8 Tips for Turkey Hunting Rio Grande Gobblers
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  • What to Say When Your Duck Hunting Buddy Whiffs

    Every waterfowl hunter misses now and then. There’s no shame in that, especially when you consider the rugged environs we hunt, the awkward positions we often assume and the speedy, twisting nature of our targets. Practice and repetition help us miss less and hit more. Experience guides us in choosing...

  • Video: Wild Turkey Hen Fakes Injury to Protect Her Young

    Wild turkey encounters can happen suddenly during late spring and summer days. You might be walking in the woods, or even in a suburban area where human habituation may have taken place. Each day their young will grow bigger and wiser to the natural world. After all, predators are trying...

  • Video: How to Get Women Into Hunting

    Realtree's deer hunting editor Josh Honeycutt is one heckuva turkey man, too. In this video, he guides his wife Kathyrn to her first turkey, and we hear from her about how we can get more women into the hunting tradition. Go here for more Realtree turkey hunting and follow us...

  • How to Kill Pressured Turkeys

    Public land. Late season. Mute gobblers. We all encounter these problems. Here’s how to pull out the stops and tag a longbeard that won’t cooperate.

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    8 Tips for Turkey Hunting Rio Grande Gobblers

    Tips for turkey hunting Rio Grande gobblers follow in this photo essay.

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    Turkey Hunting in Kansas

    As do most hunters, I dream of hunting foreign lands and horizons unknown. Going places I’ve never been and hunting groups of birds I’ve never hunted is something I dream of on those cool spring nights. Not only that, but sharing hunting camp with old friends and new is what...

  • Realtree's Spring Thunder, Episode 9

    This week, Tyler Jordan has success in Georgia, as he takes his second bird of the 2018 season. Next, we head to Iowa where Josh Sparks and Drake Lamb have a great two-day stretch on public land taking two brothers hunting during the youth season. More episodes of Spring Thunder...

  • Pet Raccoon Overdoses on Illegal Drugs

    What does one do with a stoned raccoon? Take it to the local fire station, of course. Firefighters are no strangers to emergencies, especially those involving overdosing on illegal drugs. But, one overdose victim created quite a stir at an Indianapolis fire station earlier this month. A distressed woman brought...

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