Create a Long Range Muzzleloader
High-Tech Pigeon Hunting
How to Kill the Biggest Buck Where You Hunt
A Look Inside Hunting Dangerous African Game
5 Deadly Diseases That Deer Get
The Delisting of the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear
Bowhunting Is Still Thriving in America
What’s the Best Fletching for Bowhunting?
  • Duck Hunting Royalty: Why the Mallard Reigns

    Anas platyrhynchos is the world’s most common and widespread wild duck ; even a frequent resident of parks, golf courses and city ponds. Yet when we sit by the fire and talk of fowling and hunts past, it becomes clear that we cherish and revere the mallard over all other...

  • The Chronicles (Teaser): Alberta Bear Hunting with a Bow

    Are you a bear hunter? Haven't been but would love to chase black bears some day? Check out this teaser video for the latest episode from The Chronicles as they chase black bears with a bow from the ground. The full webisode will be released this Friday, June 30. And...

  • Iowa Turkey Hunters Killed Fewer Birds Than Last Spring

    According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, hunters killed nearly 11,800 Iowa birds this spring, roughly 400 birds fewer than 2016. Iowa's five spring turkey seasons kicked off April 8 with the youth season. The regular spring turkey season ended on May 21. On the upside, Iowa hunters purchased...

  • Create a Long Range Muzzleloader

    Tips from the pros on maximizing your muzzleloader accuracy out to 200 yards

  • High-Tech Pigeon Hunting

    Like many hunters, I grew up shooting rock doves – or as they’re more commonly known, pigeons. And like many hunters, my early methods were pretty basic; post shooters outside the haymow window, bang on the side of the barn, and have at it. As our experience levels and prowess...

  • Deadline Looming for Outdoor Industry Scholarship Opportunity

    Most of the time we have to seek out opportunities. But sometimes, however rare it may be, opportunities come looking for us. This is one of those times. Videography. Photography. Writing. Editing. Public relations. Etc. If you’re aspiring to work as an outdoor communicator, this is an opportunity you can’t...

  • Watch Grizzly Cubs Ride Across River On Mom's Back

    Did you know grizzly bears did this? I didn't. Dave Roseman, general manager of GCI Agulowak Retreat lodge, recently encountered and filmed this remarkable scene while fishing for king salmon with a group on the Agulowak River in southwest Alaska near Bristol Bay. The video, which was originally posted on...

  • How to Kill the Biggest Buck Where You Hunt

    On a summer scouting mission, I glassed a very large buck coming out of thick bedding cover adjacent to a parking area on a public hunting property. I started keeping an eye on the spot from the safety of my car. If I parked in the right spot I could...

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