Video Footage Shows Mountain Lion Standing Over Dog After Dragging It From California Home

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Fortunately, Sherman the border collie survived the attack

A mountain lion snuck in through an open sliding glass door in a Sonoma County, California, home, attacked a dog, and dragged it by its neck into the backyard.

Video posted by the dog's owner to Facebook shows the snarling mountain lion standing over a motionless border collie.

Rebecca Kracker told FOX2 KTVU that when she heard her dog Sherman yelping, she went to check on him and found a mountain lion inside her home with Sherman’s neck in its jaws. The mountain lion then dragged the dog out into the yard.

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"She was bearing her teeth and hissing, and he had passed out from shock," Kracker told the outlet. "I thought he was dead at that point."

In her Facebook post showcasing the video footage, Kracker wrote that her neighbor scared the mountain lion away by firing a shot at it, missing the animal.

"This is not normal, there's something wrong with this mountain lion," said Kracker. "She shouldn't be walking into my house. She should have some fear."

Fortunately, Sherman survived the attack, but the mountain lion returned the next day and killed two of Kracker’s goats.  

Kracker notified the state wildlife officials, who tracked down the cat and euthanized it.

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