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  • 5 Deadly Decoy Spreads

    Waterfowlers tend to fall into habits. But often, that’s because those habits pay dividends. I'm no different, especially when it comes to my decoy setups. In fact, during the past several years, I've noticed that I tend to set my decoys in one of five tried-and-true ways, time and again...

  • Oklahoma Traffic Stop Reveals Rattlesnake, Uranium, Handgun

    What do a pistol, an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe bourbon, a live rattlesnake and powdered radioactive uranium all have in common? Well, nothing, except they were all found in a stolen vehicle pulled over during a traffic stop in a Guthrie, Oklahoma, neighborhood last week. Guthrie police made the...

  • Monster Bucks 27: Nick Mundt’s Giant Velvet Mule Deer

    Bone Collector’s Nick Mundt is most certainly good at two things: cracking jokes and killing deer. In this episode of Monster Bucks, Mundt draws a coveted Arizona tag for Unit 13B. He received this incredible opportunity through WTA Tag Services. It lead to the hunt for this giant, 226-inch muley...

  • Monster Bucks 27: Phillip Vanderpool Hunts Velvet Nebraska Buck

    Phillip “P-Viddy” Vanderpool is no stranger to the deer woods. He’s been stacking bucks in the back of the truck for decades. And like you, he’s a big part of the Realtree family. In this episode of Monster Bucks, Vanderpool heads to Nebraska with his Elite in hand to chase...

  • 5 Reasons to Practice Like You Hunt

    Square targets are the tofu of the archery world. Your bow wants to eat. But it wants the real thing. And when it can’t get the real thing, it should only settle for realistic 3D targets. Here are five reasons why. 1. Adding Realism Adding the 3D target to the...

  • Monster Bucks Now Available Free on New Realtree 365 App

    July 14, 2019, Columbus, GA — Realtree’s iconic Monster Buck series has been a staple in hunting households for nearly three decades. Now, Monster Bucks XXVII can be watched for free, exclusively on the new Realtree 365 App. Simply download the app to your smartphone or tablet and sign up...

  • Monster Bucks: David Blanton Bowhunts a Giant Kansas Buck

    David Blanton has hunted whitetails all over the country. In this Monster Bucks flashback, he's in Kansas, hunting with JB Outfitters for a giant deer nicknamed Mufasa. The buck was Blanton's largest archery deer at the time. Hunt Tactic Used : David set up in a dynamite stand location. Taking...

  • Watch as Motorcyclist Hits Deer

    YouTube user JayRinK had just started vlogging his motorcycle rides when he captured footage of his scary collision with a deer. At approximately 42 seconds into the video, you see a deer run across the road in front of the bike, which strikes it, sending the deer into the air...

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