Podcast: Brodie Swisher on BB Guns, Devices, and The Joys of Hunting with Kids


We sat down with the editor of Bowhunting.com for a great discussion about hunting with his family, and why what you see on social media isn't always the reality

Brodie Swisher with a velvet buck taken during Realtree's 2021 Bow Camp. Image by Matt Harrison / Realtree Media

On this episode of Realtree's Outpost Podcast, I joined Brodie Swisher, editor of Bowhunting.com, for a great discussion on the realities of hunting with kids. Brodie, who lives just across the state line from me in Tennessee, is an expert bowhunter and champion game caller, but you'd never know it to ask him because he's way too humble to brag on himself. He will, though, brag on his four children. Brodie has three sons and a daughter, and all of them have grown up in the woods. Swisher talks about the realities of hunting with kids — spoiler alert, it's not always easy — and then we get into the fun stuff, like the story of his son dispatching a garden-raiding chicken with a BB gun.