Waterfowl Taxidermy: From the Field to the Wall
The Myth of the Nocturnal Buck
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  • What Your Waterfowl Hunting Journal Should Reveal

    Waterfowl hunting journals let us relive our days afield, reveling in previous success, laughing at past folly and mentally transporting us to treasured places. But if that’s all they accomplish, we might have missed a great opportunity. A complete waterfowl journal should document the facts and circumstances behind every hunt,...

  • Waterfowl Taxidermy: From the Field to the Wall

    Good waterfowl mounts immortalize birds and extend our memories of special days afield. Bad taxidermy, however, only serves to embarrass a substandard artist and perhaps a hunter who wanted to save money. No serious waterfowler wants to be that guy, of course. When we save a bird for taxidermy, we...

  • Duck Hunting in Vermont

    Picture Vermont and you might think of maple syrup. Or Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Or, if you’re a total outdoorsman, you might think of deep-woods black bears and reclusive whitetails. What you probably won’t think about are ducks and geese, which is just fine with the handful of avid...

  • Duck Hunting in New Hampshire

    It’s a tiny state, but for the waterfowler searching out something unheard of these days — uncrowded public hunting opportunity — The Granite State is definitely worth a look. There’s not much coastline to New Hampshire ; a mere 18 miles of Atlantic Ocean waterfront. However, that coast offers some...

  • Duck Hunting in Maine

    Maine has much to offer. Eiders, scoters and long-tailed ducks on saltwater; black ducks, buffleheads and goldeneyes on the edges. Wood ducks on wandering, tree-lined freshwater creeks. Is it Arkansas? No, but can you get fresh lobster in Arkansas? I don’t think so. Have a taste for saltwater? Maine’s eider...

  • The Myth of the Nocturnal Buck

    You hear it every season. “Yeah, I’ve got a ton of pictures of him but they’re all at night. He’s nocturnal. Won’t be killing that big guy.” Insert sigh here. I might catch a little flack for saying this — but there’s no such thing as a nocturnal buck. Sure,...

  • Crispy Buffalo-Style Catfish Sandwich with Slaw and Blue Cheese Recipe

    Buffalo sauce coats crispy fried catfish fillets in this crowd-pleasing recipe. A bit of Cajun spice in the catfish dredge pairs nicely with the spicy sauce. Top the fish with a serving of creamy cole slaw to cool things back down. For even more flavor, we like to sprinkle on...

  • 5 Reasons Why Selective Doe Harvest Is Important

    Antlerless harvests are a hot topic every year. Some say take a bunch of does. Others say you shouldn’t take any. Some question what’s right for their area. The truth is, the answer will be different from location to location. What’s right for one place may not be right for...

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