Realtree Releases Monster Bucks 30th Anniversary Series


Volumes 1 and 2 include 57 bow, gun, and muzzleloader hunts for giant whitetails and mule deer

Realtree Monster Bucks 30th Anniversary

Realtree’s iconic Monster Bucks series has been a staple in hunting households for 30 years, and we’re still going strong. Monster Bucks XXX, the 30th Anniversary Edition, is now available for purchase on Realtree 365. Follow Tyler Jordan, David Blanton, Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt, Chipper Jones, and others as they chase giant whitetails and mule deer across North America. Monster Bucks XXX includes two volumes, more than four hours of footage, and 57 action-packed bow, gun, and muzzleloader hunts.

Watch Monster Bucks XXX Here