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  • Southwest Rut Report: Mature Mule Deer Beginning to Chase

    There’s nothing like watching a big rutting mule deer buck lip-curling and poking a doe in the rear with an antler tine. Each year we wait to see the first one and when you finally do, it changes everything. For me, it’s like Christmas morning every day after that; you...

  • Northwest Rut Report: Cold Weather Has Deer Moving but Not Rutting Yet

    Washington Winter arrived in a big way this week in the Northwest, with snow and single-digit to teen temperatures in much of the region. Predictably this kicked off some serious movement as deer scrambled to find fuel to stave off the lethal temperatures. Northeastern Washington deer have been appearing at...

  • Southeast Rut Report: Scrapes on Fire, Little Bucks Cruising

    What a difference a week makes. Last Sunday, I slipped down a creek drainage and onto a hardwood ridge with a climbing stand on my back. I’d done a midday speed scout only a couple hours before, and had found a place torn up with rubs and scrapes. As I...

  • Northeast Rut Report: Pre-Rut Is Popping, but EHD Evidence Is in the Air

    Downstate New York feels more like September than October with unseasonably warm temperatures, but buck activity is starting to pick up. Scrapes are popping up throughout the hardwoods, and defenseless tree trunks are beginning to suffer the wrath of pent-up buck energy. The shoulders of just about every highway through...

  • Bryce Mitchell to Sport Realtree EDGE Shorts in UFC Fight Against Andre Fili

    If you’re a UFC fan, you know that Bryce Mitchell, aka “Thug Nasty,” has mentioned a time or two that he would like a pair of camouflage shorts to wear in the UFC Octagon. But per UFC rules, fighters are required to wear official Reebok uniforms and gear — and...

  • The Best Places to Hunt Mallards in Every Flyway

    Mallards rule the waterfowl world , and it’s easy to see why. They’re North America’s most abundant duck, and they offer hunting opportunities in creeks, marshes, lakes and dry fields from coast to coast. Because mallards are also wary, challenging and sometimes frustrating ducks, hunters constantly strive to find better...

  • Midwest Rut Report: Mature Buck Scraping Activity Picking Up in Daylight

    As November nears, so does the whitetail rut. Deer and deer hunters alike are feeling it, and it won’t be long before the woods are full of madness. Until then, we’ll enjoy the morsels of solid hunting opportunities that come our way. Don’t underestimate the final days of October. In...

  • A Velvet Booner in October?

    Rarely do deer hunters see fuzzy racks in October, let alone in Iowa. But Midwest Whitetail’s Josh Sparks experienced just that this season, and then some. He calls it the high point of his hunting career, and it’s been a journey getting there. A lifelong hunter, Sparks picked up archery...

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