Guns and Shooting

We think the best guns come in camo. But we like those that don’t, too. If you’re into guns and shooting, be it ARs and handguns or muzzleloaders and shotguns, you’ll find something to like right here.

  • Remington Introduces Premier Expander Shotshell Ammunition

    Deer hunting. Hog shooting. This new shotshell slug provides an option for you. The Remington Premier Expander features Barnes all-copper-tipped Expander slugs. As shotshell dynamics go, six cutting petals deploy at impact, inflicting terminal damage and pass-through penetration. Delivering 2 3/4-inch or 3-inch magnum-caliber terminal performance in either 12 and...

  • Federal Premium Introduces Unprimed Brass for Handloaders

    As many guns and shooting enthusiasts know, Federal Premium offers a wider variety of unprimed brass for a full range of common rifle and handgun cartridges, including the all-new 224 Valkyrie. This product line includes 17 various calibers sold in 50- or 100-count packs. Shipments of this product have been...

  • Realtree Video: CVA Muzzleloaders

    Check out this Realtree video on CVA muzzleloaders. CVA's muzzleloader line . More guns and shooting content. Follow us on Facebook . Bonus Read : Chad Schearer's Top 7 Tips on Black-Powder Rifle Shooting

  • Video: More Refuge Land for Hunting and Fishing

    Have you heard? More refuge land for hunting and fishing. Breaking video news from Rated Red . New posts at . Follow us on Facebook .