9 Tips for the Perfect Shore Lunch
7 Worst Pre-Season Deer Hunting Mistakes
4 Awful Duck Hunts and Lessons They Taught Me
Coffee Braised Venison Roast
June Deer Hunting News Roundup
11 Strange and Surprising Finds Afield
Thai-Style Drunken Venison Noodles
5 Duck Hunting Myths That Must Die
  • 9 Tips for the Perfect Shore Lunch

    I just returned from a week of paddling, fishing and camping with family and friends in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, on the border of Canada and Northern Minnesota. Camp-cooked fish are pretty near and dear to my heart right now, and I picked up several tips along the way...

  • Video: Bear with Head Stuck in Jar Rescued by Boaters

    A Wisconsin family was fishing in Marsh-Miller Lake when their focus switched from catching fish to rescuing a struggling bear. Tricia Hurt says she and her family spotted the bear swimming across the lake at around 9 p.m. last Saturday with what looked like a bucket stuck on its head...

  • 7 Worst Pre-Season Deer Hunting Mistakes

    Hunting season might still be months away, but serious deer hunters everywhere are starting to prep for fall. Summertime is a good time to scout and get ready — but a few missteps now can have consequences later. Here are seven mistakes to avoid at all costs. 1. Hanging Treestands...

  • 4 Awful Duck Hunts and Lessons They Taught Me

    Many of my barrel-melting duck hunts of the past four decades have revealed a few great truths about the sport. But I must admit: several stinkers actually hammered home tough lessons better than the best days ever could. Let’s examine four memorable, dreadful duck hunts and what they taught me...

  • Coffee Braised Venison Roast

    I’m a sucker for a good cup of coffee. Not only do I require it to get my day started, I like to cook with it as well. This recipe slow braises a venison roast in coffee, fire-roasted tomatoes and stock until it's fall-apart tender. Serve it with mashed potatoes...

  • Delta Waterfowl Video: Habitat and Conditions Update 2020

    Has it been a good year for duck production? Delta Waterfowl ’s Matt Chouinard and Dr. Frank Rohwer analyze current breeding-duck habitat conditions. Click here for more Realtree waterfowl hunting content. And check us out on Facebook .

  • Forsaking Trophy Management for Deer Stewardship

    One of the fastest-growing hunting trends is deer management. It has value, but the right perspective is critical. It’s difficult to produce big, mature bucks on purpose, even in great areas. I’ve seen the challenges with managing for big deer. When Trophy Management Works Most of the time, it’s random...

  • 2020 Antler Nation Grades, Part 2

    Our second Antler Nation roundup centers on the Great Plains region. These six flyover states offer great deer hunting, and we’ve updated each one’s page with current hunting regs, license costs, and other vital information. Kansas The Sunflower State’s public-land hunting isn’t as good as it once was. Non-resident hunting...

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