Deer Aging Criteria: Is That Buck Mature?
How to Shoot Uphill and Downhill
How to Set Realistic Goals for Deer Hunting
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  • Deer Aging Criteria: Is That Buck Mature?

    If you want to start a debate, put a group of hunters in a room and state your opinion on white-tailed deer. Should we shoot does? What is the buck-to-doe ratio in a given area? When should the season open and close? What age class bucks should be targeted? These...

  • How to Shoot Uphill and Downhill

    The world isn’t flat, as mankind believed before Christopher Columbus discovered the New World, nor is it perfectly round — at least from the perspective of bowhunters faced with an important shot at mountain game, or from elevated positions. The Earth’s surface is an irregular juxtaposition of topographical ups and...

  • How to Make an Old Bow New Again

    Do you need a new bow, or just a few upgrades to the one you already own?

  • How to Set Realistic Goals for Deer Hunting

    As communications manager for the Quality Deer Management Association , I spend my fair share of time on social media. More than I care to admit. When deer season rolls around, my news feeds fill up with pictures and stories of hunters killing giant whitetails. Now don’t get me wrong,...

  • How to Choose a Broadhead for Crossbow Hunting

    Crossbow hunting has taken the country by storm in recent years. It continues to gain popularity by hunters of all ages. It's a great way to get people outdoors that might not have the ability to go with any other weapon, too. And that's a positive thing. Anything we can...

  • Dutch Oven Pork Chops with Apples and Sweet Potato Recipe

    One of the best things about cooking in a Dutch oven is the ability to let it do most of the work while you enjoy camp life. This one-pot recipe is enough food to feed eight hungry campers and fits in our 12-inch Lodge Dutch oven. The pork chops braise...

  • How to Set Up Your Bow for Bowfishing

    Do you like to go bowfishing? Never tried it but would like to? Here's what you need to know about setting up your bow to shoot some fish. And it's straight from the mouth of the "T-Bone" himself. He knows his way around a bow. Are you a bowhunter wanting...

  • What to Say When Your Duck Hunting Buddy Whiffs

    Every waterfowl hunter misses now and then. There’s no shame in that, especially when you consider the rugged environs we hunt, the awkward positions we often assume and the speedy, twisting nature of our targets. Practice and repetition help us miss less and hit more. Experience guides us in choosing...

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