The Chronicles: Deer Hunting the Rut in Kansas
Avoid Duck and Goose Decoy Disasters
January Gems: 5 Places Late-Season Ducks Love to Hide
The Chronicles: Deer Hunting the Rut in Nebraska
7 Reasons You Didn’t Kill a Late-Season Buck
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  • 6-Year-Old Boy Scratched by Bat Dies from Rabies

    A devastated father is mourning the death of his 6-year-old son who passed away from rabies after being scratched by a rabies-infected bat in his home state of Florida. According to ABC News, the bat scratched Ryker Roque after his father, Henry Roque placed the bat in the bucket. According...

  • Elk Burger Ramen Recipe

    Back in our college days, beer money always seemed to be in short supply. It certainly couldn’t be wasted on mere frivolities like groceries. Wild game and Ramen noodles kept us fed. Back then, we made this recipe with ground venison and it became a favorite way to feed our...

  • The Chronicles: Deer Hunting the Rut in Kansas

    Follow along as Brian Stephens with The Chronicles goes on an incredible bowhunting adventure for big-bodied midwestern bucks in Kansas. Don't miss this classic rut action. Don't Miss: 8 Effective New Deer Hunting Gear Products You May Not Have Seen Yet Are you a deer hunter wanting to learn how...

  • Turkey Hunting in Nebraska

    Turkey hunting in Nebraska often goes like this . . . We had maybe a half-dozen guys in camp. Most everybody had killed a couple turkeys, and one guy had three, all legal. We walked into a local diner, giddy with success. Some of the local farmers saw us, struck...

  • ATA 2018: Summit Treestands

    Summit Treestands took the opportunity at the 2018 ATA Show to showcase some of its most popular Realtree-decorated treestands. Each of these Summit stands are carefully engineered to be silent, secure, comfortable and concealed. From versatile climbing treestands to adaptable tripod stands, all of Summit's treestands are built to last.

  • 6 Ways I Goofed Up This Duck Season

    Disclosure: I made some mistakes this past waterfowl season. Don’t get me wrong. It was a great year — better than the past few. Still, in the bright glare of hindsight, I’ve recognized some situations where I made seemingly innocent errors that hamstrung my efforts. Let’s look at six of...

  • Cold Creates Epic Hunting in Atlantic Flyway

    Date: Jan. 18 Location: the mid- to lower Atlantic Flyway Summary You wanted cold, you got cold. And then some. Thanks to an extended period of brutally cold weather, almost every creek, river and pond was locked in ice from New England south to central North Carolina. Even places such...

  • Pacific Flyway Waterfowl Hunting, Weather Steady

    Date: Jan: 18 Location: flyway-wide Summary Well, it’s official. Goose season has ended in southwestern Washington’s Goose Management Area 2 — at least, that is, for a time. The final bell sounded Jan. 14. However, a last hurrah opens Feb. 10 and continues through March 10. It’s a last chance...

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