atlantic Flyway Wood Duck Action Hot

    Date: Oct. 19 Location: Flyway wide, with focus on the northern-tier states Major Weather Trends Late-August and early-September rain offered some hope of filling swamps throughout much of the mid-Atlantic, but that hope faded as almost no rain fell during September. As such, smaller rivers dwindled to a trickle, and...

  • Pacific Flyway Hunting Off to a Strong Start

    Date: Oct. 19 Location: Flyway-wide, trending toward the northern states Summary Ah, it arrived at last — Oct. 14, the opening day of Washington’s 2017-’18 waterfowl season. Coming off an extremely pleasant and physically demanding muzzleloader elk season — alas, no elk this year — it was nice to hump...

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