How to Hunt Fall Turkeys
13 Reasons You Have Bad Fortune with Food Plots
Food Plot Seed: How to Plant Oats
How to Plant Chestnut Trees for Deer
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  • The 5 Stages of Duck Season

    We can feel it. Duck season approaches, and our long national nightmare will soon pass. When that opening bell rings, life will take a familiar turn : early mornings, chilly boat rides, brilliant sunrises, muddy dogs and fresh protein. Yet even during duck season, nothing stays the same. Instead, we...

  • Try Hunting Fall Turkeys This Season

    Haven’t tried this “second season” turkey hunting tradition? It's legal in 42 states around the country. Not yours? Road trip? Here's why you should . . . 1. Scouting Deer It will help you scout for deer firearms season, which often arrives later than fall turkey dates. 2. Improve Skills...

  • How to Hunt Fall Turkeys

    After the long summer of waiting, it’s finally fall. Orange, red and yellow leaves shimmer in the autumn morning sunlight. Crisp air revitalizes us after months of steaming days; reason enough to be out in the painted woods. For some of us, the shifting seasons mean one thing: fall turkey...

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    8 Tips for Competing in Archery Tournaments from Travis “T-Bone” Turner

    Tournament archery is an activity and pastime that most people can enjoy. If you can draw a bow, it’s for you. It’s fun and provides a great opportunity to get outside with family and friends and enjoy the great outdoors. And if you’re good, the bragging rights aren’t too bad,...

  • Rabid Beaver Attacks Father and Daughter

    A father and his daughter had planned to enjoy a nice day kayaking with their dog. But a rabid beaver turned that trip into a nightmare. According to CBS News , Dan Wherley and his 7-year-old daughter Layla were kayaking last Sunday when things took an ugly turn. A large...

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    13 Reasons You Have Bad Fortune with Food Plots

    Ask Michael Scott from “The Office” and he’ll tell you he isn’t superstitious. Instead, he’s just a little ‘stitious. But in the real world, luck isn’t a thing. I think, most times, you create your own luck — good or bad. Knowledge, understanding and preparedness lead to “good luck.” Lack...

  • Food Plot Seed: How to Plant Oats

    Oats. Come fall and winter, it’s what’s for dinner. This cool-season food source is extremely attractive during colder late-fall and winter days. This is an excellent choice for deer hunters who like to plant cereal grains. This plant species is very high in carbohydrates — which is what helps deer...

  • Buck Commander's Luke Bryan Gets a Bad Case of Buck Fever

    Deer hunting is full of highs and lows. This is a great example of what it's like when things go right. Watch as Buck Commander's Luke Bryan tags a giant buck and expresses how much he enjoys the hunt. Don't Miss: The 8 Easiest Mature Buck Personalities to Hunt Are...

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