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Brian Lovett, Realtree's news blogger, has been an outdoors reporter, writer, magazine editor and book author for 27 years. Spring turkey hunting and autumn waterfowling take up most of his outside time, but he also enjoys fishing, deer hunting and upland-bird hunting. Lovett lives in Oshkosh, Wis., with his wife, Jenny, and their retriever.


Remington Reloads and Goes on Offense Versus NBC

On April 11, NBC Nightly News aired a segment that purported that Remington Arms shotguns – Models 870 and 1100 – have design flaws that make them unsafe for users. This is not the first time the network has accused Remington of unsafe design. In September 2010, it pointed its...

Too hot to trot?

“Hey Hickoff … is it too hot too soon for good turkey hunting later ?” I asked in a text message after hearing a cacophony of gobblers in the woods one morning in March here recently. Then, I heard them again at about 11 a.m.

Let's Give the Gift of the Outdoors to Our Disabled Veterans

A bill has been introduced recently in the Michigan legislature that would provide free fishing and hunting licenses to disabled veterans . Presently, veterans who are 100-percent disabled may purchase hunting and fishing licenses for 60 percent off the price. The bill states that a disabled veteran qualifies if deemed...

The dog days of … March

March seems like the longest month of the year to me, for lots of reasons other than 31 days. It’s that time between the seasons. Trapping and hunting is kaput and we wait for turkeys to mate and squirrels to become fashionable (i.e., in season) again.

Hunters and Accidents -- Adding 'Insult to Injury'

A good law does two things.

Will ‘The Hunger Games’ Create More ‘Kats’ in the Woods?

In case you spent last week commuting to work without the radio on, or out in the woods somewhere, you might not know that the movie “The Hunger Games” opened on March 23 to packed theaters across the country.

Judge Says No to Blocking Youth Turkey Hunt in San Diego County

My, my … it’s been a couple of weeks now since we’ve visited California and its continual struggle with wildlife management, hasn’t it? Whenever I want to find the preposterous in outdoor news, I check with California or Illinois first. This week, there’s good news out of California .

Kansas Kills Crossbows for Archery Season

In Kansas, the state legislature’s Senate committee voted 5-4 to table a bill that would have allowed crossbow hunting during archery season . Intended to aid in controlling the state’s burgeoning deer population, opening the bow season for crossbow users seemed to make sense, and of course, in the eyes...

Youth Who Hunt and Shoot Can Positively Influence Peers

A new research project commissioned by the Hunting Heritage Trust and

Uncle Sam Grants Permission to Native American Tribe to Kill Two Eagles

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has granted a Native American tribe a permit to kill two bald eagles for religious purposes. Last year, the Wyoming-based Northern Arapaho tribe filed a federal lawsuit because it believes that when the government refuses to issue such permits, it is infringing on the...

The Truth of the Tail and Donald Trump in Africa

“Donald Trump’s two sons went on a big game hunt in Africa, and the carnage they wrought has triggered outrage by wildlife enthusiasts.”

‘Honey, I Pink-Slimed the Kids’

You know that if McDonald’s bans a food product, it can’t be good.